20 Unique Gadget Gifts for Men

There are many man out there who are gadget lovers, so today i would like to share with you some unique gadget gifts for men who loves to try new gadgets.

Finding a gift for a man is easy if you know his temperament but if you do not then it can be very tricky. However, for all men there is something in common that they like and that is technology. Men are automatically inclined towards the latest of the gadgets and are tempted by their new innovative characters and features. For them the latest gadgets are a temptation that gets them as excited as clothes and shoes do to women.

So if you have to gift a man very close to you or someone who is nothing more than acquaintance to you gizmos are the best and the safest bets. You do not have to go all very hi-tech and burn a hole in your pockets; you may also find some not so expensive yet useful gadgets that can make their everyday life easier and much more comfortable.

gadget gifts for men

Gadget gift ideas for men

Although there are endless options available on internet, but i guess you are not upto everything. You want something that he should love as a gift, right? So here i will give you some suggestions on gifts. That means i will give you few options where in you can find that suitable gadget gift for him. This list will give you only suggestions but if you are in a hurry then you can turn into the next list where you can find some actual gifts that you can buy.


Music gadget

If you are looking up to gift someone a gadget and you are confused as what actually you should gift then there is no better way out than music. Yes, i think every one love listening to music, some like it more some or some less. So in short everyone loves it.

So considering a gadget gift related to music is like a Bingo, as everyone will love to try out. There are many gadgets that you can consider in music category, like bluetooth headphones, speakers, sound enhancing ear machine, etc.. So i guess this is pretty much suitable for any man.

Daily Stuff 

power wallet

There are many stuff that men uses in daily life, for example wallet, Mobile, Trimmer, etc.. These are kind of stuff that every man uses in day to day life. So gifting something relevant and unique could be one of the right option. These kind of gifts will be loved anyhow as they are useful in day to day life.


Virtual reality Headset

Gift him something unique that he might not have used before. Gadget freak people try to explore new stuff so i am sure he will love to put his hands into some new awesome stuff. One of a good example is “Virtual reality headset”.  So likewise there are different kinds of stuff available that are totally unique to blow your mind. Find something that he is not aware about or have not used before.

Fitness stuff

mens-fitness gadget

There is no better gift then gifting him good Fitness. These days i have found that almost like every man is so much busy in other personal or professional work that they are not able to take care of their health and fitness. Also they are not motivated to keep themselves fit. So you have got the right chance to make him motivated for fitness by gifting him something that could actually help him in fitness, for an example fitness band, Power band, etc..

Recommended Gadget Gifts for men

Here is a list of all such gadgets that can be gifted to a man keeping in mind all the price ranges. Choose the one which works the best for you.

power walletPower wallet

Amazing amalgamations of the two things men need the most which are a wallet and a phone charger. Beneath the strong, durable and classy looking Saffiano leather is a 3000mAh battery and an USB cable that can easily bring back a dead smart phone to life in just 4 hours. To make it convenient for Apple users it comes with an adapter kit as well. Once they get this in their hands they wouldn’t be able to function without it.



Lights ProjectorAurora Southern and Northern Light Projector

Aurora southern and northern light projector is a great gift for a guy who is a lot into science. This light projector replicates the wonder of the very famous naturally occurring phenomenon of the Northern lights. Also a good gifting option for young boys these can also rock a party night. All in needs you to power it up with 3 AA batteries and sit back to enjoy the aurora formations in the different places of the globe.



Voice clarifying amplifierVoice clarifying amplifier

This gadget has been specifically designed for people who prefer absolute clarity from their voice calls, movies, music or even everyday conversations. It is extremely easy to be used and very comfortable to be worn in the external ear for every 10 hours that it can function after being completely charged. It has a rotating volume controller that lets you adjust the level of the volume as per your requirement. Gift him this amazing gizmo and watch him enjoy everything to a newer level.


lomo-instant-camera-lifestyle-snapsLomo instant black with 3X lenses

If you have to gift something to a guy who is obsessed with clicking pictures and cameras here is what you should go for. This is an instant camera with three different types of lenses and color gels to bring out magnificent effects in your pictures. It has both auto and manual modes for shooting so that one does not miss any kind the memories they wish to hold on to. It will surely be the coolest gift for him among all.



boom-box-touch-speaker-b7aBoom box induction touch speaker

It is an incredible way to amplify all the music in your smart phone and your mp3 player to the fullest for a rocking party or anything you wish for. This boom box gives a great punch to your bass as well. It comes with a fantastic battery that can last up to 10 hours when once charged to the fullest. Just put your phone on top of this system and enjoy the music and the beats.




mifa_speaker_2Mifa F2 bluetooth speaker

This is a convenient alternative for those who will not like to leave their cell phone anywhere even for the sake of playing the music loud as the previously mentioned speakers needed for the phone to be in contact for the music to go wild. These are speakers enables with the Bluetooth to allow the playing of music even if you are not close to them. It has numerous features to make it a must have for the party.



immerse-virtual-reality-headset-_5_aImmerse Virtual Reality Headset

If you know a gizmo freak who is mesmerized by 3D then here is one of best his dream come true. A virtual reality headset is a technology that lets you live the virtual reality be it movies or games it brings to you the best of all. Laden with a 360 degree head tracking technology it allows you the view of your digital world no matter how much you turn or twist your head or eyes.




spy lensSpy Lens

Who does not want to be able to take wonderfully high quality pictures and just being able to do it with the help of your phone is simply astounding. Yes the smartphones today definitely come up with some great photo technology but this spy lens is a revolution in this field. It comes with a magnetic ring which helps in attaching the lens to the phones camera without creating any trouble for the phone itself. Now you have everything you need to take absolutely professionally clicked looking pictures.



mega-power-bank4_1Mega power bank

A must have for everybody these days is a power bank as if the phones battery goes dead the world seems to have stopped. So to not let this happen one needs a good enough battery back- up wherever one goes. Gifting this to someone means making their lives easier and not let them worry about finding a charging point all the time. This power bank is sufficient to charge a phone or a tablet for nearly 5 times. What more can one wish for?




neon-rim-wall-clock-mainNeon rim wall clock

A stylish and cool looking neon clock in shape of a chrome wheel is sure to catch the eye of guys who love technology and cars. Being wireless and requiring only one AA battery you need not worry about the wires creating a messy web on your walls. It is a fun, glow in the dark clock for styling up an old room.




selfie shutterSelfie shutter

Now that selfies are so much into trend there has to be a way of doing it easier than it is presently. Well for that selfie shutter is the thing. It lets you take the best of the pictures including you without that raised arm or the mirror in the view. This can be gifted to an already proud owner of a smart device so that he is able to click hi picture even from 10 meters away. Extremely easy to use and helps you get the best of the shots which you wish for.



pocket-fishing-rod-mainPocket fishing rod

For men who love fishing in their leisure time and need something more than just a piece of bamboo stick. Here is an easily portable fishing rod that can be folded to even fit in the pocket. It comes with all the required accessories one may need to come up with a good catch. As made from an aluminum alloy it is not heavy yet strong enough to handle a pretty sturdy fish.




sentey H10 FamilySentey Bluetooth headphones

This one is for an ultimate music lover, a stylish headphone with a mike to fulfill all the requirements. As they are foldable they are very easy to be stored and the battery gives a backup of nearly 15 hours. They have a great audio quality and work equally well on the computer as well as on the phones.




Philips QG3387 Multi Grooming KitPhilips QG3387 Multi grooming Kit

Something that every man needs is a good grooming kit and this one from Philips is absolutely worthy of being listed in one of the best ones in its price range. This is a multi-purpose grooming kit which will allow him to flaunt any look that he likes.



fitbit superwatchFitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Fitbit is quite a renowned brand for its fitness related accessories and this one here is an cool watch cum activity tracker that you can wear anywhere you go. It can be carried all day long for a perfect assessment of the activities carried out by your body. An awesome gift idea for a man who has made it a point to stay fit always.





Sony Ps3 3d GlassesSony PS3 3D glasses

Men love play stations and also anything that comes in 3D. For them here is one of the best qualities of 3D glasses available. These are very light in weight and very comfortable to wear. The battery is strong enough to let you play for nearly 30 hours and is perfectly compatible with a PS 3.


portronics-my-buddyPortonics my buddy + PQR 704 Laptop cooling table

An easily portable, convenient and compressed yet spacious design of laptop table with an inbuilt fan system for cooling. This is a just the right thing for someone who spends his hours and hours on his laptop. There is almost no sound from the fan and it does not let the laptop to heat up even if being used continuously for a very long time. Gift this to a workaholic or an obsessed game player and they will forever be thankful.

I hope these were some of the unique gadget gifts for men you must have enjoyed exploring.