7 Unique Gift Ideas For People Who have Everything

I was amazed to read one question from an anonymous reader. I have got a mail from him few days back and he was asking about what could be some nice gifts for people who have everything. Initially i thought is it really possible that someone has everything on this planet.

Anyways to answer his question i gave some time to think about the situations a person could have everything. Keeping that in mind i came up with some nice ideas that you can use as suggestions.

Although you can gift anything to that person but if you are willing to gift something very different, then sure you have many options to look into.

Gift for people who have everything

Gifts for people who have almost like everything

Here are few ideas that will help you find the right gift. These are some suggestions or you can say options in which you can find gifts that you think are suitable.

The Rarest One

Rarest things

Although he/she might have everything but there is always a scope for the rarest one. There are certain things which are rare to find and it requires hard efforts or lot of money to get this kind of things.

To clear your confusion, let me explain what i am talking about with an example. Last year one of my friend wanted to gift his mom something but the question was what to gift his mom as she has almost like everything. He came to me to ask for some suggestions.

I thought for a few minutes and gave one idea to him. I told him to find something which is rare to find or get easily. I told him that he can gift something like the rarest gem stone in the world. But it was out of budget so he finally managed to get an autographed book of her mom’s favorite author.

I am sure you already started thinking about what could be the rarest thing that you can gift that person. If you are not getting any idea in your mind at this instant then have a look at this list you will get some ideas.

Animal adoption

wild animal adoption gift

You must be thinking what is so unique in that, you can get him/her a pet, but it  certainly is not what you are thinking. I am talking about gifting a wild animal which is rarely found in normal houses. There are many wild animals that can be adopted for house keeping.

Recently i watched a video in which i saw a whole family with a lion. That lion was adopted by that family when the lion was a baby. I am not saying gift a tiger or a lion, i know that is freaking. There are many other wild animals that you can have in your house as a pet.

So you can gift a wild animal to him/her that i am sure he/she might not have before. Here is the list of some wild animals people are adopting.

Unique gifts

Unique gifts

These are some special gifts made for this purpose only, these gifts are for people who want to gift a person something different that you have never heard before. Many gift online companies are focusing on these kind of gifts as people’s curiosity and demand graph is increasing very rapidly.

There are certain kinds of gifts that specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of giving some out of the box options to the people. I would be sharing the list of some unique gift list in coming week.

Funny gifts

funny gifts

A person can have or buy everything but he won’t get for himself/herself something funny. Funny things are generally gifted. So if you think if that person have almost like everything then gift him/her something funny.

There are thousands of funny gifts you can search around in online gift portals, just for the term “Funny gifts”.

Adventure trip Sponsor

Adventures trip

You can book an adventure trip, if he/she is a normal routine person. If not an adventure trip, then you can also plan an adventure sports for him/her. Adventure sports gives you the experience of life that you can never forget. So i am sure he/she will remember this gift forever.

Off interest

off interest gift

Its a simple logic that a person would mostly by things that are of his interest not Off his interest. So this make me think that you can buy things that are out of his interest. That person might have many things that he bought from his/her interest. So why not to gift him something different from his/her interest for a change.

I am sure that thing he/she might not have as you are gifting something different from his/her interest. For example you can gift a guitar if he has never ever tried playing it or not even thought of trying. You can gift a nice book to a person who never tried reading book. So it is something new at the end and is worth gifting.



If you think you still finding it hard to guess or to find a perfect gift to buy, then i would say another option is to make it yourself. He/she might have almost like everything in his/her life but surely he/she might not have something special handmade thing.

So it is a very nice option where in you can put your efforts. There are thousands of DIY options you can find online and with that there are explained steps to make it easy. So go ahead make something for that person that he/she might not have or received before as a gift.


Donation gift

The priceless gift you can give a person who have everything is “the blessings”. You can gift many things by looking into the options mentioned above in the list. But what i am now going to tell you is just priceless.

You can take that person for a day to an orphanage and on behalf of that person you can donate something. This is one of the special gift you can give him, the blessings of those sweet orphans.

I have been to an orphanage last year on my birthday and i celebrated my birthday with them. It was one of the most special day of my life. So i am sure by doing this you can really gift him something special he have might not have experienced before.

Personal Time

Couple Sitting on Beach

I am sure that person must be having everything and i am also sure he/she can buy everything but there are certain things that can not be bought with money. I am talking about your personal time. People gift all materialistic things but when it comes to giving time to someone then its almost very difficult for them to take out time and meet.

So if you want to gift a person who have everything then you must gift him your personal time. This is the best memorable gift you gift him/her. Just spend some time with that person talk to him/her, sit and give him/her nice company.

Gift some experience

Gift some experience

Many people can have many things in life that they can buy but good experience they miss in their life. If you want to gift those kind of person something that is priceless then gift them some kind of experience, it can by any kind of experience, sponsoring them for adventure sports, salsa dance, talking them to orphanage, etc.. So the idea is to gift them any kind of experience that they can not forget for life.

I hope these suggestions helped you a bit in planning gifts on those stuff that you might not thought about. I guess with this suggestions you can definitely get some gifts to a person who almost have everything.