10 Perfect Group Games for Adults For Any Occasion or Event

Few days back i have got a mail from a random person who asked me for some specific group games for adults. Although i have written an article on some suitable games for adults but that were not specifically group games. So i thought why not to write a more dedicated article where in i can have a list of some group game ideas.

There could be certainly any occasion for which you are finding some good options for games. It may be your birthday, house party,¬† or any general casual party with friends, etc.. It may be you have large no. of guests or participants so that’s why you want some group games ideas. It may be that you are finding ideas that are suitable for your office party or event.

You may be searching for any occasion or event, here you will find some of the amazing games that you are looking for. I will give you a list of some fun game ideas that you would love to try.

group games for adults

10 Fun group games for adults

Here you will find some of the fun games that you can consider for any occasion or event. I have suggested the games based on an estimate no. of people participating in the every game. So stay tuned and find which game is most suitable for you.

The Alphabet game

It is a small mini kind of game but creates the thrill and excitement amongst participants. As you can suggest from the name that this game is based upon alphabets.

For this game you need many participants to make it more fun. To start the game every participants should close their eyes and one amongst the participant will start with saying an alphabet let suppose “A”. Then the game will start, from there any other participant will say another alphabet suppose “B”.

Now the twist is that if more than one person will say the same alphabet on the same time, then the game will start again from the “A” alphabet. This creates so much thrill amongst the participants as everyone’s eyes is close and everyone is careful to not speak at the same time.

Catch the lie

You can call this game by any name some call it as”catch my lie”, some calls it “two truth one lie”. Actually i have learned this game during my theater workshop group, few years back. It is a fun game to be played in a group of few people (8 to 10).

For this game each person has to come at the center or on the stage and tell two true stories about themselves and one lie. Other participants will judge the participant who is telling the story at the center. If he/she gets caught by higher no. of times then is out. For example – if 5 out 8 participants catch the false story then he/she is out.

If suppose after one round if three participants remains in the game, then again the game will be in between them and this will continue till the final winner.

Leaking Bucket Relay

It is a super fun game that can be played between group of 2 – 5. Each team should at least have 3-4 participants. So based on the total no. of participants you can make the groups and divide the participants.

Taking about How to? Here is a simple explanation.

For this game you need two barrels for each group, one should be fully filled with water at one end and other should be empty on the other end and also a bucket with holes. The groups will be lined up at one end where the barrel is full of water.

As the game start, each groups leading participant will fill the bucket from the barrel and puts the bucket on the head and run toward the empty barrel. He then empty his bucket in the empty barrel. Then that participant will again run toward the other end and pass the bucket to other participant, then he will repeat the same. This will go until the filled barrel is empty.

At the end, the winner will be that group which have more water in their barrel. For more fun you can add colors on water to make it more fun. Its best when you have a big space like a lawn or garden.

Musical chair

I am sure many of you must be knowing about the musical chair game and know how to play. Those who know can switch to other game idea in the list and the one who don’t know how to play can read the explanations.

For this game you need one chair less equal the no. of participants. The chair can be arranged in circle or a straight line. When the music will start, the participants will then start walking slowly around the chairs. As soon as the music stops every contestant will run toward the chair one participant will be left out and that participant is out.

Then after one participant is out one chair is also must be removed from the game so that the situation remains the same. One after other participants will be out and the one who remains till the end wins the game. Its ideally not a group game but can be played in a single group if there are not many people to participate.

Scavenger hunt

When talking about games in group i must tell you that you can go for scavenger hunt. This game is enjoyable in any age group so i am sure for groups this could be one of the perfect game one can consider. Here you can find more about scavenger hunt game.

Great egg drop

Its an simple short game that can be played in groups. For this game you need few people that has to be divided into groups. You can have group of as minimum as 2 participant and max to 4.

For the game, each group will be given few materials like cup, plastic glasses, pipes, toilet papers, soft balls etc.. Each group has to use these kind of materials to wrap up their egg in an away that if they drop from height it will not break  the egg and this is what the game is.

Each team will wrap the egg and then drop from the same height. The team which have their egg safe, wins the game. This game can be played from youngster to mature or in any age group as well for parties or events.

I have tried my best to give some of the best option for group games for adults, I hope hope you liked these games.

So which one you liked the most? Do share in the comment section.