15 Perfect High School Graduation Party Ideas

First of all “Congrats Grads”! Today i am really excited to share with you some of the awesome ideas for your high school graduation party. I still remember those days when i was in high school, i use to be so much excited for planning up things. I was the one who use to take the lead and plan up parties. Anyways, i know you are here for some good graduation party ideas.

You are a high school student and i am sure you also must be excited for planning up an awesome party for your high school graduation.

Its a very mix feeling to become graduate from high school as you have new world to enter and lots of memories from the high school that you don’t want to leave. But at the end it is one of the most important occasion of you life that you will remember for years. It is the moment of happiness, proud, celebration and party.  So lets make this day special and memorable for years.

High school graduation party ideas list

10 Perfect party ideas for high school graduation

Now your wait ends, here in this list i am sharing with you some of the best ideas to make your high school graduation party awesome. I have tried to cover almost like everything from themes, to games to other unconventional ideas that you would love to explore.

Hire professional photographer

Hire a photographer

It is a very special moment of your life, may be you will not be able to judge it today but ask any person crossing his/her age of thirty or may be any matured person, you will get to know how they feel about remembering those days of there life.

So let these moment be captured to be cherished for years. For this you can hire a professional event photographer who can capture the precious moments of your high school graduation party.

After party sleepover

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You have a whole day to do things which can make this occasion memorable. You can live every moments of the day with your friends. Although people just end it with a party and the event. But what about a sleepover, did you thought about it?

Remember those days when you were kids and you use to love sleepovers like mad. So why don’t you plan for an after party sleepover? I am sure you will love to have chats over all those high school memories. I remember the last day of my graduation when we all friends celebrated it for the whole night. So i think even you can also consider the sleepover idea, you will love to spend the best time with your high school friends.

Minute to win it games

Minute to win it games

Do you know what are minute to win it games, i am sure many of you does. These are some games that are so much exciting to be played mostly amongst youngsters. The awesome thing about these games are that these games have a time bound of sixty seconds, inspired from a TV show minute to win it.

There are thousands of “minute to win it games” you can search online or the best way to find with the ilustration is by watching videos on YouTube. On YouTube you can watch many videos of thousand of these kind of games and also you can learn how exactly to play those games.

These kinds of games are perfect for high school and college parties. So i think it will be so much fun to add these types of games in the party.

Pajama party

pajama party

What about mixing the pajama party with a sleepover. I  know youngster loves pajama parties, guys are not that into it but girls really love to go for pajama party. So the girls, it could be a nice idea to try out. It will be like a theme to your sleepover.

Superhero party theme

Superhero party theme

This is one of the awesome and fun theme to try out. I am not sure if you have ever tried it or not. If you have never tried the theme for any party, then why not now. It is so much fun to see friends in different superhero costumes. I remember almost like 5 years back i went for a superhero party and it was so much fun to enter the party in favorite superhero “Superman” costume. So who you want to be in the party?

T-shirt Messages

Messages on tshirt

I am not sure if you have tried this or not, actually i got this idea from my high school graduation. It is like an old rituals which we have got from our seniors, they use to do it.

It is like during the high school graduation party you can have a session for everyone, where they can write messages for the person they want to write for. This means in this session you can write a message on your friend’s T-shirt or someone can write on your. So everyone get a chance to write on others and others  to their own T-shirts.

The message could be anything you want to convey, it could be anything like giving the best wishes for future life, it could be a funny messages, etc.. These t-shirts are meant to be stored for the future, to cherish the old memories of this day.

Last speech

Last speech

Its the moment of separation. It is a moment of ending the old and  beginning of a new life. There must be many memories, many thoughts.

So before separating, why don’t you guys just open up your hearts and give your thoughts over the feeling of leaving the high school and going for a new life. For this you can have a session in between the party where anyone can come on the stage or center and speak out his/her mind in front of everyone. You can also make arrangement for video recording.

Graduation inspired decorations

graduation inspired decorations

For the party you can have the decorations inspired from the graduation itself. Let the walls be decorated with the banners showcasing your high school days. You can have ribbons printed with your batch numbers. You can have the banners with the most funniest dialogues of your professors. So like wise you can do many things just use your creativity.  The idea is to have some decorations for the party that can match your high school days.

High school graduation gifts

Graduation gifts

Any occasion is incomplete without gifts, gifts make it memorable for years. So do you have some gift idea in your mind for your best friend?

In the party you can have an activity session when you all can share gifts with each other. This is the best moment to see what your friends planned up for you.

Graduation themed recipes

High school graduation party recipes

Do you know that there are many companies which have started providing graduation inspired recipes. I was not actually aware about it, but recently i read one article where i found that there are some awesome recipes waiting out for your graduation party, i.e items like – Graduation diploma wrap, Graduation school colors cake, Diploma cookies, etc.. You can find a list of some the perfect recipes for the party.

Gaming alley

Gaming alley

You can start out your day with your friends spending some awesome time in some sports or game alley. You all can play games, have some fast food, enjoy music and at the top most importantly your friend’s company. So have some fun for the day time in gaming alley and then in the evening to night you can have your party.

Dance and music

dance and music party

This is the time to enjoy and celebrate. This is the time of celebration for completing the high school very smoothly and with fun. The best way to celebrate any occasion is to have some music in the house and some dancing people. Whenever i plan out a party i keep this in mind to have a special arrangement for the dance and music. I know it is not any unique idea that you are not aware about but this is just the reminder.

These were few of the high school graduation party ideas, i hope you enjoyed reading thing.

So which idea you did you liked the most. Is it having a sleepover or to have profession photographer for the party or any other. Share your thoughts and ideas as well.