20 Novelty Gifts for Men that you Must Explore

Gifts are those materialistic things which you give to your close ones so as to show your love and blessings towards that person. Your emotional love and values are attached with gifts. Thus, gifts should always be worthy and useful which the recipient will remember for life.

When it comes to receiving gifts, people always put forth their hands to have them but when it comes to giving gifts, they generally show very casual attitude. Especially gifts for men are very limited and confusing too. Hence, today I will open some wide new options for you regarding the gifts which you can give to your husband, father, brother, your lover and your best friend.

novelty gifts for men

Recommend Novelty gifts for men

So now let’s take a look at some very exciting, quirky and unusual gifts that you can give to your loved ones in order to show your love and feelings towards him.

Men’s Wood Watch Case

This can be a perfect gift for men especially for those who have love for watches. It is made up of walnut wood with glass lid on top. This glass lid will help to showcase 8 different watches residing in that case from which it becomes very easy to see and select the watch that would suit a particular occasion. The base of this case is scratch resistant so that the watches can be kept safely without any harm. This gift can be given to middle aged men who work in office as they can easily have the watch according to their business meetings and daily wearing a new watch will also impress their colleagues.

Branding Iron Gift Set

This one is for food lovers and for those who love to cook for themselves and for their family. It is generally seen that men are better cook than women. So if there is anyone in your family or your own lover is a good cook, then don’t hesitate to gift such a wonderful product to them. This will boost their grilling skills and will enhance their cooking talent. The product is crafted in stainless steel stand with wooden handle to have proper grip. You can use this on any open flame or charcoal grill. Attach your meat or steaks on the rod and keep it on the grill. You will have a delicious dish ready in few minutes.

Pilsner Beer Glasses

Such a gift is perfect for spouses, best friends or grooms who can have their personalized beer glasses with them, whenever they sit for drinking. On such glasses you can engrave some funny messages or add their name on to it so that whenever they have beer in them, they remember you as the person who gifted such an awesome master piece to them. This gesture will leave a beautiful smile on their face too. Too many glasses will lessen the beauty of the gift, that’s why a set of 4 glasses is perfect as a gifting option.

Magnetic Desk Organizer and Charging Station

This is for those who are considered as workaholics and are always busy in their office stuff. It a compact organizer which can manage your desk’s documents at one place and it can charge your mobile phones as well. This desk holder has two slots to keep all necessary paper and documents in that pocket and has three magnetic spots where you can charge your phone and other gadgets all at one time. The product’s multi-tasking capability will help to lessen the burden of your father or your spouse a lot. Its seamless wooden finish will also attract the eyes of many office employees.

Pocket Knife

This is one such product which men and women both should always have in their pocket whenever they leave their house. It’s a primary safety device that one should carry with them. As you all know that chain snatching, wallet robbery and all such crimes are becoming common these days. That’s why one should always have these types of devices with them in order to protect themselves from thieves. This stainless steel knife comes with a lock bar string, i.e., if you open the knife it will lock the blade so that it can be stiff at one position and when you will slightly push the lock bar towards the handle it will close the knife eventually. Gifting this product will make the recipient realize that you think about their safety first which will thereby strengthen your bond too.

Batman Logo Mirror

If you know any men who is a die heart fan of batman especially of the dark knight series, then you should give batman logo mirror to him without considering any second thought. Of course this gift will enhance his room and will make him feel like a real batman standing in front of the mirror. This officially licensed stunning mirror will change the awe of any normal room into a super hero batman’s cave. I assure you whenever that person will see his face into this extraordinary mirror, he will remind you as the most lovable person on this earth for gifting such a gift to him.

Personalized Golf Balls

This product is exclusively from the Red Envelope Collection and has a set of 12 distinguished golf balls in it, i.e., one is completely different from another. This is a good gifting option for those who love to play golf and its distinct feature of every golf ball will keep on increasing the interest of the player and the game will become more intense. Ablaze it with an eye-catching caption or graphic on it or your name on it, this will effectively deviate the concentration of your opposite player thereby making your scores more than him. If your father is a golfer then encourage his interest by gifting this product.

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

If you are gifting golf balls to your known person then gifting golf ball finder glasses can also be counted in the list. When players play golf they generally find difficulty in searching small golf balls in such large grassy fields. Hence to avoid such hindrances golf ball finder glasses are wore in order to locate them easily in rough grassy terrains. These glasses have tinted lenses in them which help to differentiate between grass, shrubs and foliage and it also make the white ball glow in that grassy area. Usually golf balls are costly and so if these spectacles helps you to find it then it saves your time as well as money. People who wear prescribed eyewear can also wear the glasses on it. This unusual gift will be loved by all men definitely!

Toilet Golf

If you are bored of gifting serious gifts and want to try something new and funny and then you can also opt for toilet golf as a gift. I know many of you must be shocked to see such a gift’s name but I am not joking. This gift is for those men who are die heart fan of golf but cannot afford to take such an expensive membership in any club to play this sport. It is also for those who do not like to waste a single minute sitting idle even if they are in washroom too. As the name suggests toilet golf, is that product which is purposely designed to play in bathroom only when you are busy on your toilet seat and your hands are totally idle wanting to play something. Toilet golf includes a ‘green’ coloured fabric to be laid on bathroom floor, has a cup in which ball can reside and a flag on it. It also comes with 2 little golf balls and a putter to throw the ball into the cup. Seriously it will be fun gifting such a gift.

Coin Sorting Jar

It is that gift which you can give to your father and brother who are known to be keen savers and value for each and every coin to the most. This jar counts each coin properly and sorts every coin into category thereby keeping every change in a safe position. This is a very valuable gift which your father or brother will love to have it and there complaint of losing change here and there will get lessen down.

Leather Wallet with Stainless Steel Money Clip

Wallet is one thing that every man either rich or poor has in his pocket. It is that necessity without which one cannot leave his house. In wallet men keep everything including money, visiting cards, credit/debit cards, ID, coins and his visa. Therefore, for keeping such important stuff one need to have proper and safe wallet in order to avoid any collapse from it. Thus, this leather wallet with stainless steel money clip is a perfect gifting option to give to any men close to you. With its unique design it has slots inside to keep all cards and ID and have a steel strip outside it to keep all the cash securely.

Large Wood Valet

It is a compact valet designed for men which can be kept inside an almirah or outside near the dressing table. It is a multi-purpose wooden box where one can keep daily used products in it like wallet, belt, tie, watch, sunglasses, keys and loose change. This will keep your daily necessity products organized and a slight slot at the back can hold all your important papers and documents safely. With wooden base and walnut finish, this compact organizer comprises of 3 small compartments, a drawer, a file slot and one medium compartment. No doubt this good will be liked by everyone for sure.

Saw Blade Clock

For those who are always punctual and are time geek, this gift is best for them. It will keep the person on time whosoever you will gift this watch to and that person will keep remembering you whenever he will have a look on it. The watch’s look is just like a blade but actually it is made of stainless steel and is unique in itself. This watch will always make the person live in present with absolute positivity.