16 Fun Games to Play at a Sleepover Party

Are you planning some games to play at a sleepover? If so then here you go, here you will find some of the awesome, fun, interesting games you would love to add in your list.

Before jumping to the games that most teenagers play during a sleepover party, let me first disclose some interesting points regarding a sleepover party. What is a sleepover party? Basically as the name suggest sleepover party is that where children or teenagers organize a get together and plan to stay at a common friend’s place the whole night where they can enjoy and have lots of fun without sleeping and let anyone sleep.

A sleepover party is also known as a slumber or pajama party and nowadays it is commonly trending among youngsters and teenagers. One should go for such parties as this comes as a new step in a teenage child who is now growing elder and taking the initial step towards his/her very own independence by stepping out from the house and staying overnight at a friend’s place.

Such gatherings initiate responsibility among children and give them the feeling of mature person. Until and unless, the child is not misusing the freedom given to him, the parents should not stop them for sleepover stay at friend’s home and allow their children to have such party once in every 6 months or so, in order to develop social connections outside the family.

Have you ever been to a sleepover party? Do you know how much fun it is to stay with friends the whole night and keep gossiping about useless things? If your answer is “No”, then don’t worry. Today I will make you explore about some interesting activities and games that can transform a normal sleepover into the most exciting as well as thrilling one.

games to play at a sleepover

Games to play at a sleepover

Games played during sleepover adds extra tinge of enjoyment in the dull night. So, come lets figure out some outstanding fun games to make the night remembered by you and all your friends for ever.

Balloon Truth OR Dare

balloon truth and dare

This is the most preferred game played in sleepover parties as it’s very common among youth. In this, slips of truth are put in one coloured balloon, suppose red and dare slips are put in another colored balloons suppose in blue, but no one knows about it except the host.

Then guests are asked to pick any colored balloon and pop it with needle. Whichever slip comes after popping the balloon, the guest have to perform it, either tell a truth or do a daring task. It’s a good time pass game.

Spin tasty

spin tasty

This is a very tasty game and your friends will crave to play it more and more. In this you simply have to take a bottle and 7 or 8 plates.

Keep eatable items in 2 plates like cookies, cakes, pastry or biscuit and in rest plates keep some challenging food that will be a daring task to eat like toot-paste, mustard, chilly sauce, rotten vegetable, sour fruit, or anything that counts as eatables but won’t be easy to eat.

Then form a circle with plates and keep the bottle in middle. One by one every person will have to spin the bottle and then as soon as the bottle stops pointing on any one dish, the person who rotated it will have to eat the same at any cost. This daring task is little more in extreme but is a harmless game for a sleepover party.

Skittles game

Skittles game

It is a fun loving party game mostly played at sleepovers or in a house party. In this you must have a bowl full of skittles or any small sweet that can be easily sucked by straw and small cups should be given to every person with a straw. To start the game one person rolls the dice to get six on it.

As soon as the person gets six on dice he start sucking the skittles with straw and keep them aside in his/her cup, meanwhile the next person rolls the dice till he/she gets six.

When the next person gets six on dice, he/she immediately takes the bowl of skittles from the first person and starts sucking the sweets from the bowl to his/her cup. In this way the game is continued till all the skittles are finished in the bowl. Finally, the person who has the maximum number of skittles in his/her cup is called off the winner.

Games with gadgets


You all must have played hide and seek in your childhood but have you ever played hide and seek with gadgets? In this you have to do the same. Get a common house phone with you and turn off all the lights in the room. Toss and decide who will hide, then that person will have to hide in the room with the same house phone.

Rest others will have to find him/her out by any sort of method, either by phone’s sound, it’s light or by the foot sound produced by that person. As soon as the person is caught he gets out from the game and then the game is continued among others. This thrilling game is fun among teenagers and will be loved by you all.

Hairdryer balloon tennis

Hairdryer balloon tennis

This is great game to play in a sleepover party. This brilliant game is played with technique and use common sense too. Here, two hairdryers are required and they are plugged in simultaneously at two opposite walls of the room. Then two chairs are positioned in middle at such a manner that seems to be tennis net.

Now, two individuals are asked to hold the dryers in hand and a balloon is blown in the air to start off the game. The individuals have to treat the balloon as their tennis ball and dryers as the tennis racket.

They have to pass the balloon to each other with the dryer and if the balloon touches the ground, that person loses the point that has balloon on its side. Hands are not allowed to pass the balloon. This game will energize you all at night.

Guess the singer

Guess the singer

It is a very common game generally played in all kitty and sleepover parties. Though it’s an ordinary party game but it always goes well in all the parties. Make small paper chits and write names of some popular singers on it and fold them. Count the total number of guests in the party and make three chits per person.

Now, one person will get up and open the chit, and then he/she will have to sing any song of that singer whose name is on the chit and rest others will have to guess the singer. If guests get successful in guessing the singer the person who sings the song will be given a plus point.

In this way the game will be played until all the chits are finished. If someone picks up the chit and is unable to sing any song of the singer whose name is on it then he/she will lose a point. In this way, the person who scored maximum points will be considered as the winner. You can even award prizes to the ones who sung the best song.

Donut eating competition

Donut eating competition

This game sounds easy but it is very difficult to complete it. Holding a donut eating competition is not as easy as it sounds like. Firstly you have to gather up donuts on a large scale for competition. Then guests who are willing to eat donuts can participate in it.

A time limit will be set to eat it, suppose 45 minutes or 1 hour and 100 donuts will be given to each. As soon as the go signal will be given they will start eating the donuts one by one and whosoever stays at last will be the winner. Suppose if 2 persons are left at last, then the person who has eaten the maximum number of donuts will be considered as winner.

Cucumber face race

Cucumber face race

Another exciting game which you can opt for your sleepover party is cucumber face race. It’s a game that can be played minimum between 2 people and extend up to maximum limit as you want.

Total number of persons can be divided among two teams and then a slice of cucumber will be put on each person’s forehead of both the teams. Both members will then have to move down that slice into their mouth without the use of hand. Only face motion is allowed.

Consequently, as soon as the first person eats the cucumber, the second person starts the race of both the teams. The team which finishes first will be called as the winner. It is advisable that one person should keep the camera ever ready as you will get to see unique faces from this unusual yet attractive game.

Never ever

jelly babies

This game though sounds very impressive but gets very complex when it is played for long hours. Basically, it’s a great way to share your hidden secrets with friends that they were unaware of.

Initially to start the game you are required to provide 20 jelly babies or candies to all the persons who are to play the game. Then they are required to form a circle and sit on ground. After that one person starts the game and says a sentence starting with “I have never ever……” and if the statement without the “have never ever” is true for other persons sitting there, then they will have to eat the candy.

Suppose if someone says “I have never ever done horse riding”, then those who have never done horse riding will not eat the candy and if someone has done it will eat the candy. Similarly, the person whose candy finishes first will be the hero of the game thereby revealing the maximum secrets unknowingly.

Blindfold feeding

Blindfold feeding

It is another delightful game which the teenagers will love to play at their sleepover party. It can be a bit messy at last, so it is advisable to play in a room without carpet which can be cleaned up easily afterwards. Here, firstly two individuals are chosen and they are made to sit facing each other.

Both are then blindfolded with a cloth and one is given a bowl of ice cream and a spoon. The other person’s hands are put behind his/her back.

Now the person who is holding the bowl of ice cream and spoon has to feed the same person whose hands are folded at back through the instructions given by him/her. This is an untidy game so worrying about the cleanliness would be worthless; rather you should enjoy the game to the fullest.

Sleepover antics

Freshman Elaine Kerr, from bottom left, Caroline Crockett, Caroline Strader, Taran Smith and Kylie Ceriotti sit in a circle and talk at a sleepover at freshman Siobhan Miller's house on April 14. The girls attended the sleepover after the Sion "Morp" mixer. By Siobhan Miller.

Generally a sleepover party is thrown to enjoy the whole night having fun and to spend a pleasant time with your friends. But it is said that there is always one person who spoils the charm of the party. In sleepover party, it is that person who falls asleep early before beginning of the actual entertainment. Hence, for those party poopers, you can implement a number of tricks as soon as they fall asleep.

You can put quirky items on the pillow of that early sleeper like rubber snake, spider, lizard or any such bizarre item which will give him/her shock when he/she will get up. Then you can even put shaving foam on that person’s hand and to annoy him/her you can give a stroke of feather on his/her nose.

In this way that person will feel irritated and in response he/she will try to remove it from nose, being unaware of the fact that the shaving foam will spread across his/her face as well as nose. To extend the thrill level, you can even put that person’s bra or underwear in a bowl full of water and then freeze it.

In the morning, you can simply ask them to get ice for you from freezer and when they will see it, they will go absolutely mad. In this way, you will be able to teach them the lesson for spoiling your sleepover party!

These were some light-hearted games to play at a sleepover party, i hope you enjoyed exploring these games.