10 Perfect Fun Games to Play at A Party

Games brings fun to the parties, i am sure you agree with me. Although there are many things that makes a party more interesting but games makes it more lively. So here i am going to share with you some amazing, fun, easy and interesting games to play at a party.

From last 2, 3 years i am attending almost like 1 house party every month and i am in a group where people are so lively and love trying new games every time for a new party. So i have learned a lot of games in past some years that i would like to share with you all.

There are many types of games that you can plan for your party the only thing that gives you more option is the place you are planning to have the party, i.e event hall, house, lawn, pool side, villa, etc.. It depends on how much space you have or what kind of place you are planning for the party.

Anyways to make it general to all i thought i should include different types of party games in the list so that everyone gets few good options to plan for the party.

Games to play at a party

Games you can play at any party

I think for any party the games that makes the guest more engaging are the perfect ones. Down below you can find such kind of games that are fun to play and can be played at any sort of occasion party.

Bite the bag

You can play this game in different forms but the basic concept remains the same. For this game you need brown paper bags of different sizes from knee level to ankle level. Let say 4 paper bags of different sizes large to small.

This game can be played against each other. Let suppose their are 5 contestant. Let them stand in a row at their places. In front of each contestant place these four bags from large to small, one after another ( give some space in between).

Now the task is that as soon as the game starts each contestant moves forward and pick the paper bag not with hands or any other part of the body, only with the mouth. So each contestant actually have to bite the bag, pick it up and put on the table.

At every level the bag size gets more smaller and  then it becomes quit difficult to bend the body to the floor level by balancing. Here is one rule, contestant can not take any supports from hand or any other part of the body.

  • To make it more interesting and little difficult you can also add one more rule as well. The rule is that this has to be done standing on one leg as you can see in this video.

Statue game

Its a very simple game and so much fun to play in a group. I have learned about this game very recently in my theater classes. For this game you need to have at least 10 people to make it more fun.

To play the game one person should act as the dummy just to start the game. So the dummy person will come at the center and will say “Statue” at any point of time when no one is alert. After “Statue” is announced everyone will stay in the position they are.

Its creates so much comedy and hilarious positions of people, i.e someone is zipping their pant’s chain, someone is touching bums, etc.. Now the game is that anyone who first moves even a bit is out of the game. Then that person will come in the middle and say “statue”. His/her work is not done yet as he/she has to disturb everyone with his/her voice, movements, funny gestures etc.. So by this way everyone will be out and the last one who is left in the game, wins the game.

Defying gravity

It is one of the funny game you would definitely like to try out for your party. For this game you must have many inflated balloons.

The game is like each contestant will be given with three inflated balloons. As soon as the stop watch starts the person have to hit those three balloons so that those balloons stays in the air against gravity. The rule is that the person should not hold the balloon.

So the only thing contest have to do is use any part of the body to hit those balloons till the 60 seconds gets over. Sixty seconds is because this is a minute to win it game and these games are played under 60 seconds of time limit.

Musical chair

I am sure everyone is aware of this musical chair game from old party rituals. Its a simple and interesting game that anyone can play. I know this is not any unconventional idea to play this game but i thought just to remind you as this game is fun to play for any age group.

Infact it is not like you can play this game the way it is been played from years. You can play this game in many ways just by adding some more things to the game. But remember the only thing its basic concept should be the same. Here are few options.

  1. Everybody have to dance in a Indian Punjabi Dance called “Bhangra” on the Punjabi tunes, to make it hilarious.
  2. Everybody have to revolve around in the circle but they also have to rotate also while revolving, like a moon does around the earth.
  3.  Revolve but blindfolded.
  4. Carry a small bucket on right hand while revolving around. So you have to be alert, aware and balanced also.

So this way use your creativity to give this game a new way by adding something to the game.

See the Example in the video of playing the Musical chair in a different Way.

Puzzle Buzzle

Puzzle buzzle

It is one of the simple game you can play in any party, you can play this game in few guests also. You can play this game in “VS” or you can play all at once competing against each other.

As you can suggest from the name that this game involves solving puzzles. For this you can have equal no. of card boards printed with different images. (For example if you are youngster you can have pictures like sports players, celebrity pictures, etc.. If you are a kid then you can have pictures like, animals, tree, birds, etc..)

Cut those boards into pieces and collect each set and wrap it with a wrapper. Now when different sets are all wrapped up, then let the contestant choose their wrap randomly. The game starts as soon as they pick their wrapped puzzles.

All the contestants then have to open up the wrappers and start arranging those puzzle cards to make into a board. To make it little tough, you should pick some difficult images to judge. The one who completes the game is the winner. You can also have some prizes for the first three constants who completes the game first.

The “No” Game

The No Game

This is one of the game you can play for the whole party simultaneously with other games. For this game you need some necklace kind of thing, it can be a chain, lei, etc..

As you can suggest from the title itself that this game is centered around the word “No”.

Every contestant is given with one chain or something to wear. The game is simple the contestant has to win the chains of other contestants by tricking them saying something to let them say “No”. For an example, one contestant ask if there is a bar in the house and other contestant replies “No”. So this way contest will try to win as many chains as he/she can.  The one who wins more chains will win the game at the end. The interesting thing about this game is that you can play this game simultaneously while playing other games.

Wink Murder Mystery

This is one of the game i have learned in my theater acting group. I really enjoy playing this game as it actually require your alertness and awareness, you never know the murderer is beside you.

So the game is that way only. It revolves around the murderer and the mystery.

Let suppose there are 10 contestants who are playing this game and one person as a dummy to start the game. Every contestant first stand in a queue while closing their eyes. The dummy person will walk at the back of each person and just touch the back of a contestant to make him/her, the murderer. No one knows who is the murderer except the murderer.

So to start the game the dummy person announce that there is a murderer amongst you. With this announcement each player walks around the room to check  who is the murderer and the murderer starts murdering the people in the room. For murdering, murderer have to wink his/her eye to kill any person.

Let suppose murder winks the eye looking at one person that person will fall down instantly on the floor. If suppose when the murderer winks for one person and another person catch the murderer, then that person will show his/her tongue to murderer to kill the murderer. This way the game will continue and players will die one by one and the one who is left till the end will win the game.

Here is another way to play the game, watch the video.

These were few fun games you can play at a party, whether it is a birthday party, any house party or get together party, etc.. I am sure you must have enjoyed knowing these games. These games are perfect for any occasion and are easy to play. So make your party awesome with these games.