17 Best Sesame Street Party Ideas to Plan

Kids are always up for sesame street parties, recently i have got a mail from a mom asking for some helpful sesame street party ideas for planning a perfect party for his son. So today i will be sharing with you some of the very helpful tips and ideas from invitation to food to games to activities. This list of ideas will help anyone who is planning a sesame street party.

If along with the friends of your kid, you are also planning to invite Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby and other characters from the world of Sesame Street, then you will have to make some really special arrangements for the party. The Sesame Street is a highly loved and watched television show among the kids and if you are throwing a party on its theme, you will have to work really hard to create the atmosphere of the same.

While some people opt to use any one character from the show, like Elmo or Abby Cadabby, as the theme of the party, there are other who throw a complete Sesame street theme party. The work required for planning either type of party is the same and therefore, based on the wishes of your kid, you can choose the theme for the party.

Now that the theme of the party has been decided, it is time to start planning, organizing and arranging for all the stuff that you would require for throwing the party.

sesame street party ideas


Sesame street party ideas for throwing a great party

From invitation cards, to the games that would be played at the party, below are a few ideas that would help you in ensuring that everything at your party is as per the Sesame Street theme selected by you.

Sesame Invitations


The first thing that you would have to arrange for is the invitations for the party. It is important that the invitation card selected by you is as per the theme of the party.

You can visit your local card shops or you can even check out the online card stores for finding a nice Sesame invitation card design. Sesame Street is a very popular theme for kids parties and therefore, finding cards based on this theme would not be difficult for you.

However, make sure that you select a design which is unique and something that has not been used before.

Let The Child Make The Invitation Card


A very unique idea which is becoming very popular these days is to allow the child to make the invitation cards for the party. This is one aspect of party planning in which your child can play an active part.

All you need to do is provide your child with a colored paper folded in half and a pack of stickers with various Sesame Street characters. Your child will paste the stickers on the colored paper to make the invitation card for each of his or her friends.

The details about the date, time and venue of the party and any other writing on the card should, however, be done by you, so that anyone who receives the card is able to easily read it and understand when and where they have to come for the party.

Use Dialogues From Show On The Invitation Card


Every invitation card that you receive for any party has almost the same wordings, my child is turning 3. You are invited to attend his birthday party on so and so date at our residence and so on and so forth.

Instead of using these age old and boring wordings, you can make your card extremely interesting, by using actual dialogues from the Sesame street show in a creative manner to let the people know about your party, and its date and venue.

You can even go ahead and seal the invite with a Sesame sticker.

Have A Dress Code For The Party


The world of Sesame street is very colorful, with each character also representing some really bright color.

You can request all your guests to send their kids for the party, wearing a shirt or a top which represents any one character from the show. For example, Elmo is red, Cookie monster is blue, Big bird is yellow and so on and so forth. The guests can choose any one color of any one character from the show and wear a shirt or top of the same color.

Have Colorful Decorations


As mentioned above, the Sesame Street is a very colorful and bright place and therefore, if you are recreate this world at your party venue, then you will have to bring alive all these colors at your venue as well.

You can use balloons and streamers which are bright red, blue, green and yellow in color. Even the table covers that you use should be bright and colorful. The Sesame Street toys, easily available in the market, can also be used for the decoration of the party venue.

Overall, do not think that your venue is looking over bright. Just remember, more the colors at your venue, more it would look like the Sesame Street.

Alphabets And Numbers


The Sesame Street is famous for teaching the kids numbers and alphabets and therefore, these numbers and alphabets have become a sort of an identity of this show.

You can make huge alphabets and numbers from either cardboard or foam and place them strategically around the venue as decorations.

Make sure to color the alphabets bright as well.

Create Directions For The Sesame Street


Right from the parking area to the actual entrance to the party venue, you can place small cardboard milestones, which will say ‘Sesame street 50 meters’, ‘sesame street 40 meters’, and so on.

These milestones will help the guests in finding the way to the party easily.

Great With An Attractive Banner And Sesame Characters


After following the milestones to the main party area, the guests would naturally expect that once they reach the place, they would be greeted by something special from the world of Sesame Street.

You can place a huge, colorful and attractive banner which can say, ‘welcome to sesame Street’. You can also ask some adults to dress up like characters from the show and greet the people at the door.

Give Children Their Favorite Food


Elmo loves pizza and so do all the kids. Therefore, at this party, having pizza on the menu is a must.

Besides the pizza, the rest of the food should also be prepared and arranged in honor of the characters from the show itself. For example, you can bake cookies in the shape of monster and they would represent the Cookies Monster, you can serve a bowl of goldfish crackers in the fond memory of Dorothy, Elmo’s pet fish.

Any dish which does not have such a direct connection with the show, can be given a special name like Abby’s pink lemonade, etc. and made to appear connected to the show.

Arrange For Puppet Show


Organizing a small puppet show for the kids at this party is really going to be like an icing on the cake.

Create a special zone where the show would be held. You can call in for the services of professional performers in order to ensure that the show is worth a watch, or if you yourself know how to play with these puppets, then you can yourself create a nice story using the characters from the show.

Make And Take Home Your Own Characters


You can arrange for huge, life size characters from the show, without any color. The kids can be asked to color these cardboard characters and everyone who is able to get the colors right would be able to take the life sized character from the show home.

All the kids would love to have a Sesame character at their place and would rush to color and paint these cardboard figurines, in order to be able to take them back with them.

Party Games


Sesame Street characters are all fun characters and therefore, the games planned around them should also be fun.

You can arrange for a trash can to be named Oscar and the kids would have to throw different things inside this can from a distance. In fact, you can divide the kids into two groups and whichever group manages to throw maximum stuff inside this Oscar trash can, would be the winning team. Similarly, you can provide the kids with a number of decorating items and ask them to decorate the cookies prepared in the shape of the Cookie Monster.

You can even play some intelligent games like choosing a particular alphabet and asking the kids to write down the names of all the objects present in the room which start with the same alphabet.

Sesame Favors


There is a lot of variety present in the markets with respect to accessories of Sesame street. From toys, to pencil boxes and bags, from hand puppets to stuff toys, the list of Sesame Street items available in the market is endless.

Depending on your budget and your personal preference, you can either gift the kids any one big item or make a goodie bag of many small items and present the same to the guest as a favor when the party ends.

Sesame Masks And Costumes

Sesame Masks And Costumes


As the hosts of the party, you can actually take on rent a proper costume of some character from this show and dress up accordingly while attending to all the guests during the party.

Special Dress For The Birthday Boy/Girl


The birthday boy or girl, in whose honor the party is being thrown, should also be dressed in a special dress. They too can be made to wear a proper and complete dress which will make them appear like a character from the show.

The above collection Sesame street party ideas are meant to help you in planning a good party and if you are not comfortable with any idea or you feel that it would increase the budget of your party, you can simply skip the same and choose those ideas which suit you the best.