10 Surprise Party Ideas and Tips to Plan A Perfect Party

Its been so many days i haven’t wrote any topic in which i can use my creative skills. Today i am glad i am writing about this most awaited topic from past few weeks. So i have planned to help out all those people who are being curious to know some of the most unique surprise party ideas that means some of the ways in which you can throw or plan a surprise party for someone and for some occasion.

Planning a surprise party is not an easy task like planning any other party. For a surprise party there are many things involved in these types of parties to make it successful.

A successful surprise party is the one which is well planned and executed till the last thing from the plan list. So if every primary event plan completes successfully then the it can be called as a perfect successful party.

Anyways it was quite obvious though, so lets talk about the occasion you could be planning a surprise party for. There are many occasions for which one can plan a surprise party, the most common occasion people plan out a surprise party for is “Birthday”. I am sure many of you are here to know some surprise party ideas for birthday only or may be some people want to know some general ideas.

So what i did is i jotted down many unique ideas list that can go for any occasion. So for which ever relation or which ever occasion these surprise ideas are perfect to plan out.

Surprise party ideas (2)

Surprise party ideas and tips

Here as i said you will find some of the tips and ideas that will help you plan a perfect party. In future i will write a step by step guide to plan a surprise party but for now you can read the two list of ideas to plan a perfect party.

Blue Print

Blue print of surprise party

For any party not only a surprise party, one should first start with making a list of plans on to a paper, this is the most basic step one should take before planning. You can just start with planning things in mind and write it on a paper in a very rough sketch. You can write anything that first comes to your mind so that you don’t forget in between the process of thoughts.

Once you wrote all rough ideas that comes in your mind, then make an another organized list. I mentioned “organized list” is because for a surprise party one should be very organized in planning, setup and the execution, then only the party turns out to be successful.

Anyways so in the second list you can write things in points or in a step wise step way. This list is very important because in this list you will write everything you wrote in a rough ideas list in an organized way. In fact rather than calling it as paper plan i would love to call it as a blue print of your complete surprise party.

[ Tip: For making a blue print you can ask few more people to get involved in this to make it a perfect plan or you can even hire any Event management consultant for this]

No evidence


This is the one thing for which you should be very careful from the very first step as leaving any evidence in front will lead to ruin the surprise party. So make sure you be careful for not leaving any evidence. Down below you can find some points you should keep in mind:

  • Car parking: You should be very careful that the guests car should not be parked near the venue place at it can lead to leave the evidence.
  • Invitation: While giving up the call for invitation or either message or card, you should be careful that the person is unaware about your plans.
  • Arrangements: On the day of party, make sure the arrangement of food, decorations or anything should not leave any evidence.

Secrete Invitations

Secrete invitation

This is the most important step you should be very careful about. You can plan anything on paper but its all about how you execute. The invitations to the guest can be one of an evidence that can ruin all your plans, are you getting the point.

The invitations to the guest should be very secrete as you should not leave any evidence in front of the person you are planning a party for. So be very secretive when you give an invitation on phone call, message or a card.

The person you are planning a party for should not know the plans as it is a surprise party. So you have to be very careful about this.


Timings of events

Timing of every event or action planned is very important to make a surprise party successful. To be specific i am talking about the party day when all the invitees arrives.

Make sure that all the guests or invitees reaches the venue half an hour before the actual event. One more thing you should be careful about is that no guest reaches out late as it can create a chances of obstruction to the plans.

This was about guests entry and arrival time, but timings should be taken care of on every event. For example venue setup, food supplies on time, timing of that surprisee entry, etc.. So at every point the timing should be taken care of.

Planned activities

Its not about planning and executing in a way you think is perfect surprise, instead it should look very natural to the the person for whom you have planned the party. To make everything look very natural or to divert the mind of that person so that he/she can not catch for evidence, you should plan certain activities.

These activities are performed to make things look natural and to perform this you need a chaperone.



Chaperone is a person which act upon diverting the mind of that person. Above i said that there should be some planned fake activities. So for these fake activities to act upon a chaperone is responsible that means all planned activities are done by the chaperon only.

So he/she is the one who is very important part of all the surprise you have planned. So while picking up a chaperone you must find a person who is very smart and can act very well.

No obstruction – Plan B

Although if everything is planned, setup up and executed perfectly, then there should be no obstruction. But if in rare case something happens against the plan then you should have next thing ready or you can call it a “Plan B” to cover up that situation.

Other surprise ideas

There are certainly many more surprises you can give that person other than a party. I know you want to do something special for that person so that it can be remembered for years. So down below i have shared few unique surprise ideas.

Kidnap Thriller

Kidnap surprise

This is one of a thriller surprise you can give anyone. As you can suggest from the title itself that this surprise involves kidnapping. I know you must be thinking what is this all about.

Its an amazing surprise you can give anyone. The thrill of being kidnapped and then the surprise, is just amazing.

For this what you have to do is plan a kidnap in a very safe way. You can plan it with some other people involved in it like his/her family members, few people who can be in car for the kidnapping.

You can plan out with his/her family member to let him/her open the door so that you can kidnap. As soon as he/she opens the door you can blindfold and take him/her inside the car.

One person should be ready to drive the car and one person should be in the back seat to handle the surprisee. Take the person to the party venue where the guests and everything is already hidden. Take him/her to the venue and remember to close the lights.

So as soon as he/she opens the blindfold and light comes in, it would be a biggest surprise of his/her life.

[* Be safe in this surprise. We don’t advice of doing it if you are not confident if everything will go fine]

Upside Down Up

Upside down up surprise

This is a very unique surprise idea, i am not sure if you have done this before or heard of it.

As you can suggest from the title that it is a twisted surprise that will look something else but the real surprise is something else. Ok, let me explain a bit about it.

For this you have to plan a surprise party for that person only, everything will be the same as i have mentioned in earlier list that when arrangements will be done everyone will hide and then surprisee will come.

In this case everything will be same but you have to create a situation in which you will hide the surprisee also by making up a story that this party is for someone else. That means for this party you will invite the surprisee also by telling that the surprise is for someone else he/she knows.

Let him/her hide with other guests in the dark venue. As soon as he/she hide in some place then switch on the lights and let everyone pop out. He/she will be so surprised with this upside down up surprise.

Unexpected surprise

Let suppose its your birthday and everything seems normal that day and suddenly when you come home after some work and see your best buddy in your room after an ages. Can you imagine how surprised you will be to get this unexpected surprise.

So the same way you can plan a surprise for anyone. Find a close person to that person for whom you are planning a surprise. Try to find out the contact of that person on social media like Facebook, linked in, twitter.

Convince that person to come for the party to give surprise. For an example if you are planning a surprise for your father then find out a person who was very close to him and not met him from ages. Find that person on social media or any other medium, contact him/her and convince to come for the surprise. Imagine how surprised your dad will be to see him/her after ages. So this way you can do for anyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading these surprise party ideas and tips with some general surprise ideas as well. These ideas are listed keeping in mind that it can be suitable for anyone and for any occasion. I assume that these ideas were helpful.