17 Creative Party ideas for Kids

This article is in response to Mrs. Jackson, who recently asked me about some party ideas for kids. She was planing a birthday party for his child. So to all who are looking out for some creative party ideas can stay tunned and explore every very helpful ideas

The special day of your kid is coming up and you’re planning for something unique to make your little one’s special day more special and one of the best days ever. There ample of options available that can be just as innovative and momentous that will bring big smiles to your children’s faces, and leave eternal impressions in their memories.

A perfect planning prior to the party will make this a charming event filled with appealing decorations and engaging activities. Before you make a decision on the theme, location and other party details, make out a realistic budget. Keep in mind that the party is going to last for a few short hours, but the aftermaths of spending more money than you can manage to pay for could last far longer.It can be a theme party or a party without a specific theme, whatever appeals to your child.

If you are looking for the perfect, unique and creative theme or other ideas for your little one’s next party, here we are sharing some creative and amazing ideas for your little one’s next party including amusing suggestions for decorations, food, activities, games and more for a fun-filled, creative party that your kid will remember and your invitees will be talking about for years to come.

party ideas for kids

13 creative and amazing party ideas for Kids

  1. Party Themes


Arrange a theme-based Kids’ party with tableware, decorations, party favors, accessories, and more stuff, which delivers lots of fun, creativity and amusement.

Ice Cream Party Theme: Make your kitchen to look like an old ice-cream parlor and then invite the guests to make the ice-cream party of their dreams. Take care of providing all kinds of delicious toppings.

Teddy Bear Party: Ask all the guests to bring a favorite teddy bear with them. Set picnic blankets in the family’s dining room and for each guest arrange a comfy cushion on the floor with a brand new teddy bear friend for each kid. The kids have to pick adorable outfits from a huge picnic basket to dress their teddy bears and the rest of the party revolved around teddy bear. Serve an adorable bear cake and within few hours, the party will over and everyone leave happy, full and carrying a new bear friend.

Storybook Character Party: Ask kids to come dress as their favorite storybook characters such as Fancy Nancy Harry Potter, Curious George, Willy Wonka, etc. On arrival of all the guests, play a game of “10 Questions” to determine each guest’s literary personality. Take photos of each child with your kid and give each child this photo as a return gift.

Princess Party Theme: Ask the guests of your cute little princess to come in their finest gowns to get in the frame of mind to feel like royalty and base her party around that character. Make use of tableware that matches your princess party theme and decorate with matching colors.

  1. Games
    party games

Plan some exciting party games to keep the kids entertained and in a celebratory mood. It will give your kid a unique party experience with his/her friends.

What’s there on the plate: Put some items on a plate. Give each kid a pen and piece of paper. Let them look at the plate for a minute, then take the plate away. The children have to write down what is there on the plate. The one with the most right answers is the winner.

Video game tournament: Decorate a retro gaming or favorite video game party. Conduct a gaming tournament with a couple of teams or head-to-head. Toadstool cupcakes, Coin cookies, and Tetris brownies, as well as Tetris brownies can be on the menu.

Musical statues: The kids dance around on music and when the music stops they have to stand totally still, like a statue. If anyone moves, then he/she will be out.

Sleepy Lions: Ask everyone to lie down and act as if to be sleepy lions. They must be absolutely still. You then roam around and try to disturb them by talking, or very calm tickling. Anyone who makes a move is out. They can also then assist get up the other lions.

Party activities

Plan such activities for the kids to do that assures that they’re going to have a great time with it.

Write-on Balloon: Blow up a balloon and write the details about the party carefully on it. A permanent marker may be used for this activity.

Get Crafty: Buy some unfinished items such as unpainted pottery, wooden trinket boxes, T-shirts, picture frames and bags. Make sure they are as plain as possible so that they make for a good blank slate. Present the partiers with some fabric, glue, sparkles, paints, markers and any other ornamental items. Also, you can arrange to have the kids make a group banner or individual tasks, depending on your guest list. Do not forget to mention on the invitation that this is an art party so that guests will be dressed properly.

Activity Stations: Set-up easy activity stations ahead of time those are available to kids throughout the party.

Free Play: Bring out some of your child’s toys that are apt for free play, for instance, a wagon, toy cars & trains, dolls, jump ropes, and balls. Be sure to show your selections to your kid prior to the party in case he/she has some toys he/she doesn’t want to free up to one and all.

These fun-filled and group-minded games are sure to delight your gathering.

  1. Decorations
    kids party decorations

The best party decorations can make over any party into a true bash. Whether you’re decorating a ballroom or a backyard, choose awe-inspiring decorations and favors for your kid’s big day. You can buy stylish and affordable party decoration supplies from your favorite stores.

Lights: To maximize the glow in the party, bring out the black lights. To beautify the location, decorate with French icons like the poodles, Eiffel tower, or fleur-de-lis. Make sure everyone wears light sensitive clothes – neon colors give brightest shine.

Balloons: The ceiling is not the only place to drape balloons from a string or tape ribbons. Be creative while decorating. Choose colors that match your party theme.

Theme-based Decoration: Decorate with all the pictures, stuffed animals, toys and games that match your opted party theme.

Easy Napkin Crafts: Paper napkins can be cut out with pinking, regular, or scalloping scissors to make a variety of fun shapes for kids.

  1. Costumes
    party costumes

With the costumes and accessories help kids become the character of their imagination and make it a memorable experience. Kids love to pretend and dress up like their favorite storybook character or in classic outfits like a Fairy, Pirate, or a Princess.

Custom T-Shirts: Arrange for some custom t-shirts that feature the details about the party and guest list. The shirt must be designed to look like a concert t-shirt having a big logo on its front side and all the names of the guests on the back side.

Theme your invitations: If you are going to have a theme-based party, be sure you set the tone of the party with a delightful invite in the style of your theme. For instance, if it is Blue Party, then everyone and the whole thing at the party is donned in blue. Or, if it is a Garden Party, then everyone and the whole thing is donned as bumble bees, garden fairies, butterflies, lady bugs, etc.

  1. Cakes
    party cake

There are many different types of cakes and designs available in the market or you can make one at home. Decorative cake suits better in kids’ parties and makes it a smash hit. In general, cakes are categorized as shape (circular, heart shaped, square, etc.) or as flavor (chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, and so on). However, multistory cakes are preferred. If it is the birthday of your little one then his/her name should be written on the top of the cake with jelly puddings.

You can decorate cakes according to party themes or decorate with your little one’s favorite characters, colors or sweets. There are lots of options available for cake design such as Airplane Cake Designs, Princess Cake Designs, Wedding Cake Designs, Animal Cake Designs, Pizza Cake Designs, etc.

  1. Invitations

Get guests eager to visit and celebrate your party with creative invitations. The can be many ideas from simple to extravagant. Select the idea that fits better with your budget as well as the appetites of the party guests.

Balloon Invitations: Undeniably one of our favorites, event details are discovered when you blow up the balloon.

Theme Based Invitations: You can also prepare creative invitation on the basis of your opted theme.

Social Media: You can send out a Facebook event invite and for the event’s picture, a cute baby photo might be chosen.

  1. Movie Night
    movie night party

Movie Night Parties can be set inside or outside; however, if the weather is upright and you have enough space, setting up a movie theater outside will win the hearts of the guests. Also set up a popcorn bar near the theater.

  1. Schedule a Photoshoot
    arrange photoshoot

Kids’ parties present us with a lot of interaction, emotion, color and energy. Schedule a photoshoot for kids, their friends, and guests. Book a portrait session in studio or on the same location depending on the season. Make a photo-collage as a memorable favor.

  1. Party Food
    kids party food

Serve fun, quick and easy food at the party such as sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, cereal, bacon, fruit kebabs bagels, sausages, pizza rolls, pesto pasta dippers, mini pizza bagels, angel delight ice lollies and sliders etc. The kids love fun and colorful party food.

  1. Party Favor
    party favor

Send your guests home with a right and memorable party favors to complement your party theme.

Snaps: Take a snap of the birthday kid with each guest. At the end of the party, send each guest home along with a photo-frame and also mail the photograph of the two of them with ‘thank you’ notes.

Customized Coloring Books: Pick your party theme and choose a coloring book to go with. Personalized that coloring books with the name of your guests and give them.

Themed Favors: You can extend the theme of your child’s birthday party to the favors. For instance, for a princess-themed party, give everyone a tiara. It’s a great way to keep the fun going once the party’s over.

Novelty Toys: You can give each kid delight bags in addition game prizes, classroom rewards and toy assortments.

  1. Quick Contests
    party contests

Organize some quick contests during the party so as to maintain the energy of the guests during the party. It can be a great fun if your guests do not know it’s about to happen.

Defy Gravity: Give each player 2 balloons. Have the players try to maintain both balloons in the air for 1 minute with only one hand.

Stack the Cups: Set out a stack of 36 plastic throwaway cups. Player has to make a pyramid stack with all the cups and then return them into the original stack position in 1 minute.

Suck It Up: In this game, the kids had to transfer marbles from one plate to another using only a straw in 1 minute. A kid, who will transfer maximum number of marbles will be a winner and will get surprise gift.

These are just a handful of the scores of superb party ideas for kids that hopefully gave you something to think about. And sometimes less is definitely more. Children don’t need a fancy get-together or an entire playing field of wild animals. What they wish for is to spend time with you and their friends doing something amusing.