25 Awesome House Party Ideas For Endless Fun

Today i am very excited to share with you some of the awesome & fun house party ideas with you all. I know there are many people out there who want to know some of the unique and different kind things they can do for their house party to make it more lively and fun.

House parties are very common to everyone there is nothing new about it. I am sure its not your first house party, you might have had some house parties before as well. May be you would like to know some new ways to make the party more memorable.

House parties can be planned for any occasion or without any occasion too, i am not sure for which occasion you are looking up for some ideas. So i thought lets make it general despite of going into any occasion or age bar. So here you will find some ideas that will help you plan a perfect house party.

house party ideas

House party ideas for themes, decorations, games and activities

Here you will find a huge list of ideas that will help you plan an awesome house party. I have included almost like any possible idea that you can use to make your normal party turn into an amazing one. So just stay tune and explore these ideas one by one as here you will find ideas for everything like games, decorations, games, themes, activities, etc..

Glow party

Glow party

If you are any where around 10 to 25 years of age then you will love this theme. But to be frank this theme is so exciting that any age of person would love to be part of.

Glow party theme is basically a theme in which there are only two things that make it so amazing one is “Neon products” and another is “darkness”. If you have ever been to glow party, then you must be knowing how awesome these parties are.

Imagine your house is just turned into neon light house where you see neon glowing shades people are wearing in form the hand bands, head bands, neck chain, etc.. To make this more awesome you can have some kick-ass matching music to make it more lively.

Gender bender

gender blender

If you want to make it little crazy, wacky and funny, then you can can play around with the dress code. Although its quite convention or can say common that in a party a man comes in men wear and a woman come in a women wear. What about changing the dress code, a man with a woman costume and a women in a man costume. It will be too funny to see the people differently from the way you use to see them before.

Dance floor

dance floor

If you are youngies or not so mature then i am sure you would love to have some dance and music in the party. I know its not any unconventional idea that but just a reminder. You can have a special place in your house where guests can dance on music. If you have a lawn then thats just awesome to utilize big space for dancing.


Music playlist

In parties there are some situation when guests ask for some kind of song that you don’t have. So for this you can plan out or list down favorite songs of each guest before hand. You can ask them for their favorite songs to dance on. The guests will be very happy to have their favorite songs in the party. You can also check out these party songs for your list.

House party games

Indoor party games

There are endless house party games that you can roll in to your party. Games are best to have in parties to make it more fun, exciting and lively as it involves all the guests together. You can pick few games in advance which are suitable for your age groups. For this you can ask your guests before hand.

Use Fancy lights

fancy house party lights

To make it look more appealing you can use some fancy lights to give this party a lively appeal. You can find thousands of lights that you use for the party decoration purpose. So choose the one that goes best with your theme or if there is no theme then you can just use for the decorations.


party desserts

Who don’t love desserts in house party after a meal. Specially when its about having your guests pleased, you must have some dessert arrangement for the party. If you are planning for a house party at night or planning dinner for the guests, then definitely you should arrange for the dessert too.

Karaoke Night

karaoke night

What about karaoke in the house? I personally love singing and karaoke, so for any house party i plan i make sure that i have special arrangement for the karaoke. Guests generally love trying new things in the party, so if you have never arranged any party with karaoke then this time you make it happen. I am sure you and your guests will enjoy singing on karaoke tunes.

The bar and the bartender

the bar and the bartender

If you are adult and so do your guests, then having a drinking party would be nice idea. I know that you must be already planning for a drinking party. But what about the bar and the bartender in the house.

If you have good budget to spend on the party arrangements, then you must go for this. Book a bartender for the evening and make a special arrangement in your house to make a bar with few selective drinks.

Go Hilarious Go mad

dancing halarious

I must tell you my experience of having a small house party where we were only few friends. We all decided to make it something different.

I got an idea to make it hilarious, i thought lets make a list of some hilarious songs from different part of the world. We downloaded those songs and danced so madly and we were actually enjoying like a mad person after few drinks.

It is was one of the awesome experience, even you can also think about the same. Just make a list of some hilarious songs to dance.

Video games

video games

If you are anywhere from around 10 to 25 years of age, then i guess you would love to have some games in the house. If you have PlayStation or X-box in the house, then its perfect to have some nice entertainment for the guests.

Ask your guests which game they would love to play and so that you can arrange for those games. If its all friends party then you can ask your friends to carry their DVD games as well.

Icebreaker games

Icebreaker games

If its kind of a party where guests hardly know each other or may be few are known, then rather then turning this party to be dull you can have some icebreaker games in the party to make the guests more comfortable with each other. This is will help them be more comfortable with each other and thus will make the party more engaging.

Group games

group games

If you have large no. of guests for the party, then you can also go for some group games. Group games are generally fun to play. If you have some good space in the house and you have many guests, then you can definitely go for the group games.

Super hero party

superhero party

Now this is what i like the most in house parties. Have you ever attended any party where you just found everyone to be like superheros.

It was few year back when i was called for a party and in the invitation card it was mentioned that the theme is “Superheros”. I searched around the net and found that in this type of parties you have to be dressed up like any superhero. I was always thrilled by the superman character so i rented the superman costume for the party.

It was so much fun in the party to see everyone in the superhero costumes and specially to be like your own favorite super hero for at least a day. Even you can do the same, have the superhero theme for your house party and bring some fun to the party.

Pool party Games

Pool house party

If you have a pool in your house and planning a pool party, then definitely you can have some pool party games in your list. There are many games that you can plan in for a pool party. These games will make your party more fun and your guests will have the best time to be remembered.


Projector movie night

If you want to have sweet and simple house party for your friends and family then this is what you have got to do. Plan a nice movie to be watched on a projector screen in the house. For this you can buy a projector and a screen or if you already have then its perfect.

After a dinner you all can watch a movie on big screen. You can also arrange for popcorn or dessert for the guests and make their experience more joyful.

Lawn camping party

lawn camping party

If you are a young person and you have a lawn in the house then lawn camping party is what will make your party give an adventures feel. If you want to do something different for your house party, then you can definitely go for this idea.

Buy few portable camps less in weight and size. Place those camps in the lawn for the party, decorate the lawn and make this lawn into an camping ground. You can have bonfire to feel like you are actually having a camping party.

Card Games

card games

There are many kind of games that can turn your normal house party into an interesting one but card games are perfect to make everyone engaging and bring some fun to the party.

There are many card games you can play in a house party. The most awesome thing i like about playing card games in group is that these kind of games can played for long and they never get you bored.

Drinking games

Drinking games

If you are a adult person & you have plans for some drinks for the party, then why not some drinking games as well. These kind of games let you enjoy your drinks in the form of play.

These games involves drinks & the guests and it so much fun to play this game for the whole night. I have played many drinking games in different house parties, so i know the real drill.

There are many ways you can turn your normal house party into a bad-ass one, all you have to do is think out of the box and use your creativity. I am sure these house party ideas will help you plan many things for your party. I hope you enjoyed reading the ideas.