21 Twin Baby Shower ideas You Must Plan

Yesterday one of my old friend asked about some good twin baby shower ideas, to my surprise she got twins by the way. So this got to my attention that there must be many people out there who have same query like this. So i thought to help all of those by making a list of ideas that can be helpful in planning a perfect twin baby shower party or occasion. So if you are looking for some good twin baby shower party ideas then stay with me.

Are you planning to celebrate a baby shower for your soon to arrive baby? That is definitely fun to organize a party for welcoming a new family member into your family. What if it is twins? The fun and happiness is going to be double. It is going to be really special to select something unique for the baby shower of twins. Whether it is a baby boy twins or baby girl twins, or a combo of both, your party is going to be the same.

You will have to plan the baby shower in the right way that is welcoming to both the special kids. Here are some interesting things that you can add part of your twin baby shower party ideas. It is going to be really tough to plan something really interesting for the mother, but deciding everything in advance can make the party a success and happy as well.

Twin baby shower party ideas


Design your invitation well

You should always make sure that you are inviting your guests in a very different way for the twin baby shower party. The first thing that you need to plan is the invitation for the party. You need to make the party invitation really attractive.

Design your invitation wellinivitation


Here are some examples of how you can design the twin baby invitation. You can add some interesting poems to the invitation.

You can try these small poems like…

Bottles, Booties, Diaper Pins…Can You Believe (Anne’s) Having Twins!

One, Two, So Much to Do!

2 By 2, So Much Fun…Yep, Dear Julie’s Having 2 Not 1!

Double The Fun, Double the nappies… We Have 2 Not 1!

Two Small Faces With the Matching Grins – Nothing is as Sweeter Than Twins!

Welcome Little Ones…We Had 2, Oh What Fun!

Double The Feedings, Double The Toys…We are Having 2 Little Boys

There are many more such interesting peoms that you can add to your invitation. You will be able to find a lot more on the internet. You can search the internet for some more interesting invitation designs as well. The fun of the Twin baby shower party starts with the invitation and hence it is very important to make it really special for your guests.

Decide the decoration Theme

When you are done with making your invitation, it is now time to decorate the room. Yes, you will have to make sure that you are choosing some interesting theme for the twin baby shower theme that you think would suit you. Choose something of mothers choice as she is going to be the guest of honor for the entire party. The babies are yet to come, it inside the mother’s womb that they are going to enjoy the party and hence mother plays the lead role here. Here are some interesting options to decorate the party hall.

Just perfect Pear

this is one of the most common twin baby shower themes. When it comes to the decoration part, you can try a lot of things in this theme. You can choose some Pears and then place them in the table as a center piece. You can arrange the pears in different shapes and place on the table.

You can tie a small cute ribbon at the stem part to make them look really cute. In fact, you are going to dress up the cute pears with ribbons. That is definitely going to make it look beautiful. There is a lot more that you will be able to do with pears.

You can make different kinds of food with these pears like cakes, cheese, salads, dips or you can even try the pies as well. It is just your creativity that you can try on the pears, which the theme of your party. You can use different things in pear shape like you can go for balloons as well, provided they are in green color.

Just perfect Pear

Monkey See Monkey Do

You are still yet to be parents, but if you are having any friends who are already parents of twins, can explain you this. They are just going to compare their twins with monkeys only. So, you can choose this theme if you also like monkeys.

There is a lot of decoration that is possible with the monkey theme. You can add a lot of monkey toys, charts and loads of bananas to the decoration. That is just so simple and you can do it in many ways. You will also be able to find many monkey and banana toys along with some balloons as well.

When it comes to food for that theme, you can choose from monkey bread, banana bread, banana nuts, Bananas and also you can add some banana chips as well. You can choose to go for strawberry drinks or even coffee, which goes perfect with the banana food that you are organizing in your party.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Full House

This is another very common theme that is part of the Twin baby shower parties. Many people try this kind of theme, as it is good for parents who are expected a twin in to a family of three members or a triplets in to a family of two members.

This is simple theme for you to decorate. All you will need for this theme decoration is just lots of cards and some interesting and innovative decorating ideas. You can arrange them in fishing lines using some strings. You can also try to make banners with the cards and hang them in the party hall.

You can stick them to napkin rolls, or you can stick them to the spoon holders. You can choose to order the plates, cups and glasses of this cards theme. When it comes to food, you can choose to make the cake in that design. Like the design of the cards. You can also arrange some cards on the center table so that teh guests can play with them.

Full House

Birds Nest

This theme is something that your guests will also enjoy. This is a theme of bird nests with nice and cute eggs in them. This is going to look really cute and beautiful arrangement. You can welcome the new babies to their new nest in this way.

You can in fact use this theme based on the number of cute babies that you are expecting. That means, even it is more than twins, then you will be able to manage it with this kind of theme decoration. Just make some nests and arrange all around the party hall and also use some other things like small birds along with the nests to complete the decoration. Make sure that your cake is matching with this theme.

You can make layer cake and also ask them to place some small nests and eggs in that cake. That will give the complete look of the theme. You can choose some interesting food for this theme like candies in the shape of some eggs, stick wafers, peeps, sunflower seeds and when it comes to drink, you can add anything that you like the most. This is going to complete the theme.

Birds Nest

Dress Code for the guests

When you are done with preparation of invitation, decoration and food, now it is turn to think about the dress code. It may not be mandatory to have dress code, but having a good dress code can make it a little interesting. Couples can dress up in the similar way, like we usually do with the twins.

Usually, the same kind of dresses, if possible in the same color are brought for the twin kids and you can follow that here. That will add a new look to the party. Some mothers can dress up like the would be mother to share her space. That is going to make the would be mother happy and comfortable in the party.


When you think the dress code of same kind of dress by both in a pair is a little boring or may not be always possible, then you can go with the theme as well. You can get dressed like a monkey or a pear. Yes, this can be tried on kids who are going to be party of this twin baby shower party. This is something really interesting and funny as well.

Some interesting Baby shower games

Never say Baby

This is a game which is going to start as and when a guest enters into the baby shower party hall. You are going to hand over a pin like a diaper pin to everyone and ask them it pin it to their shirt. In the entire party, no on should say the work baby.

If someone hears another person saying it, then they can steal of the pin from them. At the end of the day or the party, a person who is have more of diaper pins is going to be the ultimate winner.

Never say Baby

What’s inside the Bag

Now take a diaper bag or any kind of bag and fill in the bag with some baby related products or items. Give a pen and paper to each participant. Allow each participant to just touch the items in the bag and do not look at them. You can allow each participant to check it or rather feel them for two minutes each.

Now, give them a chance to put them on the paper and allow them just two more minutes. Check who can guess maximum number of items in minimum amount of time. The one who guesses more is the winner.

What’s inside the Bag

Catch me if you can

Now, this is an interesting game and will help you to kill maximum time. When you are preparing your invitation, also add a small note along with the invitation. In the note mention that they need to carry their childhood picture along with them to the party. When the guest enters, assign them a number and make a note of it.

Now, stick all the pictures to the wall and allow your guests to guess the names of the guests. The one who is going to guess the maximum number of names by looking at their childhood pictures is going to be the winner.

Catch me if you can

Drink like a baby

This is something really funny to play in the Twin baby shower party. Take a few baby milk bottles. Hand them over to the guests and ask them to fill in the drink of their choice in the bottle. Now, go count of three every one should start sucking the drink in the bottle, without leaving even a single drop. The person who finishes first is going to be the winner. This is a pretty interesting game that everyone can play and enjoy.

Drink like a baby

Guess the price

Make a small list of some daily used baby products. Make a note of the products on one side of the paper and then on the other side of the paper make a note of its price. Now let the guests guess the price of the products correctly. This is something that we see in the TV shows, where a product would be shown and then the price has to be guessed. When the price is guessed right, then the person who guesses maximum rights would be the winner.

Guess the price

Giving birth to babies

for playing this game, you will have to plan it a day in advance. You will have to place small baby like dolls in the ice making tray. Then by next day you will see that the ice is formed with a small cute baby doll inside. Now next day, in the party add one ice cube to one glass of water and let the guests get one glass of water each. When the ice cube is placed in the water, it starts melting and the baby comes out. Whoever baby comes out first is going to be the winner of the game.

Giving birth to babies

You can also plan some return gifts to the guests who are attending the Twin baby shower party. That means, you can offer them that you like or it is anyways the happiness and fun that they will be taking along with them.

So, starting from the invitation to the return gifts, everything can be planned in advance and the party which is well planned is well organized. You need to make sure that everything is ready and in place. You can look for many interesting options online as you will be able to find ample of options on the interest.

You can choose something that suits your budget. In fact, you will also be able to find some online stores where you will be able to find all that you will need for the Twin Baby shower party as well. So, you can choose the right online store and order them. You just need to invite your guests and decorate the party hall according to your theme. You can add your own ideas to every section like invitation, gifts, themes, decoration, food and games as well. It is all about creativity that can make the party really amazing.

I hope you liked these twin baby shower ideas. If you have any other query specific for your situation then you can ask me anytime, i will try to help you out.