33 Awesome Gifts for Drummers You Can’t Skip

Today i will tell what to gift a drummer, it was a question asked by one of my friend. So i thought i should share with you also who are looking for best options for gifts for drummers. Stay with me and explore these awesome gift ideas for drummers. You will really love to present these gifts as they are just of out of the box and in one “Awesome”.

A drummer is someone who is passionate about music and they put in all their concentration and energy into the act when performing. Drumming is more of an art or hobby rather than being a profession since it is not that one chooses to be and then get trained for it but it comes with an inbuilt interest and talent. In simpler words it is an art which comes by instinct and cannot be inculcated in someone who does not have the aptitude to become an artist or drummer.

Drummers normally love drumming equipments and allied instruments such as drumming sticks, play cards, musical equipments & accessories etc. Gifting ideas for drummers is a bit complex because usual gifts don’t work for them and rather their worlds revolve around music, chorus and drums. They don’t always involve in this profession for money but for the love of music and drums which they picked-up as a child and we can conveniently blame it on their genes.

One has to be meticulous while choosing a gift for drummers since, the gifting idea has to be based upon their mind set and they might not love the usual expensive gifts everybody else likes such as latest smart phones or smart TVs. As we all know that a gift looks more attractive when it comes as a surprise and uninformed rather than asking the drummer what they love or like to have for a gift.

So, it makes good sense to get details from buddies or from the web about their choices of gift and what is it that they would love to take for surprise. Its quite obvious that drummer would by all means love all equipments, accessories and instruments pertaining to their profession or hobby which is drumming. This depicts that the first love of a drummer could be found in a musical instruments store or from online musical instruments shops.

Recommended Gifts for Drummers


Drumlite: LED Drum Lighting System

Drumlite: LED Drum Lighting System

Your drummer buddy love you for gifting this lighting set that tends to dance with drum beats and adds up to the flair of performance on music stage. The ‘Drumlite: LED Drum Lighting System’ is nothing more than illuminating the rim and circumference of all drums and it looks real cool when performing. These lights are LEDs and glow on a conventional power source which is connected on stage.

Zildjian Novelty Mousepad

Zildjian Novelty Mousepad

This rarest of the rare gift exclusively for drummers is not just a ‘Mouse Pad’ but the ‘Zildjian Novelty Mousepad’ resembles a Splash Cymbal from A-Series and measures 10”. Your drummer will love it for it promises to remind them of their first love, drumming every time they use the mouse they are sure to fall in love for its durability.

Laser Engraved Oak Drum Sticks


This probably is the only personalized gifting idea perfect for drummers around the world because you can get their names and signatures engraved on it. The ‘Laser Engraved Oak Drum Sticks’ definitely is the most precious piece of treasure for drummers that is customizable and is rock hard Shira Kashi Oak made. The make is its special of top quality.

Gator Standard Soft Drum Cases

Gator Standard Soft Drum Cases

A drummer will never ever forget you in his lifetime if gifted him with a set of ‘Gator Standard Soft Drum Cases’ not because they can’t afford to buy one but, because they can see that you took the efforts to check what they need most. Drums are expensive instruments which are sensitive to dust and moisture and also are susceptible to damages due to transportation etc.

Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt

Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt

One of the coolest gifting ideas for drummers who are more of a funky and freaky guys is a, ‘Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt’ which they love to wear when out on gigs. It becomes like their mark and reflects their attitude and aptitude towards their hobby and profession. Believe it or not, one can play drums on this electronic drum kit which is built-in on the T.

Drumstick Chopsticks

Drumstick Chopsticks

A drummer would love to have his favorite meal of Sushi with something that resembles his favorite instrument the ‘Drumming Sticks’ and it’s called the ‘Drumstick Chopsticks’. While the idea might not sound cool but, you can see the glow on a drummer’s face when you gifted one because they eat, sleep and dream all the time about drums and sticks.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Music Edition

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Music Edition

You probably will be the most brilliant gifting idea wizard on this earth if you gift this ‘GoPro Hero 4 Silver Music Edition’ to your drummer buddy because it a dream of every artist/drummer to get famous. And the best way to do that is publish or stream oneself on youtube or the web through a cam with sensitive microphones and you will need to add a SD card of 64 gigs along with it.

Rock N Roll Electronic Drum Mat


Science says that learning a new skill actually sharpens your brain and increases cognitive abilities and this is a perfect gifting idea for young ones. There absolutely is no reason to wait until you are fifteen or something to start learning drumming, go get this ‘Rock N Roll Electronic Drum Mat’ which can interface with allied a music hardware and produces 8 unique drum beats.

Drummer Cufflinks


These cufflinks are something that every drummer the world around would be yearning to own a pair of because they symbolize their passion and art. These cufflinks just make a fashion mark for drummers as they are glass-coated and the drummer who carries it will be nothing less than classy and is sure stand out during the occasion in formal wear.

Novelty Drum Stick Pencils and Pens

Novelty Drum Stick Pencils and Pens

You sure know a junior artist like a drummer who is still in school and has a deep passion and love for drumming. This tiny kid is all the time day dreaming about drumming stage performance and getting famous on it. Here is the perfect gift for this budding artist, the ‘Novelty Drum Stick Pencils and Pens’ are normal pencils but resemble Drumsticks.

Personalized Drummer iPhone Covers

Personalized Drummer iPhone Covers

Nothing goes well for a pro-drummer than to have a personalized iPhone cover that reflects their passion and first love. These ‘Personalized Drummer iPhone Covers’ are not just covers for cell phones but are limited edition masterpieces which becomes a emblem or mark of an artist for your favorite drummer. He/she is going to love you dearly for the rest of her life.

Drumming Wine Bottle Holder


I might love to gift you a million dollar check if you can help me find a drummer that is also a Teetotaler. This one is sure to surprise your drummer to awe when it will remind them of their most valued passion and profession as a drummer every evening when they need that sip of shot to soothe their senses. This ‘Drumming Wine Bottle Holder’ is sure to find a place in her heart.

Evans Real-Feel Practice Pads


Almost every drummer is supposed to be practicing most of the times whether for leisure or as a pro before and after a performance. These ‘Evans Real-Feel Practice Pads’ can be a masterpiece as the pad is Neoprene and soft rubber base and constructed with wood, completely noise-less or almost silent. If your drummer is as crazy about drumming as I can imagine then a 6” pad will fit else the 12” is universal.

Drum Kit Cufflinks


These are not just ‘Cuff-Links’ but are a fashion statement perfectly blended with the passion of a drummer which they would adore so much. They come from the famous house of Covink Jewelers and available on amazon.com on express delivery too. How eager they would be to boast about their unique brand new Cuff-Links at shows or parties about their artist levels and definition of their expertise.

Zildjian Cutting Board


I couldn’t find a smarter idea for gifting a drummer who would love to have a mark of his passion and profession in their kitchen too. The ‘Zildjian Cutting Board’ is a 10 inches cutting board and comes with a ‘juice grove’ as well and some care has been taken to pack it with eco-friendly packaging. Your drummer will not miss her passion even in the kitchen.

Tama Rhythm Watch

Tama Rhythm Watch

This device is every drummers dream to own because of the convenience and enrichment it provides to drummers who would love to develop their drumming skills. A good quality Tama Rhythm Watch is one of those equipments that every drummer simply cannot do without and sooner or later would have to purchase one. These come with headphones jack, can be attached along with other attachments, a sophisticated programmable memory and adjustment knobs to control volume.

Meinl Designer Stick Bag

Meinl Designer Stick Bag

Every drummer has to have one if he/she is actively involved in this profession or hobby because it can appropriately carry all their drumming sticks which are of several types and this bag contains suitable carry case for each. Even if they have one they would be more than happy to accept one more as a gift because of its extensive and fair wear & tear this becomes a continuous need.

Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy Tablets


The world is shrinking and it’s time to update your drummer with latest technology and gadgets with the ‘Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy Tablets’. Is your drummer still using the age old system of carrying huge folders with sheet themes loaded in them? It’s time for this unique gifting idea as this music gadget stand will fix easily on any drum kit and securely hold a Galaxy tab, iPads etc.

Beatles Signature Drum Fridge Magnet


Not later than the early eighties was the ‘Beatles was the most famous rock music group recognized in almost every country of this old planet. Every drummer would love to pay tribute to this group that rocked the music world for more than two decades. This gift – ‘Beatles Signature Drum Fridge Magnet’ is unique that will make your drummer fall in love with.

Drum Necklace


Even if your drummer is not a girl, they would love to have this pleasant surprise gift, a ‘Drum Necklace’ which will remind them of their first and true love which is drumming. Looks really cool on a girl drummer and she is sure to feel proud of it as she will be wearing it all the time and appreciate it everytime anyone glances at it.

The Drummer’s Bible


If there is a working manual of guide to better and many more ways of drumming then, this is it and every drummer would consider it nothing less than a bible. Even veteran or seasoned drummers will be surprised at the levels of expertise explained in this manual/guide that they would love to practice and discover everything covered – Zydeco to Afro Cuban.

Little Drummer Boy Pillow


A drummer’s bed should depict their passion about drumming and this is how they love to live and chill-out in the place. This unique – ‘Little Drummer Boy Pillow’ gift for your lovable drummer is going to rock her world as she will love to lay her head on it and probably kiss it since it reflects her long term never-ending moods.

Zildjian Cymbal Bag

Zildjian Cymbal Bag

If you have decided to gift a Cymbal bag to your favorite drummer you are the best judge of all drummer requirements since they need this very often and definitely more than one. The Zildjian Bag Pack is one of the best choices that every drummer aspires to have more than one because they need to carry only a few Cymbals to a particular Gig.

Fascinations 3D Metal Drumset Model Kit


Your favorite drummer is sure to be a puzzle-lover who would love to be surprised by such a unique masterpiece drum set model gift the ‘Fascinations 3D Metal Drumset Model Kit’. It looks awesome on the showcase and is to be assembled as it comes with plenty metal pieces which need to be joined. It might not be suitable if, your drummer is not the patient kind of artist.

Timber Drum


This real instrument which is actually a drum set takes us back to history when drums were invented by beating on hollow pieces of logs and weird sound were considered music. This is one such amazing gift for drummers the ‘Timber Drum’ capable of creating 6 unique beats and comes with rubber mallets. This gift is made of birch, oak and ash.

Jazz Adjustable Table


This perfect gifting idea for drummer ideal for all situations, ‘Jazz Adjustable Table’ might seem like a coffee table or something like that, but the legs tell the story. Those three legs are good to show them as drumming a Jass table that is sure to make any drummer fall in love with them. This adjustable Jazz table is sure to win the heart of your sweet heart.

These were some of the best gift options for a drummer, i am sure you loved these gifts. Share your opinions and thoughts.