Top 15 Minute To Win It Games For Kids

I am constantly approached by people to suggest some nice, interesting and new minute to win it games for kids. Kids seem to love playing these times bound games as they provide them a lot of excitement and thrill. As a result of this growing demand for these games, I have decided to put together a list of some of the most popular minute to win games.

The best part about playing these games is that they end in less than one minute and therefore, when played at any kids party, they allow the kids to play many different games and thus, even if the kid does not like one particular minute to win game, he or she knows that within a matter of a minute, the game would change. Thus, the interest level of kids in these games stays high at all times.

The biggest purpose of putting together this list of games is to help my readers in knowing about the various options that are available to them, so that they can then choose games which they prefer personally or which they feel are most suitable for their kids.

minute to win it games for kids


13 Minute To Win Games Which All Kids Would Love To Play

Below is a list of 13 minute to win games which has been prepared keeping in mind the various interest levels of the kids these days and also ensuring that the games in the list below are simple enough for the kids to understand and play. After all, you do not want to spend half an hour trying to make the kids understand a game which is going to last for less than a minute.

Mad Dog


This is all about fun. The kids do not have to use their brains at all. As the name suggests, the game is based on the behavior of dogs, and no actual dogs are required for playing this game. The best part of this game is that it can be played by just two people or even many kids can play this game at the same time.

The procedure for playing this game is quite simple. The contestants have to place a ruler vertically in their mouth. At one end of the ruler an open tic-tac box would be attached with a tape. By simply shaking their heads in horizontal direction only, the kids have to empty the tic-tac box. Whoever is able to empty the box completely within 60 seconds, wins the game.

The game is great fun to play. The elders though have to make sure that the kids follow the rules of the game and do not use their hands or cheat in any other way while they are playing it.

Watermelon Cards


This minute to win game require the kids to have a special skill in order to win. The skill required for winning this game is that of accuracy. If you are able to aim well, then your chances of winning this game increase automatically.

The game is pretty simple. Half cut watermelon is placed on a table in front of the contestants. The table is kept at a little distance from the contestants. The contestants are then given cards in their hands and as the clock starts to tick, the kids have to aim and throw the cards in such a manner that they stick in the watermelon. The kid who is able to make maximum cards stick in the watermelon within 60 seconds would be the winner of the game.

Cotton Ball Transfer


This game requires the kids to use both their brains as well as their accuracy skills.

In this game, there are two bowls placed in front of each kid. Both the bowls are kept at a distance of an arm’s length. One bowl is kept empty, while the other bowl is filled with tiny cotton balls. The kids have to apply petroleum jelly on their noses and then put their nose inside the bowl filled with cotton balls so that these balls would stick to their nose. They then have to transfer these balls stuck on their nose to the empty bowl.

At no point can the kids use their hands in this game. As is evident, the winner would be the one, who would manage to transfer maximum cotton balls to the empty bowl within one minute.

Peanut Butter And Ping Pong Balls

Peanut Butter And Ping Pong Balls

If your kid loves throwing things and has a good aim, then this game is the perfect game for him or her.

In this game a slice of bread covered in peanut butter is placed on a table. The side of the bread where peanut butter has been applied should be facing the ceiling. The kids are made to stand at a little distance from this table and are given ping pong balls. Ping pong balls are quite light in weight, and therefore, would stick easily on the surface of the bread which is covered with the sticky peanut butter.

The kid who is able to stick his or her ping pong ball maximum number of times on the bread within a minute will be the winner of this game. Remember, the kids have to bounce the ball to make it touch the bread; they cannot throw the ball directly at the table. Thus, the kids will have to use their brains as well while taking their aim.

Playing Rugby With Toilet Paper


Rugby is a very popular sport and kids love to play this game. However, when at a party, it is not possible for you to organize a proper rugby game for the kids. However, there is a form of minute to win game through which you can give the kids the pleasure of playing rugby.

In this game, at a time two players are required. One player stands with a hoop, while the other player has a roll of toilet paper in his or her hand, and they have to try to throw this toilet paper roll through the hoop in rugby style. There is a little distance maintained between both the kids. The one who scores the highest number of hoops would be the winner of this game.

Balancing Chocolate Cakes


All kids love chocolates and cakes made of chocolates. However, these chocolate cakes do not only appease the stomach and taste buds of the kids, but they can also provide a very interesting and fun minute to win game as well.

In this game all the kids are given 7 or more chocolate cakes and the timer is set for one minute. As soon as the clock starts ticking, the kids have to pick up one by one the chocolate cakes placed before them and stack them over their heads. The kids will have to keep their foreheads facing the sky and thus, searching for the cakes in front of them is also difficult, besides the balancing of the cake.

Therefore, this interesting game tests both the concentration power and the balancing power of the kids.

Shaking Up The Cups


There is no dearth of paper cups at a kid’s birthday party. Generally, these paper cups are used at these parties for serving drinks or for decoration purposes. However, there is a very nice, simple yet fun game, which can be played using these cups as well.

For playing this game with cups, you will need to provide every kid at the party with 40 cups. Out of these 40 cups, 39 cups should be of one single color, while the 40th cup should be of a different color. When the game starts all the cups are stacked one on top of the other with the odd color cup right at the bottom. As the countdown for one minute starts, the kids have to remove the topmost cup and place it right at the bottom. Similarly, they have to continue to repeat this till the odd color cup comes right at the top. Whoever is able to do this, will be the winner of the game.

One thing that has to be checked is that the kids should remove only one cup from the top at a time and place it at the bottom of the stack.

Hit The Plate To Catch The Marshmallow


This game is not just fun to play, but can turn quite competitive as well. Hence, when if you decide to play this game at your party, make sure that the competitive spirit ignited by this game does not get ugly.

In this game a paper plate is placed on a table, in such a manner, that half of the plate is on the table, while the other half of the same hangs in the air. Now a marshmallow is placed on that side of the plate which is resting on the table. Similarly, one such plate is arranged for every contestant. The contestants now stand at a small distance from this plate and have a cup and a broom in their hands. With the broom, the contestants have to hit the plate in such a manner that the marshmallow moves flying towards them and they are able to catch it in their cup.

Bowling With Tin Cans


If you are throwing a party for teenagers, then the level of difficulty and challenge in the minute to win games will have to be increased. If the games are too simple, then the teenagers will not be interested in playing them. One game which is quite popular amongst the teenagers is bowling. A modified version of this bowling game can be arranged for these teenagers using empty tin cans.

Just like in bowling, arrange your tin cans in a triangle. The contestants have to stand at a distance from these cans and then using elastic rubber bands, the contents have to try and hit each and every can with the rubber band within one minute.

Picking Up The Paperbacks

Picking Up The Paperbacks

The body of the kids is quite flexible and therefore, a game of little stretching will not hurt any of them.

In this game, 5 paper bags of varying sizes are placed in a line. At one end of the line a table is placed and the contestant stands at the other end of the line. As soon as the game starts, the contestants have to bend down, hands tied back, pick up the paper bag with their teeth and mouth and run to the front of the line and place the bag on the table. By the end of one minute, the contestant who manages to place all five bags on the table will be the winner of this game.

Potato And Gems


Have you ever heard of a dish which is made of potato and gems. Sound ridiculous right. Well of course it is ridiculous, there is no edible dish wish can be made using gems and potato. However, these two can be used together for playing a nice minute to win game.

In this game, each contestant is provided with a potato and five straws. The contestants have to stick the straws into the potato and then try to balance the gems on top of each straw. They have only one minute to do so and have to ensure that all the five gems stay on top of the straws at the end of the game.

Keeping It In The Air


Another simple game which can easily be played in all kids parties involves using balloons only.

Each player will be given two inflated balloons and he or she has to juggle both the balloons for one minute without dropping them even once. You can increase the difficulty level of this game by increasing the number of balloons to be juggled to three instead of two.

The Iron Board And marble Game


This game is played in pairs. Two players hold a flat iron board from its ends. This iron board has here holes in it and the players have to roll the marble into these holes. For this they will have to tilt and shake the iron board carefully and in a synchronized manner.

The above list is quite comprehensive and you can pick any game which you like from the above list and include it in your kid’s birthday party. All the minute to win games  for kids are pretty simple to understand and play.