Perfect Gifts For 10 year Old Girls

This list is in response to Mrs. Woodward, here you will find some of the best suitable gifts for a 10 year old girl.

Turning 10 years old is emerging out to be as important a landmark as turning a teenager. ‘Tweens’ are what these 10 year olds are called as they are neither kids nor teenagers, and categorizing them in any of these categories is not right.

Choosing a gift for these tweens then becomes a difficult task as they have outgrown the kiddie stuff and are too young for the teenage stuff. With ever expanding horizons at this age, there is just so much to learn and assimilate, both at school and at home.

Information overload is what these tweens deal with all the time, and this then leads to development of certain interest areas and discarding of other areas. Naturally then, tweens become selective about their choices like reading, experimenting with things like art and craft and science tools, cooking, gardening etc.

If the given task of choosing a gift was not daunting enough, it becomes even more difficult if it is a girl that you have to give the gift to. Not all girls are the same, some really like the girlie things while others are absolute tom boyish in their interests.

Depending on the interest level of the tween girl, you could choose from a wide variety of gifts like books, jewelery, DIY kits, science kits, board games, kits that help developing a particular skill set etc. Here is a consolidation of such selective items that may appeal to you tween. They have been put together covering all the above mentioned aspects, so that you make the perfect choice for your loved one.

10 year old birthday gift ideas for girls

20 Recommended gift ideas for ten year old girl

After searching around for some suitable gifts i came up with few gifts that i found to be the best to gift a 10 year old girl. I am sure you will pick few from the list as option.

AwkwardAwkward by Svetlana Chmakova

This book is just perfect for your girl as she is sure to relate with the characters of the book and their struggles. The journey of a girl as she joins a new school, her confidence issues, acceptance issues, everything that she faces in her new environment would be something your little girl will resonate with, and she will love reading it.



fable comicsFable Comics – Hardcover

28 fables from all across the world, some old, some new, re-told in a new format is something all children will enjoy. The comic book format makes it for easy an enjoyable reading, and just the perfect gift for someone who is in the mid way of being a teenager from a child.




All Her Treasures with Lock & KeyAll Her Treasures With Lock And Key

Girls at this age love to collect small items for memories. Friends and family play an important role in their life, and so tit-bits, wrapping papers, notes, cards is all that she wants to keep with her. All this will be stored perfectly in this box which comes with a lock and key. So, her secrets remain with her. She can also use this box for her jewelery or for saving money.




Puzzle Name StoolsPuzzle Name Stools

This set of two wooden stools come with the alphabets that spell your girl’s name in a puzzle format. Here, she will be able to take out the alphabets and put them back again. For the second stool, you could get it personalized with her best friend’s name or a sibling. Children totally love this gift, and before you know, she would be carrying her own stool around the house and insisting on sitting only on it.



Buttonbag Learn How to Knit KitLearn How To Knit Kit

Young girls at this age are extremely creative, and always keen to learn new crafts. Gift her this knitting kit which contains everything she needs for learning this craft. The instruction booklet will guide her through the basics and following the patterns provided in the book, she can knit up purses, mittens, hats and much more!


Girls Fun Graphic Small BackpacksGraphic Small Backpacks

Backpacks are needed for children across all age groups. This backpack is especially for your little princess as it is funky colored with graphic print, contains pockets for water bottles, a MP3 player and a 2 reusable snack bags! You could pick her favorite color and graphic from the options available. She is going to love the bag, not just for its utility but for its looks too!




Panda Hooded BlanketPanda Hooded Blanket

Indulge her with this soft hooded blanket with a panda design on it. Its extra soft feel and comfort will keep her cozy on a cold winter day, and you would find her snuggling up in her blanket. It is also light in weight, and so becomes easy to carry for travelling purposes.




Build A Microscope - Gift SetBuild A Microscope – Gift Set

This DIY kit to build a microscope is a perfect gift for her curious mind. The attractive colors of the microscope will appeal to non-science lovers too! Not just the process of building it, it is also the use of the product that will excite her, as this microscope is a fully functional one. Soon you will find everything under the sun going under the microscope!




Nici Pony Make Up BagMake-Up Bag

This make-up bag is perfect for your fashion lover girl. The case is made of soft strokeable fabric and is spacious with its many compartments to carry the range of makeup and accessories for your girls. It even consists of a mirror which she will definitely love to use!




Steampunk Fairy Magical Fairy Glow in the Dark NecklaceGlow In The Dark Locket

Gift her this locket and you will see her proudly flaunting this around to her friends. A handmade item, its metallic exterior and intriguing look gives it a ‘time traveler’ kind of feel. She can wear this around her neck, or just keep it safe in her treasure box.




Finish this bookFinish This Book By Keri Smith

This is a unique book which contains unfinished stories so your little girl can then become the author and complete those. The book guides you through this journey, and the many mysteries that she will solve along the way will surely keep her hooked on, and loving the experience.





Rainbow in Your RoomRainbow Projector

A rainbow in the room will leave her awestruck and enchanted. Gift this light projector to her that displays a rainbow in the darkened room. It also contains a sunlight crystal for daytime rainbows. So, creating rainbows on demand was never easier than this!



My First Piggy BankA Piggy Bank

Making her learn the concept of money and saving is what she can learn by using her very own piggy bank. Perk her up with ideas like saving up for her favorite doll or a favorite treat, and she will be delighted when that actually happens!




Lamb Slipper BootsLamb Slipper Boots

Furry little boots with lamb motif on them makes them adorable! She will love to trot around in these off-white colored soft boots and feel totally pampered!






Rag DollsRag Dolls

A girl is never too old for dolls ! Gift her this rag dolls set which comes with 6 different dolls and see her imagination fly as she plays with them. Creating stories, events and play around rag dolls can be fun with a play mate or even if she is all by herself. A perfect gift for girls across all age groups.




Friendship Bracelet KitFriendship Bracelet Kit

Friends become paramount in tweens and teens. As she explores the new bonds of friendship, she would love to create bracelets for her best friends. This friendship bracelet kit comes with beads, charms and two chords to create bracelets. Art and craft at its best!




Loomey Time Watch Pack ATime Watch With Three Colored Cases

This analogue watch in itself is cool, but cooler are the watch cases that it comes with. There are three interchangeable watch cases to team up with the color of outfit that she is wearing. It is made of silicon and is soft to feel and comfortable to wear! I am sure any 10 year old girl would love to have this as a birthday gift.





Grow Your Own Grass Head - ElephantGrass Head Elephant

Give her an elephant head pot where she can grow grass. Nurturing and caring are early values that children acquire in their early life. Gifting a pot is the perfect way to do this, and she is sure to love the cute pot that comes with it.





The Game of Life GameThe Game Of Life Game

The Game Of Life is the perfect gift for a girl who is just understanding the finer nuances of life. She will love to create the events of her future life with this game, and playing this game with both friends and family makes for some happy bonding too.




Marvel encyclopediaMarvel Encyclopedia/ DC Comics Encyclopedia

Comics are catching on as a craze amongst the new young generation. Gift her Marvel encyclopedia/ DC Comics encyclopedia, depending on the her choice of characters. This encyclopedia will help her get ahead of all her friends and she can flaunt her newly acquired knowledge.





Whatever gift you choose for her from this list, remember to understand her interests first and then make a choice. Children at this age can be choosy and you obviously wouldn’t want to see her sad and disappointed with your gift.