How to Plan A Bridal Shower Party?

“How to planĀ  a bridal shower party”, if is this what you are looking for then here you will find a step by step guide which help plan a memorable and special party.

Have a friend, relative or sister getting married? Are you the one on the team to plan the perfect bridal shower for the bride? Well, then here is a one stop solution for all your needs. An occasion as special as a bridal shower needs days of preparation and collaboration from various ends, to make the event a memorable one for the bride-to-be.

The concept of bridal shower has been around for many years in the West and is now gaining popularity in the East too. The bride-to-be celebrates with her girlfriends in an all inclusive party filled with fun, laughter, games and many memories that will carry as she steps into a new phase of her life.

As the concept is evolving, couples are also going in for couple showers, but the traditional concept of a bridal shower for a girl and a bachelor’s party for the boy is still extremely prevalent.

Have you ever wondered why this get together is called a bridal ‘shower’? The answer to this is that this is the one occasion where the bride is ‘showered’ by love and blessings of all, as she stands on the threshold of a major change in her life.

Soon, she would be a married woman with a husband and a home to look after, and so this is the moment where she celebrates this transition of her life. The culmination of her love into marriage, and she wants to enter this phase with the blessings and good wishes of her loved ones.

Therefore, organizing a bridal shower is not just organizing a regular party as the emotional connect is strong in these kind of parties. Here is a step by step guide to plan that perfect and memorable bridal shower.

How to plan a bridal shower

Step By Step Guide to plan a Perfect Bridal Shower party

Now i will tell you how you can plan a perfect bridal shower party. All you have to do is read these reminder points and with each reminder you will find some personal tips that help you think for some more ideas.

Prepare The Guest List

Guest list

The first and the foremost task for any bridal shower is to prepare the guest list of the invitees. You have to keep in mind that a bridal shower is an extremely personal ‘women-only’ occasion and therefore only the friends have to be invited. It is customary to invite the bride and the groom’s mother, grandmothers and aunties.

There is no question of any ‘obligatory’ invitations in this case like calling a friend’s friend because she may feel bad if left out. Remember, it is the bride who has to really let down her guard to enjoy, and she will only be able to do this when only her close ones are there.

Ensure all her close friends are invited, and those who are not in the same city as the bride get a good few weeks’ notice so as to plan their other commitments and travel accordingly.

Prepare The Budget

Set budget

Once the list is ready, it is time to work on the budget. All the other things on the list will pan out depending on this. Make a list of all the things required to be done and an estimate of the cost associated with it.

One another way of doing it is that get a ball park figure on the expenditure, and then apportion them under different heads like invitation, gifts, food etc. Make sure you do not skip out this step, as the quality of the party can get diluted if at the end you start cutting corners on things like gifts, cake etc.

A situation where there is no budget in mind is a utopian one, so in that case you can skip this step and go to the next one.

Prepare The Location

Bridal shower location

This entails scouting for the location depending on the number of guests at the event. You also will have to keep in mind the convenience of the guests while deciding on the location.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing the location are the weather for indoor or outdoor location, lighting of the place, parking space and ensure that there is ample space for everyone to move around freely.

Prepare The Theme

bridal shower theme

Themed bridal showers are much in vogue. To decide upon a theme, you first have to keep in mind the interests of the bride. A real girlie bride would love a bridal shower with love as the theme, complete with ribbons, balloons and roses.

While a tomboy girl would prefer a more rugged roadies kind of theme with heavy metal music and bikes as props. There is the middle path to it also, and you could decide on an unrelated theme like a paper shower (where everything is arty and made of paper), a recipe shower (where people get ingredients to cook up the bride’s favorite recipes) or a sea life shower (where everyone is in the colors of the sea and decoration is with shells, stones and sea motifs) or a colour coded shower like red/black where everyone wears black except the bride who wears red.

The theme has to be decided keeping two points in mind, one-the bride should enjoy it, and two – it should be convenient for everyone to follow.

Prepare The Dress Code

Bridal shower dress code

This stems out from the theme and the dress code must be decided and kept uniform for everybody. Make sure you inform everyone while sending out the invitations if any specifications are involved like carrying a prop to the party.

Prepare The Invitations

Prepare The Invitations

Invitations are an important part of the bridal shower as the bride is definitely going to keep one in her scrapbook for memories. You must think through this step and align the invitation with the theme. Attaching a photo of the bride on the invitation can also add to the ‘wow’ factor.

If your budget allows, you could go in for professional help to create these invitation cards. Make sure they are informative enough (inform the invitees about DDTV – day, date, time, venue) and are sent out at least a month prior to the party so as to ensure their presence on the big day. Exclude out those who will not eventually be called at the wedding!

Prepare The Menu

Prepare for food items

Stemming out from the theme, the menu should also be corroborative. A cake is a must at the bridal shower. Apart from this, if there are some favorite dishes, snacks or beverages of the bride, make sure they are on the menu. These could be outside of the theme too and you could just re-brand their name to include it as a part of the theme.

So, if your theme is ‘everything from the sea’ you could have a sea food platter on the menu! Similarly, if the theme is oriental or Asian, the food can also be traditional.

Cupcakes are a huge hit at bridal showers always, so ensure you put that on your list. Remember, the guest will look forward to eating good food, and so checking and tasting the items beforehand may be a good idea.

Prepare The Games

Bridal shower games

This is the fun element of the bridal shower! Again keep in mind the interest of the bride, and if you have attended any parties with the bride, you would know what kind of games she would prefer.

Paper games are the most common type of games at the bridal showers, along with this some board games, dancing games and group games may work the best! Involving everyone at the bridal shower in these games is what is most important, and ensure the games that you plan do just that!

Prepare The Course Of Events

Prepare for the events

Any party has a starting point and an end point to it. There will always be someone who will be in a hurry to go and someone who has another appointment to handle! So, it is better to plan the course of the events of the party and put it at the entrance, so that everyone is informed about the timings and know how to plan their other jobs accordingly.

Make sure you stick to that time like you could distribute the time in the following slots – welcoming of guests, games, cake cutting, dance, dinner/lunch, bride’s speech and opening if gifts. Keeping everyone informed will just keep them happier.

Prepare The Gifts

Prepare gifts

Gifts are opened at the end of the bridal shower, so the custom says. You could stick to that or modify it as per the bride’s wish. You may also want to inform the guests that their gifts should commensurate with the theme, if you so desire.

Another unique aspect that you may want to include is that ask the guests to write a note as to why they thought of that particular gift for the bride. As she will open and read those notes, it will surely bring back certain memories and emotions associated with that person. This will make her day even more memorable


Remember the objective of the bridal shower is to create wonderful memories for the bride and make her feel like the most special woman in this world. This is your one chance to go all out for your loved one, and show her how special she is to you and to everyone else who loves her.

Proper planning of the bridal shower will ensure that you are also stress-free and enjoy the get together as much as others do. Hope this step by step guide will help you plan a perfect bridal shower party. After all, it is not just about the bride’s happiness but your satisfaction too!