45 Sweet sixteen Gift Ideas You Must Check Out

All of you who are looking for some sweet sixteen gift ideas for someone special can be with me through this article as today i am going to give some of the best options you can consider. It may or may not be birthday occasion only but the gift ideas which are shared here are relevant to anyone who is 16 or turning to be sixteen. Although this article is for birthday occasion only but you can still go to the gift ideas list and explore these ideas if not looking for birthday occasion only.

Birthdays are always special and it definitely calls for a nice present. What if it is the sixteenth birthday? It is really special birthday for every girl as she is now going to turn into a young woman from a girl and boy changing into a young man. This can happen only once in the life of a girl and hence you should it make it special for the girl on her birthday. A girl is going to preserve the memories of this special day for the rest of her life and hence you need to make sure that you are giving the girl such sweet memories on her sweet 16th birthday.

If you are also having something who is turning 16 this year, then you should be choosing some interesting gift for them. If you have no idea on what to select, then here are some options for you and these can help you in choosing the right gift. You can choose something from the list or you will be able to decide something of your own after having a look at the list.

Sweet sixteen Gift Ideas

A beautiful promise ring


This can be a good gift from the father to a daughter. This is going to be promise ring from the father that he is going to be with her for the rest of the life. He is always there to protect her at any point of time. This can be a surpising gift for the daughter on her 16th birthday. You can choose this kind of rings in different metals based on your budget.

Car accessories


When your daughter or son is going to turn 16 this year, then you can plan to gift them a new car. But you cannot afford so much of your friends kids or someone else in your family. So, for them you can choose something like car accessories like car keys with some nice message engraved on it. You can engrave “Drive safe”or “do not drive too fast”kind of keys. You can also try other car kits as a gift for the 16th birthday for safety.

An interesting personalized canvas photo frame


This can be another interesting gift for 16th birthday. You can pick a nice photograph of the birthday baby and then frame it. You can add some nice quote stating how special they are for you and what is making them special. You can pick more than one picture also and make collage of it and then add a message. This can be really special gift and keepake as well.

Sweet sixteen pendant


Another interesting idea for friends and siblings to gift for their sister or brother on their sixteenth birthday is a sweet sixteen pendant. Yes, you will be able to get a lot of designs and shapes of these pendants. You can choose something really unique and different. This is definitely going to be special. Based on the budget, you can choose size and metal of the pendant.

A special magic mug


How happy would someone feel when you are customizing a few things that they use daily with their photograph? That feeling is definitely special and people of all ages love them. So, on a 16th birthday, you can try something like a magic mug which is designed with a picture of the birthday baby. That is definitely going to be special for the person who receives it.

Fake Magazine cover – customized one


If the girl who is going to turn sixteen this year is a fashion freak and would love to see herself on the magazine cover one day, then you can try something like this. This kind of fake magazine covers can be made with ease. You can get them customized with the help of your friends or you have many stores online which sell this kind of fake magazine customized covers. You can gift one of that kind.

Zodiac Neckpiece


This can be a different and most amazing gift for a sweet sixteenth birthday for a boy or a girl. You can give a necklace of their zodiac sign and that is going to be special for you. You can get them designed personally with some designs in and around the zodiac sign necklace or you can buy something that is readily available online.

Sing Stand – super cool idea


When you are looking for gifts for a teenager, then you need to start thinking like them. This is the sixteenth birthday and it is very important for you to understand its importance in the life of the birthday baby. Sing stand is one of the best gifts for thise kids who love singing. On their 16th birthday, this can be an amazing gift for sure.

Apple iPod


Teens will definitely love music and when you gift them something related to music then that can be the best gift for them. If that musical gift is an Apple iPod, then it is going to be much more suprising for them. This 16th birthday can be made more special with an iPod. They are going to love it for sure. This definitely worth to be a sweet 16th birthday gift.

iPad from Apple


Apple is one of those brands that every teen would love to use. When you are giving them a special gift on their 16th birthday, then you can choose those brands which teens love. So, try the iPad for the birthday baby. This is an amazing gift. This is available in different sizes and capacity and hence choose the one that you like.

Sweet sixteen braclet


When it is the 16th birthday, then it is definitely special and the gift that you are planning for that day also should be special. A sweet 16 birthday braclet can be the right option for the new young women. She is going to love this kind of braclet for sure and this is available in many different styles and designs as well. You should try it for sure.

Teenage Journals


Till the age of 15 it is just friends, fun, music, sports, parties, outings and many more funny things part of their life. But when they reach the age of 16, then there are many physical and mental changes that they get to see in themselves. It is important for them to understand those changes, and these teenage journals can help them know these changes themselves.

Shopping gift cards


It is their 16th birthday and till today you might have bought them all that they need. But now it is time to allow them buy whatever they need. Yes, this kind of shopping gift cards can be a good choice. This kind of cards will allow them to shop something of their choice. This is going to help them understand things around them as well, when they are spending some money.

Sweet sixteen earrings


If you want to plan something really funny for your birthday baby for the sweet sixteenth birthday, then this can be a good choice. These sweet sixteen earrings are going to be fun when they wear them and the teens will love something funky like this as well. So, you should try the different designs of this kind of earrings available.

Gourmet Cookie Bouquet


May be your kids are growing and she has already reached the age of 16, but she can never outgrow the age of eating cookies. At any point of time in her life, cookies are going to be her favourite for sure. You can make these cookies personalized like the color of the cookies or the shapes of it. You can also add some message to it for more personalized look.

Sweet sixteen princess canopy bed


This is going to be a mind blowing idea for your birthday baby. Yes, she is going to love this kind of bed for sure if she has ever dreamed of getting dressed like a princess. You don’t have to spend too much for this kind of Canopy bed. You can keep it simple by doing it yourself at home. There will be a lot of ideas available on the internet.

Personalized Mobile case on 16th birthday


You can choose a nice mobile case that suits the birthday baby mobile and then get it customized. Yes, customized mobile cases can be a good option when you can get a special message printed on it like the one shown in the above picture. You can also add the picture of the birthday girl on it to make it more special.

Bike for the little sweet 16 baby


Your girl has now turned 16 and it is time for you to give her something big and something that she loves. You can try a bike on her 16th birthday if she does not have one or the bike which she always dreamed of. This is a good and best option, which can be affordable and at the same time something useful for the baby as well.

Customized sweet 16 shirt


When it is a birthday, you get some new clothes for the birthday baby, but when those simple clothes also can be customized according to the special sweet 16th birthday, then how amazing it can be? So, try something like that with a nice message and the sweet 16th birthday wishes on the shirt. Friends and sibling can try this kind of gifting option.

Sweet sixteen hat


If you are looking for an amazing gift for your friend on her sixteenth birthday, then you should make sure that the gift is something your friend likes and also something that matches with the 16th birthday. Try this kind of sweet 16 hat for the lovely lady. Try some different and interesting colors and pink is definitely a hit when you choose it for a girl.

Ball gown for the birthday baby


This is the 16th birthday and it should definitely special. Special includes everything that is part of that day’s celebration. A nice ball dance gown can be one of the best gifts on this special day. It can be good gift from parents or siblings as well. There are so many designs and colors to choose from when it comes to ball dance gown.

Personalized journal


This is a good option for parents to gift to their daughter on the 16th birthday. You can give her a personalized journal which she can use or you can write some important things that you want her to know or learn when she is turning 16. You will have a lot of journals available at the online stores. You can choose something unique and different.

A nice Camera


Sixteen is the age when she is growing up and it is time for her to have some expensive gifts. If she likes photography and if you have been restricting her all these years as she was too old to have an expensive camera, then this is the time you break that rule and buy her what she wants. You can try something like this.

Sweet sixteen memory book


When your girl has reached the age of 16, then there will be a lot of things that you need to help her understand and there will be so many suggestions from every one in the entire family. This kind of memory book can be a good option in this kind of situations. Everyone from the family can write one note or message of the birthday baby.

Customized sweet sixteen pillow


Customized gifts are always a good choice and if it is a 16th birthday then you need to make it more special for the birthday baby. You can get a customized pillow for her. You can printed with the sweet sixteen message and to make it more special, you can even add her picture on the pillow. This is a good and affordable option for you.

Nice makeup box


Till today she might have been too young to try some makeup on her face, but it is now time for her to try something. You can try gifting her some basic things related to makeup. This is good gift for those girls who always stare at their moms when they are getting ready. You can choose some simple and chemical free makeup as a gift.

Sweet sixteen scented candles


If you are looking for some unique and a different gift on the 16th birthday o fyour friend, then you can go for something like sweet sixteen scented candles. Yes, this something different and you can try it. This is very affordable and you will be able to get so many designs, shapes and flavours as well. So, try something that she loves to use.

Sweet sixteen crown


For those girls who always love doing funny things and trying something different always, you can get this kind of sweet sixteen crowns. They will be very happy with this small but different gift for them on this special day. Gift need not always be expensive, it can be something that brings smile on the face.

A smart phone


If she has been using a bsic phone all these days, then it is now time for you to get her something expensive. May be all her friends are already having one and it is now her turn to show off something. Get her one latest and nice smart phone, in fact a phone of her choice which she wanted from long time.

A mini laptop


A mini laptop which she can carry anywhere with ease would be a good gift for her. You will be able to get mini 10 inch laptops in the market. Get one on her 16th birthday to make her feel that she is grown up and she deserves all that she wanted from years. It is now time for you to make her understand that she is grown up.

A cute puppy


A cute puppy can be one of the reasons for her to be happy on her sixteenth birthday. There may be kids who grow up but they are still kids from heart. If your kid or the birthday baby always wanted a nice pup for herself, then it is time for you to get one for her. She is going to love the gift for sure and you are going to be more than happy.

Sandals her the birthday girl


All these days she was a kid for you and you wanted her to be simple and cute. But now she is grown up and hence you should let her know the fashion, but in a decent way. This can be one of the ways to help her learn fashion. You can buy her some sandals which are of your choice and which looks good on her.

A nail art kit


If your birthday baby is a fashion freak, then this kind of gifts which are related to fashion can be a good option. You can gift the girl a nail art kit which has all that they need for making some amazing nail art. Nail art is one of the present fashion trends and you are going to love it for sure.



Guitar can be a good gifting option for those girls who love music. If they have still not recognized their talent themselves, then this can be good way for you to express how you feel when they sing or play some musical instrument. This is going to help them understand their own talent on this special day.

Power yoga CD


For those girls who are fitness freaks, you can try gifting them this kind of fitness CD’s. They will love this kind of simple and small gifts because they love the content in the CD and not the price of it. This is definitely a good choice and friends can try this kind of option.

Books on fitness and dieting


Here is another gift for those fitness freaks, This is the right time for them to concentrate on their body and watch on their weight. You can gift them for knowing about it and also for those who love knowing this kind of things and follow them.

Sweet sixteen spa basket


A nice and simple spa kit or basket can be a good gift for the girls on their sweet sixteenth birthday. They will love this kind of gifts because they will be usually excited about trying this kind of things. They will get a chance to pamper themselves and try something new and exciting. You should definitely try it.

Chocolate gift hamper


Whatever is the age, who would not love chocolates? When you are gifting someone on their 16th birthday, then you need not always have to concentrate on the 16th birthday, you can also concentrate on what they love the most. This kind of chocolate gift hampers can be good choice for them. You should try it.

This is a list of things that you can try for the sixteenth birthday. They are all very common gifts that you can try and they are not really expensive as well. Only a few of them are expensive and you can choose to ignore them. This list is having gifts of all budgets and hence you can choose that is in your budget.

Gifts are always special and 16th birthday gift will be more special for the birthday baby. She is going to cherish every minute of this birthday for the rest of her life. You should always make sure that the gift is of her choice. If you know her taste, her choice and her habits, then it can be really easy for you to choose a gift for her. If you are gifting her for the first time, then choose something in general that every girl would love. You even have that kind of gifts in the list like a gown, nail art kit, etc. Happy shopping.