15 Fun Sleepover Games For Girls You Don’t Want to Miss

Planing some nice sleepover games for girls? Here you will find 15 top most games you can plan for a girl’s sleepover party. So go through you will find some good options in the list.

Many people believe that girls tend to be docile and therefore, their parties tend to be subdued and boring. Well, I can bet that these people have never managed to get a sneak peek into a sleepover of girls. If they had, I can bet, they would know how wild, crazy and fun a girls’ party can be. I remember my sleepovers during school and college days, and even back then, almost a decade back, we had some really wild fun at these sleepover parties.

Sure, the girls today are a lot bolder than we were and therefore, one can only expect the fun quotient of these sleepovers to have increased considerably over time. Recently, I had an interesting conversation with my younger cousin, who happens to be in college these days and she told about some really fun, cute and yet amazing sleepover games that she plays with her friends. Just hearing about these games got my adrenaline level to soar and left me wishing to somehow go back to college and attend these sleepovers once again.

I am so enthralled by these sleepover game ideas, that I just have to share them with all my readers and let everyone knows that girls surely do know how to party and have fun. Combining some traditional games with a modern twist, to some completely new and fascinating games, below is a list of some great sleepover games that many school and college girls are playing these days.

sleepover games for girls

Sleepover games for girls

Below is a list of 13 games which every girl would enjoy participating in when attending a sleepover party.

Passing The Parcel


I know, you must be thinking that after promising ideas for new sleepover games for girls, the very first game that I mention is one of the oldest games that is played at all kids parties. But the truth is that, this is one traditional game, which just refuses to die out. The girls these days have made very cute changes to the game, which make this old game, look new and provides immense fun to the sleepover.

This is now being played in absolute dark and with a balloon. The balloon too is a special balloon which has a glow bulb fitted inside it, making the make look surreal. The game is played to the latest and the peppiest current musical numbers, thus lifting up the spirit of the party. At the end of every song, whoever has the balloon in her hand is given an interesting punishment, which is fun not just for other girls, but even for the girl for whom the punishment is meant.

Hence, think of some really crazy, yet fun punishments to give your friends, and this game is sure to rock all sleepover parties for a very long time.

Who’s Who

whos who

Another interesting game that you can play at your sleepover party is the guessing game of who’s who. In this game, one girl is send out of the room, while all the other girls decide on some interesting characters that they would like to pretend to be. Then the girl is called inside and everyone starts acting like their character, and based on this acting, the girl has to guess who is playing which character.

This game of acting and guessing can be real fun. Girls tend to pick some really fun characters from movies and cartoon shows and re-enacting them adds a lot of humor and fun to the sleepover.



A girls’ party can never be complete without some fashion and makeup. There is no question about the fact that all girls, belonging to all age groups, love to dress up and look pretty. However, applying that perfect makeup and looking absolutely gorgeous is something that girls do when going to all parties and therefore, when doing makeup and fashion at a sleepover party, there has to be a twist to it.

This makeup game involves blindfolding the eyes of one of the girls and then in this state she gives a makeover to some other girl. The result, as anyone can guess, is hilarious. The girls may end up looking like cartoons after this game, but surely there is a lot of fun and laughter involved in the process and all girls just love playing this game.

It is important that you click a lot of pictures of all your friends in this weird makeup. Trust me, these pictures would make some really great memories when you grow up.

Nail Art


While we are talking about sleepover games involving makeup, there is yet another very interesting game which you can play at your girls sleepover. This game is called the nail art game and in it, you are supposed to place 10 nail polishes of different colors in a circle and then each girl spins a bottle inside this circle. When the bottle stops at one particular color, she has to apply that nail paint on just one finger. This game continues till all 10 fingers get painted. Y

Imagine going to school or college next day with all your 10 fingers painted in different colors. Seeing these colored fingers of yours, everyone would know that last night, you had attended a rocking sleepover party.

Talent Contests


Another interesting game idea for a sleepover is to hold a talent hunt contest. Girls are naturally talented and they love to show off these skills of theirs. Thanks to this contest, you would have some of your friends, singing, while others would be dancing or acting out roles.

Everyone would automatically bring out their best and most fun side out at the sleepover and your sleepover will end up becoming a huge success.

The Selfie Game


Taking selfies has become a huge craze these days. Everyone seems to be busy taking their own pictures. So, how about turning this craze for selfies into an interesting sleepover game?

All that is needed for this game is to set the phone camera on timer and then keep passing the phone around to each other just like in the game of pass the parcel. Eventually the timer would set off and your phone will capture a very funny selfie of one of your friends.

Trust me, these selfies can be hilarious and no matter how hard you try, you would never be able to give that perfect pout for this selfie. There amusing photos are sure to get a lot of likes on Facebook and other social networking sites you may be on.

The Tasty Game


Spin the bottle is another traditional game which has managed to make its way into the current sleepover parties, but in a very reformed form.

This game is no longer played in the truth or dare format, but in a completely new way. Depending on the number of girls attending this sleepover, equal number of plates is placed in a circle. Each of the plate contains a food item. While two or three plates may contain something delicious like a cookie or cake, the rest of the plates contain some really nasty food items like chilies, mustard, garlic, etc.

Each girl spins the bottle and wherever the bottle stops, the girl is supposed to eat whatever is placed on that plate.

Transfer The Cotton Balls

Transfer The Cotton Balls


This is another great sleepover game, which is both amusing and interesting at the same time.

In this game two chairs are placed facing each other, with a little gap between them. On one chair an empty bowl is placed and on the other a bowl filled with cotton balls is placed. One girl at a time is blindfolded and made to stand in between these chairs and has to transfer the cotton balls to the empty bowl, the catch being that she has to do so blindfolded and with the help of a spoon only.

Cheering and trying to confuse the poor blindfolded girl makes this game a really fun game to play for everyone at the sleepover.

Meeting The Perfect Boy


Girls love to talk about boys and more importantly about which boy be perfect for which girl. Keeping in mind this gossipy nature of girls, this boy meets the girl game is a perfect sleepover game.

Everyone sits in a circle with a piece of paper and a pen in their hands. The game starts with everyone writing the name of one boy on the top of the paper and then folding it just enough to hide the name of the boy. This paper, with the name of the boy hidden is then passed to the girl sitting on the right hand and she then writes the name of a girl and again folds the paper and passes it on. In the third round, the girls are supposed to write something that the boy says to the girl and pass. And finally, in the fourth round, a line is written about what the girl would say to the boy.

Once all this is over, the paper is opened and read. You would be amaze at how hilarious the scenarios that come out from this blind writing can be.

Know Your Friends


No, this is not some boring quiz game, where you have to answer some serious questions about the lives of your friends and prove your loyalty to them, in fact, this is a great fun sleepover game.

For this game, you would need a digital camera or a phone camera, both of which can be easily arranged for. Now, one by one, you take each of your friends to the other room and click a picture of some body part of theirs, for example, their arms, legs, hair, nose, etc. Once you have pictures of all your friends, you then take the camera back inside and show the photos to everyone and based on this image of one single body part, they have to guess who it belongs to.

Pass On That Orange

Sara VonKrosigk, left, and Kellie Kekich react as they fail to pass the orange during a game at the homecoming assembly in the Sheridan High School gymnasium. The students in each grade competed with each other by playing a game of passing the orange without using hands.

Towards the end of the party, everyone might get tired and may not want to play something which involves jumping around and therefore you would need a game which is able to infuse enthusiasm in your tired friends and raise their spirits once again.

Make all your friends sit is a tight circle and give an orange to them. The girls have to pass the orange to the girl sitting next to her, but the catch here is that they cannot use their hands. The girls will have to get creative and find innovative ways for passing the orange around.

Anyone who drops the orange loses the game.

Hide And Seek With A Twist


After spin the bottle and pass the parcel, it is now time to give hide and seek a modern twist as well. The lives of everyone today are incomplete without cell phones and therefore, we make hide and seek more fun and interesting through the use of these phones only.

One girl has to take a cell phone with her and hide anywhere in the house. All the other girls have to search for her. But the twist here is that, the girl hiding is supposed to call the house phone after every small interval in order to give the other girls a clue as to where she is hiding.

If you want to go hi-tech, you can even use night vision goggles to search for your friend who is hiding with the mobile phone.

You can also find some more games to play at a sleepover party.

Above I have to present some of the most interesting sleepover game ideas that I came across recently. There are many other new games which are being played at the sleepover parties these days and which are extremely fun and wild. I really hope that my list above is able to help you in planning a more interesting sleepover, next time you decide to call your friends over to your house.