25 Best Going Away gift Ideas for Friends

Today i will share with you some of the best going away gift ideas for friends. So stay with me and explore these perfect options.

We relish being with relationships. Though relationships are of many kinds, some relationships are so close to our hearts that we share everything with such relationships openly without any hesitation. Nothing blocks us from sharing everything with these relationships which in turn keeps with us giving us the confidence required to handle any tough situations. This relationship is called friendship. Friendship is such a lovely relationship that never lets its friends down. A good friend takes the blame on him for what is done by his friend, without letting him down in the eyes of others.

A good acts as the motivating force to open our eyes in the mornings to experience a whole day in front of us. A good friend is the guiding force behind us lifting us every time we fall down. We move with our friends so closely that not a single day passes without them in our life. It is friends who occupy a major portion of our life particularly when we are young and yet to shoulder the responsibilities of our life.

The time we spend with our friends is more than what we spend with our family and close ones. Many occasions arise in life which makes us move away from our friends. We may have to leave our friends to move away to a distant place due to Job transfer to our parents to a different city or the whole family moving to the native or shifting to a faraway place for high studies and many more such situations not under our control.

It is very hard to leave the hands of our friends and move far-away from them without knowing when we will join back again to make all those mischief. It would be a better idea to give your friend a memorable gift that would stay with him on your behalf. We provide here some ideas and gifts you can give to your parting friend.

Going Away gift ideas for Friends


Personalized gift

personalized gifts

You gift your friend something very personal, a gift that he/she can remember for years. It should be very personal that can have some personal message. So for this i think you should get your any kind of personalized gift that friend can connect with you through the gift.

Fashion accessories

Fashion accesories

How about gifting fashion accessories to your friend, these are pretty useful and yes anyone would love receiving such gifts. Now fashion accessories include a lot of things from clothes to scarves to belts to watch to goggles, pendant sets, bracelet, footwear etc. So it’s your choice pick anything that your friend is obsessed of and he/she would love it.



How about gifting gadgets yes we all have friends who are complete gadget freak now gifting gadgets really doesn’t mean spending whopping amount on Iphone rather you can give gifts like camera, Ipod, or gaming gadgets, good set of speakers, anything that your friend will love. Yes you can go and gift him laptop or a phone provided your budget allows.

Chocolate or sweet box


Why not make your relation sweeter by giving a chocolate bouquet or chocolate box, or home made sweets, or dry fruits, depending your friends taste. There are chocolates available in plenty of flavours from vanilla, to butterscotch, coffee, etc and if your friend is alcoholic you can even give him chocolates with vodka, rum or whisky, he or she will simply love it. Gifting fry fruits is also a great idea to show that how much you care for your friend’s health. You can give him lots of varieties of chocolates in one box.

Suggested going away gifts for friends

1. Neck chain pendant with message I am introverting


This neck chain pendant that says ‘I am introverting because you are going away’ will be an apt gift for both your boy friend and girl friend. If you can find a studio to make this pendant tailor-made, you can personalize this with your own words

2. We are not that far towel


Tell your friend what you feel in your heart through this towel which says ‘Not that far’. After all, your friend is moving away just physically and you are going to be connected mentally and emotionally

3. Positive worded necklace


Give your friend the pep. Make him withdraw from feeling sad that you are parting away. Give him the confidence gifting this necklace whose pendant says ‘You have always had the power’. This will take him through the rest of his life

4. Good friends wood sign


Gift your friend this inspiring wood piece that will motivate him every time he sees it. It will exactly address that both of you are just physically away but mentally there is a soul somewhere else in the world which is thinking of you. The real power this gift would provide to your friend is immeasurable

5. Never say bye chain pendant


This chain pendant would be such a touching one that we are sure it will bring tears to both your eyes. Every time life makes or breaks things for your friend, a touch of this pendant would give a lot of strength to live through the situations he crosses

6. Where ever you go mug


Yet again a gift which will of both utility value as well as an emotional one, personalize this cup with your own words which will add more value to your gesture. Your friend will preserve this mug for the rest of their life time and take the same along with them where ever they go in your remembrance. This will be his tea cup forever.

7. Gift hamper


Get your friend a gift hamper that would help him in all his activities of the day. Personalize the gifts in this gift hamper to suit his taste so he relishes every nit of it when he opens the same. Things in this gift hamper must vary depending on the gender of your friend. Ensure each gift inside speaks your mind and the strength of your friendship to him

8. Mobile cover


This will be a high utility as well as an apt gift to which you can value add by printing words of your choice on it. Probably you may choose words which are your friend’s favorite and add the same on the cover. Your thoughtful gesture will surely make him emotional. We are sure your friend will use only those mobiles that fit in this cover which is gifted by you to him.

9. Personalised Photo Album


Plan well in advance if this is your choice of gift to your friend who is parting away. Select all those photos when you were together. Select photos that are funny, memorable and emotional. Select photos from various occasions and varying moods. Stick them in this album and make them more valuable by adding a description about them in your own words. Rest assured this will preserved by your friend till his life time

10. I feel sorry you are leaving card


Make a greeting card for your friend. Express your emotions through the words ‘feeling sorry you are leaving’. Add words and pictures to the card to personalize the same. You would feel sorry not to have found the way to store the tears that dropped your friend’s cheeks when he sees this card

11. Question and Answer Book


Prepare a personal book with all those questions about the favorite things common to both of you. Ensure you answer to every question. Think of all those times when you got answers for many questions about your friend. We are sure your friend will appreciate the extent to which you have understood him even during the casual times both of you have shared.

12. Personalised Mouse pad


Everyone lives with computer and for all you know your friend who is parting away is going to be in touch with you through his computer. Gift him a personalize mouse pad with words that would make him fell you every time he operated the mouse on this pad

13. Chocolate Hamper


If your friend is a chocolate lover and loves to eat chocolates untiringly, a Chocolate hamper will be the best gifts you can give him which will make him feel sweet about your friendship. Ensure you pick only those chocolates that are his choice and he will revel in chocolates thinking of you as he munches on them

14. Personalised Pillow cover


Gift your friend a personalised pillow cover. Write all those cute soothing words that would make him or her sleep every night peacefully thinking of your beautiful friendship. Instead of words you can even print photographs of yours and your friend’s which will give an emotional twist to the gift.

15. Bear or other stuffed toy


Stuffed toys are always close to our hearts. Our friends are also close to our hearts. Gift a stuffed toy to your friend which will be with him representing you. Go in for a stuffed toy figure that is your friend’s favourite. Whenever your friend hugs the soft toy, he will feel your friendship and will think of you this way your friendship will become stronger.

16. Designer watch


Gift your friend this designer watch. Alternatively you can gift him sports watch. Go in for watches that your friend may like and add value to the same personalizing it with photos or wordings. We are sure your friend will never remove this watch from his hand even when he takes bath. Gifts like these are always loved by every age group.

17. Wall hanging


Give your friend a wall hanging with alphabets forming both your names with unique photos of yours stuck on the same. Give this framed wall hanging as a gift to your friend. Personalize it by adding code words that only the both of you know and have laughed at many a time. It will surely find a prominent place in the walls of his room

18. Personalised Key chain


When you gift this key chain to your friend, he will find a good utility value for the same. Add more value by personalizing this key chain with words of your choice. Even simple initials that get engraved in this key chain may make your friend read through many sentences. Search for key chains that come in nice shapes and gift the best one to your best friend. Keep the half with you and rest half to your friend and let others ask him wow good one but its incomplete and you with a smile tell him the other half is with my friend.

19. Silver bracelet


This bracelet with be in his arms all through is activities. Being silver it need not be removed at all and so you can remain in his hands in the form of this silver bracelet always. Make him wear this before he leaves you and tell him the bracelet represents your friendship for him. When you seem back after years, we bet this bracelet will still be in his hands. So wherever your friend goes he will never be able to forget you with this gift on his wrist.

20. Personalised Bed sheet set


This is one of the best gifts you can give to your close friend when he is parting from you. Now that he is parting from you, he is not going to have someone like you near him all the time to share his fears, problems and happiness. The suppressed feeling may not allow him to sleep well. Give him this bed sheet and pillow covers personalizing them with your words or human size photographs of the both of you. We are sure the soothing effect this bed sheet will provide will make him fall asleep in a quiet and comfortable manner. When he wakes up he will think of you wow isn’t that a great idea well I am loving it.

Above are some best gift ideas to convey the message “I Love You and I care For You”, so go ahead gift and strengthen your bonding with your friend.