30 Perfect Gifts for Women Over 50

Today i will be sharing some of the best suitable and  recommended gifts for women over 50. It is reply to Eric, who mailed me yesterday asking about some gift suggestion for her mom who is 54 in age. Also this list of recommended gifts will be helpful to all the the people who are finding some good options. So stay tuned and explore the list.

When it comes to receiving gifts, our hearts go on a swing. The age bar does not matter and the gifts should keep on coming. Especially for the women who are 50 but young at heart, deserve special gifts on special occasions. Not always do we find perfect gifts for women over 50. But when we do, we got to make sure it’s worth their happiness.

As people say that gifts make your day, and then why not celebrate days for these young women at heart with beautiful and creative gifts. An emotional lift is believed to exist in matter of gifts. And when you are 50, you are already much emotionally experienced. So, let’s take a look on a list of best gift ideas for women over 50. It’s time to share some positive energy and lots of love with these gifts. Here we go

gifts for women over 50

Recommended Gifts for Women Over 50

wall artButterfly Heart Wall Arc

Wall Arts have always been a loveable stuff for women. They usually like to decorate their rooms with beautiful wall arts. This Butterfly Heart Wall Art is as beautiful as any of her creative styles. It is made up of a solid wood frame and is available in espresso, black or white. This wall art can be personalized with any name you want. So, why wait! Get the name of the gorgeous woman printed and gift it to her.



pillowMemories Pillow

From bed sheets to pillows, a woman loves getting new ones as gifts and uses them for special occasions. This memories pillow is a beautifully quoted one which you can gift to your mother. This will not only make her smile but will also be a token of love which she can always keep with herself.




cutting boardChopping board

Every woman’s love who spends time in kitchen. Yes! Women who are over 50 generally engaged themselves in house chores. Gifting her a chopping board will be a sweet gift as any message/ name can be engraved on it. One can get any image or cartoon carved on it with sweet messages and gifts her to the woman who deserves it.




kitchen composterKitchen Composter

Cleanliness and women go hand in hand. This kitchen composter will hold around 5 gallons of food waste and can be stored under kitchen sink and later on can be dumped in the garden. Great! Isn’t it? It has Bokashi which is an all-natural compost starter that has beneficial micro-organisms to aid in fermentation. And composting is good in every way. So, grab another gift for the ladies over 50 and let them know that the list goes on.



recycled tube kneeling padRecycled Tube Kneeling Pad

50s and a lot of gardening? Often it leaves the knees feeling flat-out tired. We have for our ladies a comfortable kneeling pad which is slip resistant, water resistant, and abrasion resistant. This will give our women a comfortable gardening help and won’t hurt their knees much. The material is very durable. Its exterior is made up of rubber. And not much hard work will be required to clean it. It will require just a simple wash with soap and water.



soil scoopSoil Scoop

Her gardening accessories got to look creative and cool. After all, 50+ are just numbers. This Birch Handle Classic Soil Scoop is made up of a stainless steel blade with a large leaf-shaped scoop. It can simply be wiped clean after each use. This is a simple yet very useful gift is taken into account for women over 50.





Early ages require good health. You can gift her a pedometer which will help her to manage her daily health by keeping track of her daily activities. Every physical activity, body functionality, distance and health can be tracked with the help of this pedometer. This will motivate her to stay fit and healthy.




sleep master sleep maskSleep mask

Let the lady sleep peacefully. Women over 50 usually need a proper sleep and rest. Make her mornings energetic and beautiful by gifting her a sleep mask. It is flexible, comfortable and relaxing to eyes. It is made up of a synthetic outer shell with a cotton interior.



essential oil setEssential Oils Set

Gift her a set of different fragrances to maker her feel positive and maintain the balance of body, mind, heart and spirit. You can get several sets of bottles in the market and on various marketing websites. It is a very good product for overall wellness. These come in unadulterated form and can be used by the women to uplift their body, mind and soul.



indoor allotment gift setIndoor Allotment Gift Set

As it noted that that women over 50 need to get engaged in some work or the other. This indoor allotment gift set will let her involve in gardening activities at home. She can grow up to three different herbs at one time. This gift looks pretty with all the handmade efforts and small wooden shed and a white picket fence.




yoga matYoga Mat

Gifting her this yoga mat will keep her motivated towards a better body shape and positive mind. This will remind her to work hard and stay fit. It is a comfortable product as it comes with a non-slip surface and different colors.




jewelry keepsakeJewellery Keepsake Box

Any woman would love to keep her jewelries in a beautifully carved out box. This jewellery Keepsake Box comes in beautiful finishing and design. This product is made up of Seasoned Linden Wood from the Tatra Mountains in Poland. It is lined with red velvet and also comes with lock and key. Apart from jewelries, she can keep any important thing she likes.




kindle paperwhiteKindle Paperwhite

Is she loves reading, let her spend her quality time with the Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon. Its crystal and crisp display will give her a good experience of reading and she can comfortably spend her time in reading whatever she likes. Its visual transparency produces vibrant colors.




brwing systemCoffee Brewer

Is she is a coffee lover; she is going to absolutely love it! She can spend her mornings and evenings with a good coffee made in a minute. It comes in energy saving mode. She can even go for an iced beverage of her time. Grab it and gift it to her. Not only will she get a good cup of coffee for herself but will also love making it for herself and others.




weight management systemArmband Weight Management System

Another product to keep a check on her weight and keep her motivated to fight that flab off. She can keep track of her activity and calories burned. It will automatically track her calories. Weight managing devices will help her keep her weight in check keep her engaged with a positive mind and working.



wireless eye massager


Eye Massager

This wireless eye massager gives much relaxation to the eyes. Therefore, it is very beneficial for women over 50. It will give her a deep, peaceful sleep. Its heat compressor helps in blood circulations. Besides all this, it also comes with music functions. It comes in 180 degrees foldable design and is made up of plastic/ polyester/ spandex/ aluminium alloy.




family tree of lifeFamily Tree Picture Holder

It is yet another beautiful gift to give to an old woman. It is a beautiful family tree with attached photo frames to its branches. She can put her family’s photographs and feel elated. It comes with a removable base. There are many family trees available so you can choose accordingly. Not only will she love this gift but also feel nostalgic on receiving it.




flameless candlesLED Candles

These LED Candles look like real burning candles and comes with a remote control. It is a perfect gift for room décor. She can place it anywhere in the room to beautify it. Not only will this be safe but also long lasting. She will get the options to change colours and its vanilla scent will add pleasant smell to the room.


bath tub gift setTub Spa Bath Gift Set

It is one the best gifts to present to any woman. Good hygiene and good smell is every woman’s choice. There are several spa baths sets available in the market that comes with lotions, gels, puff ribbon, etc. This particular product consists of Bath Salt, Bubble bath, Body lotion, Shower Gel and one puff Bath Salt. The bubble baths give foamy bubbles and makes the skin soft. It is suitable for all skin types.



green diaryDiary

A woman over 50 has been through a lot and experienced a lot. So, gift her a beautiful diary in which she can pen down all her memories and experiences, wither good or bad. This will engage in recollecting memories and might make her feel nostalgic. So, go on. Maker her write all that she has been thinking about and that entire thing she couldn’t say to anyone. This diary will be her friend in those times when she needs someone to share something.