20 Special Gift Ideas for Grandma

The bond that grandparents and grandchildren share is a very special one! From the grandparent’s perspective, looking at the kids of your children is like a trip down the memory lane. They see so much of their children in their grandchildren, and the entire feeling is totally overwhelming. Hence, it is no surprise then that they feel the truest of love for their grandchildren and are always happy in their company.

From the perspective of the grandchildren, grandparents are the repositories of information and experience. Apart from the unparalleled love and the warmth that they get from their grandparents, they also get enriched with so many stories about their parents, about the experiences of their grandparents, about situation handling, and also introduction to various sports, stories, book and so on.

Each grandparent also has a different role to play. While the grandpa in most cases is the storyteller, the grandma is the one who is the reservoir of love. She is the one who cooks for her grand kids, knits for them, takes them around in her neighborhood, takes them with her for shopping or for a movie, and essentially spends a lot of time with them.

As the children grow up, she becomes their confidante, and they then share a lot of their life’s stories with her.. the happenings in the school, discussions with the friends, a secret crush, a wish, their aspirations and much more. This is such a beautiful bond that even after the child grows up to become an adult, he/she will remember and cherish the days spent with grandma.

So, when it is her birthday, they want to give the best to their grandma. Give it a thought for a minute to see what is it that she had been wanting for a very long time. If there is nothing that qualifies in that category, then think what it is that she would really like and appreciate. If she has a hobby, then a related gift would please her. If she has a new found interest, then something that further builds on it can be given as a gift to her. Personalized gifts are also much appreciated and cherished, and you could go in for such a gift.

Delivering the gift to her can also be special. If you can personally give the gift, that is the best thing that can happen to her on her birthday. However, if geographical distance separates you, then even a carefully thought through gift will put a smile on her face.

Recommended gifts for grandma

Here are some gift ideas that you can consider if you are looking for a gift for your grandma.

sewing stationA Sewing Station

Mostly all grandmothers like to stitch up a dress or two for her grandchildren. The granddaughters may even demand one getting stitched for their dolls. This gift is perfect for the seamstress grandmother who likes to be organized in all her work This sewing station will keep all her essential sewing items in an attractive stoneware caddy with a pin cushion topper.




grandma spoon‘Good Morning Grandma’ Spoon

This hand stamped ‘Good Morning Grandma’ spoon is sure to put a smile on your grandma’s face each morning when she stirs her morning tea with it. A vintage design spoon, made of steel and silver plated will stand the test of time, and is easy to maintain too. The spoon comes packed in a special handmade sewn bag so when she opens it, she is sure to be surprised!



Willow treeWillow Tree Grandma Figurine

This willow tree figurine designed by artist Susan Lordi is the perfect gift for your grandmother depicting your feelings of true and unparalleled love for her. The figurine is made of resin and measures 51/2 inches in height. This rests on a round base measuring 3/4 inch H X 4 inch W. You can inscribe your name with your grandma’s name on the base or write any message on it up to 25 characters.



Tile boxPerry The Carved Peacock Eyeglasses Holder

Like all grandmothers, your granny also must be keeping her glasses somewhere and then forgetting its location. Gift her this peacock eyeglasses holder which do not just serve the purpose of holding the spectacles but is also a pretty curio piece in itself. So, while the practical use of the gift will put an end to her daily searches, the aesthetic use of the gift will add to the beauty of her house.



Monogram blank scarf oversizedMonogram Plaid Shawl Wrap

A shawl is always a useful gift especially for grandmothers. And, if you get a personalized shawl with her name monogrammed on it, then it becomes even more special. The shawl is a handmade item, made in South Carolina, Unites States and has the dimensions of 32 X 66 inches. So, it is not just warm but is also adequately sized for perfect comfort.




GrowbottleGrow Bottle

If your grandmother likes gardening or cooking, then this is a good gift for her. Choose from organic basil, organic chive, heirloom mint, organic oregano or organic parsley grown in a re-purposed wine bottle and easy to grow in any environment. All your grandmother will need to do is keep it under sunlight and can use the plant for cooking up a dish or two or just enjoy looking at it growing up.



Eyezone massagerEyezone Massager

Gift your grandmother this eyezone massager that will relieve her of all the stress and exhaution and leave her feeling fresh and relaxed. This eyezone massage combines the art of massage therapy, pinhole therapy and magnetic therapy and provides you with the most soothing and rejuvenating massage. It can also be used for headaches , eyestrain, fatigue and insomnia.




Dear Grandma - From You to Me BookDear Grandma – From You To Me Book

A twist in the regular kind of book gifts that you give to your loved one, describing your feelings for that person. In this book, you gift your grandmother a whole lot of questions which she will need to answer and give the book back to you. All of the questions will be about her life and the days gone by which will make you know more about her. You get closer to her in the process and she feels privileged to have you as a grandchild.



Tea from Around the World SetTea From Around The World Set

If your grandmother is a connoisseur of tea, then this is the best gift for her. Gift her this tea set with ten tea tubes from around the world, each containing enough leaves to brew 8-10 pots of tea. She will love the thought behind her gift and the fact that you are respectful towards her passion and interests.




Character Charm Key RingCharacter Charm Key Ring

This silver plated key ring has a twist open clasp and can contain up to 6 boy or girl charms with an initial engraved on it. Gift your grandmother this charm key ring with the initials of all her grandchildren on it and you will see her beaming from ear to ear. The key ring measures 3″ diameter and the charms are 1-1/4″ tall X 3/4″ wide.




Metallic Stars ScarfMetallic Stars Scarf

If your grandmother is even a tiny bit fashionable, she is sure to fall in love with these metallic stars scarves. Choose from the rich range of colors available keeping in mind your grandmother’s preference. The dimensions of the scarf are 190 cm long and 99 cm wide thereby making it convenient to wear around the neck or just throw it around your shoulders.




healing stone mugsHealing Stone Mugs

Healing Stone mugs will surely be loved by your grandmother. Made out of stones known for their healing properties, these non toxic glasses elevate your mood and spirits as you sip your morning tea and coffee from it. Available in four different colors, each with different properties, choose the one for your grandmother you think she will cherish the most.




Personalised You're The Best ApronPersonalized You’re The Best Apron

Personalize this apron by putting a message about all the food items that your granny cooks and you simply love them! This product will surely make your grandmother feel happy about her culinary skills as she will proudly sport this apron gifted by you. Available in six color options, choose the one of your choice for your grandma.




Vintage Style Leather SatchelVintage Style Leather Satchel

This old school style leather satchel is not just attractive to look at but is also very functional with a large front pocket, a rough top handle and plenty of space inside the bag. This bag will become your grandmother’s favorite bag not just for its looks but also due to the fact that she can carry it anywhere, from shopping needs to carrying her laptop in it.




Family Tree Photo FrameFamily Tree Photo Frame

A sentimental gift for your grandmother, this family tree photo frame will adorn her living room and make her feel proud of her family. This tree shaped photo frame has five multicolor frames to hold photos of 7.5 X 5 cms. Give her this photo frame complete with the photos of yoru family and she is sure to cherish this gift.




Bird Jewellery StandBird Jewelry Stand

This bird jewelry stand is a pretty looking stand for all the pretty jewelry of your grandmother. There are four birds delicately perched on stand with a circular base that can be used to keep all types of jewelry. With all of 150 grams, this is a useful gift that your grandmother is sure to appreciate.




Touch ThrowTouch Throw

This 100% cotton throw is sure to keep your grandmother warm on cold winter days. It has a nice patchwork quilt design and is made of soft pastel colors. You can write up to six names on the center heart made on the throw and the message on the throw is sure to melt your grandmother’s heart.




Personalised Mug CosyPersonalized Mug Cosy

Keep her tea or coffee warm on cold days with this personalized mug cosy. It is made of 100% wool and comes with a white china mug on which it fits snugly. You can get a message printed on the cosy or get your grandmother’s name, whatever you feel will make her happy.




Heated Footplate MassagerHeated Footplate Massager

This heated footplate massager is just right to make your grandmother feel relaxed after a long and tiring day. This foot massager improves the foot circulation in your body and relieves you of many aches and pains related to poor blood circulation. Your grandmother is sure to appreciate this gift and bless you every time she uses it.




Fabulous Foodies HamperFabulous Foodies Hamper

Everyone appreciates a food hamper, and if your grandmother is a foodie, she is sure to love it. This hamper comes with wine, cheese, whole manzanilla olives, fruitcake, Bon bons and some tasty preserves. This hamper contains all that is used in day to day life and each product is the finest in its category.




Choose the option you think is best suited for your grandmother but before choosing any gift, keep in mind that pack lots and lots of love with it.

Grandparents are usually in the life stage where they need love more than anything else. The gift will just be an expression of your love but it will be your personal message or the phone call that will really make their day. If you can find time, plan a vacation for your grandparents and accompany them if possible.

This will not just be a trip down the memory lane for both of you, but will also be a great bonding experience for both of you. While you will get busy with your job once the vacation is over, your grandparents will cherish the sweet memories you create for a very long time. So, do not hold back and be lavish on your love for your grandparents.