25 Best Presents for Teenage Girls

Finding a perfect present for a teenage girl is quite an easy task if you ask me. For all of those who are finding it difficult can explore some of the best options.

There is never a fixed season to exchange presents. We all want them and we all love to gift them to our loved ones. And when it comes to gifting something to a teenage girl, we have to be more alert as these are the growing years and every gift counts.

Receiving gifts, especially in the teenage years turn out to be very fun and exciting. We love what we receive as presents. After all, who doesn’t love surprises? The age bar of 12 to 18 years of age is very crucial as these years mark the major development in a girl.

Every gift given to a teenage girl is wrapped with love and affection. From life’s lessons to minute ones, she learns them all. And no doubt she will love it if showered with beautiful gifts on any occasion, be it birthdays or any sort of celebration. But, what the gift has to be like? A big question. Even the smallest gift will mean much more and she will cherish it every minute.

Ranging from books to jeweleries, anything good will be appreciated by her. All that will matter is the motive behind the gift. Down below, we have mentioned few of the gift ideas worth giving to a teenage girl that she will not only love but will also prefer keeping it safe as a token of blessing and love. No need to struggle in choosing gifts for your teenage daughter, sister or friend as we are here to give you the best of ideas.

presents for teenage girl

Gift ideas for teenage girls

There are definitely many gifts you can consider for a teenage girls as for them there are absolutely endless options available. Here in the list you will find some broad suggestions which will help you find some perfect gifts for her. After this list you will find another list of recommended items.


Apparel gift

It is one of the section in which you definitely find a lot of stuff that she will definitely love to get as a gift. Everyone knows at this age girls like to look more cool, beautiful and attractive. Wardrobe is the first priority in their life at this age, LOL. But seriously they love to keep their wardrobe updated with new cool stuff. So i think finding gift in apparel is also a good option.

Skin & Beauty Products

Beauty products

At this age bar girls generally like to look good and specially when it comes to their skin & beauty. For beauty purpose their are many things which girls use in day to day life, from makeup kit to skin lotions to Manicure pedicure set, etc.. So you can also consider these kind of stuff as well to win her heart.

Funny gifts

funny gifts

You can definitely consider some funny gifts for a teenager, they welcomes it and infact they love it. So you can look around for some funny gifts as well, it depends upon what kind of relationship you have with that girl. There are certainly many options available online for funny gifts.

Different Stuff

Unique and different gift

Its on an experimental basis that means you must consider something she might not have used and you think she will like it. For this you consider something unique and different. This will definitely make her excited to get something really new.

Girly Stuff

Girly stuff

You must be thinking what is girly stuff. Like guys have their own stuff that makes them different from girls. Girls have many things that makes them different. There are many things that most probably a girl would use rather than a guy, for example, teady beer, barbie doll, pink color purse etc.. I am sure you might have understood what i am talking about. So you can definitely consider gifts in these kind of things.

Music related

Gifts related to music

Who don’t love music and specially in teenage. Can you remember your teenage, i am sure you must  also have been mesmerized with the latest music and the gadgets. So its my personal opinion that if you want to gift something to teenage girl or even a boy then you definitely can consider something related to music. Example – bluetooth headphones, Speaker, ear plugs, etc..

Recommended presents for teenage girls

Here is the final list in front of you, here you will find some real gifts that i have shortlisted based on a preferences of teenage girls. So explore these gifts i am sure you will find few picks for sure from the list.

teady bearHuggable White and Grey Teddy Bear

No matter how much a girl grows up, she will always love to receive soft toys as a gift. This soft huggable teddy is the top most choice for her gift, going for every occasion.





Barbie_Lightweight_Compact_HeadphonesBarbie Lightweight Compact Headphones

Every girl adores Barbie. Why not gift her headphones with a Barbie design? All pink with a girly look. She is surely going to love it! If she loves music, this is the best gift for her.





Silver BraceletSilver Bracelet

Jewelleries and girls is a forever bond. Gifting her bracelet is a great idea as this silver material will go with any dress she wears. Not only she will adore it but also wear it for any occasion she wants. It can fit easily into her hand.





Jwelery boxJewellery Box

Jewellery boxes are a good idea for presents in case of teenage girls as they turn out to be a good place to keep all their jewelleries. All their earrings, rings, lockets, etc. can be kept in this box safely and nicely. After all, our girl needs to keep her precious jewelleries safe, eh?




stud earringsStud earrings

Studs are accepted by every teenage girl. Gift her studs and she is going to LOVE them. These round ear studs can be worn on any western dress and can be carried with grace and smartness. It won’t even hurt her ears due to very light weight.





Chocolates! Yes, chocolates always work. Gift her pack of chocolates to relish with watering mouth. Chocolates ranging from light chocolates to dark chocolates can be gifted to a teenage girl on her birthdays or any celebration.





Mitashi_56_Art_Set_720469Art Set

The teenage girl who is inclined towards drawing will surely love it if you gift her a set of artistic pens and crayons. This will be beneficial for her healthy hobby too. Let her artistic passion grow.





Owl Knitted BootiesOwl Knitted Booties

These own knitted socks will keep her warm and give her a soothing feel in winters. These can be used very well and won’t be kept aside in one corner like some useless present. Gift her socks and let her know how thoughtful you are about her.




Sculpt your own boyfriendSculpt Your Own Boyfriend

Teenage years for girls are often times of romantic dreams. Being a friend of your another teenage friend, you can gift her this clay set with which she can design her own boyfriend out of clay and will love playing around with it. Good thing to keep her busy, eh?




make your own chocolate pizzaMake Your Own Chocolate Pizza

Cookery habits are one of the useful things one can possess. Chocolate pizzas are one of the tastiest recipes ever brought into the world. This box contains all the ingredients for a chocolate pizza with a pizza tray and your teenage girl will love making it.




Mantraband BangleInspirational Bracelets

Gift her set of bracelets with positive quotes on them that will lift up her mood. She can wear them any time carrying on with positive vibes. Teenage years need then, after all. These bands can fit into any wrist size and its shiny look will make her hands look smart, simple and elegant.




Mini Enamel Dot NecklaceDot necklaces

Simplicity is something which is needed the most. Girls love wearing necklaces. So, why not gift her something which will not only add style to her looks but will also look cool? These dot necklaces can be very good idea for her birthday gift. They are available in different colours and can also be personalized.




Lip Balm Making Craft KitLip Balm Kit

Care for looks and girls go hand in hand. This lip balm kit is very useful for girls who love using lip balms and would prefer making their own. It contains ingredients along with a jar and your teenage girl can make her own choice of lip balm with her favourite flavour.





Penning down thoughts is one the best habits one should possess. Gifting your teenage girl a notebook with an inspirational cover will motivate her to write positive things about life and practise them accordingly.





Glitter Party Zip PouchGlitter Party Zip Pouch

This sparkly zip pouch is very attractive and will look all the way glittery and stylish in the hands of a teenage girl. It is available in several colours. She can use it to keep her cosmetics and even stationeries. Its brass zip makes it easy to use.




Crystal tattoosCrystal Tattoos

Tattoos! This attractive style on hand looks prettier on the hand of a teenage girl. She can stick these crystal tattoos on her without any harm. It won’t irritate her skin and can be removed whenever she will want to.





Nail and artNail Art Set

With the on going fashion styles, nail arts are stepping into every girl’s choice. She loves to beautify her nails so why not gift her this nail art kit! She can further decorate them with tattoos and glitters. All set for the beauty queen to beautify her nails!




Rio roller skatesRoller Skates

These bright coloured roller skates will be noticed and appreciated by everyone. You teenage girl or friend will love skating on these. These are easy to handle and comes in cool designs.





DIY Molten Lip Gloss KitLip Gloss Kit

Lip Glosses are something that everyone needs. Gifting a kit of lip gloss will make her cosmetic kit complete and she won’t need to buy them in a regular basis. She can carry these wherever she would want and keep them easily in her handbag or her pocket. The given kit has total of 8 lip glosses.




party dressParty Top

Gift her this navy blue party top which she will love wearing to any party. Not only it will give her grace but also comfort. It is a polyester top which comes in different sizes. It is a high neck top with a regular fit. You can gift her any of the tops ranging from different prices and sizes and also colours and materials. After all, clothes come in top most priorities of a girl.




maybilline gift boxMaybelline Gift Box

This Maybelline Gift box comprises of Colossal kajal, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, nail   enamel, and glow blush, which makes he make-up kit sufficient to carry. This kit includes products of daily use and she can easily manage to carry it to small parties and events.


Dream CatcherDream Catcher

Dream Catchers! Ah! What a joy! Dream Catchers are beautiful room decoration stuffs along with breathing in positivity with their help. You can present her with a dream catcher which will beautify her room wall. These come in colourful and pretty ribbons and feathers.



Decor giftArt Print for Wall

Wall Arts are always in. Try to gift her wall arts with positive quotations written in glitters or printed ones. Let each quote speak. Every time she will read the quotes and a sense of positive vibe will step into her mind. So, go for it without a second thought.




the Parent trapThe Parent Trap

The Parent Trap! Yes! One of the best Disney movies for teen girls. Let her meet Hallie and Annie, the two naughty twin sisters. She is going to love this movie for sure. This is one of those Disney movies a teen must watch.





White brim rain hat‘Wide Brim Hat

This is one the coolest accessories she will love to wear. This is a waterproof hat with cool shape and a decent design. It will go with any casual dress and look modest and cool on her. Her friends are going to appreciate it.





Teenage is age bar where teenagers want to live larger than life. So i have picked few suitable presents for teenage girls, hope you found these list to be helpful.