15 Interesting Indoor Party Games for Kids

Today i am finally coming up with this list of some amazing indoor party games for kids. Actually i was planning to write this list but due to some work load,  i was not able to write. So i am finally here, i researched over many sources to find these 15 indoor games that you can plan for a kid’s party. 

Whenever I envision a party for the kids, I always see them running around , jumping and having a lot of fun. It seems a totally wrong thing to confine these kids within a small space and ask them to sit down and quietly play board games. Therefore, the idea of an indoor party for the kids was never something that I liked.

However, recently I came across some amazing indoor game ideas for the kids. These games, provided enough fun for the kids, to make an indoor party just as good and rocking as an outdoor party for the kids.

Throwing an indoor party for the kids may still not be the first choice for me, but if ever forced to, I now know which games to make the kids play at this indoor party and ensure that they have just as much fun as they would have had in an outdoor party.

indoor party games for kids


13 Indoor party games for kids which they will surely love to have a great time playing

If you want to throw an indoor party for your kid and his or her friends, or the weather conditions or any other factor has forced you to have the party inside instead of outdoors, then below are some amazing indoor game ideas, which can ensure that everyone at your indoor party has a lot of fun.

Stomping Of The Balloons


This is very simple game, which requires you to arrange for only some balloons and rubber bands. The kids anyways love to play with the balloons, and therefore, any game which involves balloons, automatically becomes a hit with them.

All you need to do is blow up as many balloons as possible for you. Now tie these balloons with a rubber band around the ankles of the kids. Make sure the kids are wearing socks and shoes, or they might get hurt. Once the balloons are tied, all the kids are made to stomp around the room trying to burst the balloons of other kids.

The bursting of balloons provides a lot of fun and laughter to the kids. The kid who is able to save his or her balloon till the end, would be the winner of the game.

Keeping A Straight Face


The best thing about laughter is that it is supposed to be contagious. When you see someone else having a good laugh, you end up laughing along with the other person, for no apparent reason.

This brings us to our next game. No accessories are required for playing this game. All the kids are made to stand in a group. All the kids have to maintain a straight face throughout the game, while one of the kid has to stand in front of this group and try to make everyone else laugh.

Watching the kids make silly faces, do funny antics or tell a kid’s joke, is extremely amusing.

Putting On The Socks Or Mania Of The Socks


To play this game, you have to arrange for a lot of socks. You will also be needing two or more blindfolds. Once you have these in place, we can start the game now.

At one time, you can make two or three kids play this game, while the rest of the kids cheer on these players. The players are made to sit in a circle on the floor with their shoes off and blindfolded. There is a pile of socks which is placed in between these players. As soon as the game begins, each kid has to pull out one sock from the stock and place it on his or her feet. You can either time the game for one minute, or till all the socks have been worn.

At the end of the game, the kid with the maximum socks on his or her feet is the winner. This game starts quietly, but as the pile of socks reduces and the players starts to tussle with each other over the socks, it can become quite hysterical.

Unknot Yourself From This Jungle


This game is a lot of fun to play, but should be played under proper supervision of some adult, as there are chances of the kids hurting each other as well.

All the kids, who are playing this game, are made to stand in a circle. The kids face inwards and extend their right hands out. Now with their extended right hand, they try to hold the hand of some other kid standing in front of them in the circle, while with their left hand, they hold the hand of any other player standing on their left side. The fin begins when the kids try to untangle themselves from this clutter by ducking below other kids or twisting and turning.

There is a chance that while trying to untangle themselves, the kids might twist their arms, or jump on some other kid’s feet, therefore, you might want to supervise this game closely, in order to ensure that no kid gets hurt.

Transfer Cotton Balls Blindfolded


In this game you will require two bowls, cotton balls and a spoon for each kid, or you can make one kid play this game at a time.

The players are blindfolded and made to sit with the bowls placed right in front of them. One of the bowls would be empty, while the other one would be filled with cotton balls. As the timer starts, the players, who cannot see anything through the blindfold, will have to try to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other with the help of the spoon.

In the end, whichever kid transfers maximum balls, would be the winner of the game.

Pick And Drop The Ice


In this game, all the kids are divided into two teams. Each member of the tea is provided with two toothpicks. One end of the room is made the starting point of the race, while the other end is the finishing line. At the starting point, a bowl filled with ice cubes is placed. As soon as the race starts, the first players of both the teams have to use their toothpicks to pick up the ice cubes, run with it to the finishing line and drop it in an empty bowl placed there. Once the first players have dropped off their ice cube, the second players of both the teams start the race.

This continues till all the players have picked and dropped the ice cubes. The team, which finishes first, would be the winner.

Finish Up All The Jell-O


One big bowl of Jell-O is made for each kid. All the kids are made to sit in a line and these bowls of Jell–O are placed right in front of them.

The kids can either place their hands on the ground, besides the bowl, or they can fold them behind their backs. As soon as the whistle for starting the game is blown, the kids have to dip their mouth into the bowl and eat up all the Jell-O. They cannot use their hands in the process.

The kids, who manages to clean up the bowl first, would be the winner of the game.

Let’s Go Fishing


You will need a curtain, a spring tension rod and lots of prizes for the kids.

The curtain is hung at the height of the kids in a way that they are not able to peek what is on the other side. Lots of prizes, along with some throwaway stuff is placed on one side of the curtain, while the kids are made to stand on the other side of it with the rod. The kids have to throw the rod over the curtain to the other side and try to fish for a nice prize.

While all kids love to receive prizes, watching them hook the throwaway stuff can be pretty funny.

Wrapping Up In Toilet Paper


This game in played with a partner. All the kids are divided into groups of two.

While one partner sits still, the other partner tries to wrap up the other partner from head to toe in toilet paper.

The first one to wrap up his or her partner completely is the winner.

Indoor Bowling


This is another fun game, where 10 used water bottles or soda cans are lined up at one end of the room. A line is drawn at a distance, and the kids have to stand behind this line and roll down a ball to scatter the bottles.

You can fill the cans and bottles with water to make the game slightly difficult.

Treasure Hunting


This is a simple game, but it can leave your house in upheaval.

Hide small items all over the room and provide a list of the same to the kids. You can also place clues all over the room to help the kids find the items.

Hide and Seek


This is a very popular indoor game, where all the kids hide in different places, while one kid has to find the rest of the kids.

Act Out Your Fantasies


In this game, the kids are divided into small groups and each group is given a bag filled with certain accessories like a spoon, crown, ribbon, etc. Each group has fifteen minutes to talk amongst themselves and come up with a story or a skit to perform using all the accessories provided in the bag given to them.

Hopefully the above list of indoor party games for kids will be able to help you in planning a great one.