15 Funny Bridal Shower Games to Plan for The Party

For all those people out there who want to know some funny bridal shower games for the party, here is the list of games you will love to explore.

A bridal shower is sure to become one of the most memorable days of the entire wedding extravaganza that the bride will go through. This is also the day, when she will gather the love and blessings of all the lovely women in her life apart from the fact that she is also going to enjoy a lot during her bridal shower.

Taking a cue from there, if you are the one organizing a bridal shower, then make sure that the entertainment quotient much needed for the enjoyment of the bride features high on your priority list. Here is a day when you want the bride to totally enjoy and carry with her a lot of memories with her besties before her life starts revolving around her husband and her new family.

Getting the perfect bridal shower games can be a daunting task, as the regular guessing games have become a thing of the past. There are new board games, group games and chit games that are hogging the limelight and being liked by most women, except for the conventional and predictable games.

Fun bridal shower party games

Fun Bridal Shower games

As you plan the bridal shower, make sure to keep the tradition alive, you do include a traditional bridal shower game, and then have two or three unconventional games which become unique to your party. The games need to serve a twofold purpose – one, enjoyment of the bride and two, participation of all the guests. Keeping these things in mind, here i am presenting it to you some funny bridal games that you could consider while planning your bridal shower:

He Says.. She Says..

He says she says

This is one of the conventional games, but really high on the humor quotient. The groom will be given a list of questions by the organizer beforehand, and the answers would be noted down. Thereafter, during the bridal shower, bride will be asked the same questions to see whether her answers match those given by the groom.

If conducted properly, this game can be so much fun. You could include questions like ‘What did you eat on your first date?’ to naughty questions like ‘Who blushes more when the other person says I Love you?’.

Another version of the game is to ask the bride some questions beforehand and create a questionnaire for the guests. The guests will try to answer questions like ‘What is the bride’s favorite romantic movie?’, ‘Which person did she secretly have a crush on in her high school days?’ and so on.. The one who gets the highest number of correct answers wins the game.

The Purse Game

The Purse Game

Simple yet engaging game! This game involves jotting down a list of items that are usually found in ladies’ purse, and then calling out these one by one. The one who can fish out the maximum items from the list wins the prize.

Your list could include simple things like a red lipstick, a handkerchief, a comb to unusual things like a ball pen, a toffee wrapper, stamps etc. The one who can come up with the maximum number of items will go away with the prize.

Love Story One More Time

Erin and Dedrich's Wedding. Photos © Dennis Drenner 2013.

Taking the bride down the memory lane of her story but with a twist. The way this game starts is that on a piece of paper, the bride would start writing the way she and her fiancé met.

The paper would be then passed on and the events that unfold after the meeting is then totally left up to the imagination of the person who is next in line to take the story forward.

The end result when it will be read out, will leave everyone in splits. Obviously the real love story will be lost, but the one that will surface would be far more hilarious than the actual one.

Speak The Truth, Dare To Lie

Speak The Truth, Dare To Lie

In a bowl, there would be chits with names of all the guests written on them. The bride gets to pick the lucky person who would then take the mike and tell the audience about two truths about the bride and one lie.

The audiences have to guess which one is the lie. Although this sounds simple, the amount of secrets that it will spill about the bride will make everyone engaged in the game, and you will see the bride absolutely rolling with laughter.

Dumb charades With A Twist

Unlike the conventional dumb charades, this would involve names of only romantic/wedding movies. You could choose to increase the range by including wedding songs also in the list.

The guests will be divided into two teams with one team member being given the movie to enact by the other team. A point system can be kept by a judge who would declare the winner at the end of the game.


Memory bridal shower game

A real fun game to play and it involves the bride! Once all the guests have arrived, the bride would narrate her love story to the crowd. At the end of the event, even post opening of the gifts, the bride would then ask questions from the love story.

The questions can be as bizarre as ‘What was the name of the restaurant where she dined with her fiancé for the first time?’.. ‘How many times did she name her fiancé in the entire narration?’ .. The one who provides answers closest to the correct answer, takes the prize.

Statue Dance

Statue Dance

Statue dancing is a common game at events like birthday parties, off sites etc and it is always fun. For a bridal shower, to further increase the fun element in the game, it is played with a slight twist. Just like the normal game, music would play and all the guests would dance till the music stops.

Now, when the music stops, everyone has to rush towards the bride and pose around her in the next 20 seconds. Those who are unable to reach the bride are straightaway disqualified, while those who are able to reach and pose while in statue position will be distracted by the bride and all others who are out of the game. This one game will really focus all the attention on the bride, making her laugh and enjoy like never before.



Bingo is another popular game at get together, but here also the game can be standardized as per the theme of the bridal shower. Create a word bank of around 100 words associated with weddings and brides. Then, make bingo tickets with random selection of pictures depicting the words that you have jotted down and make tickets for the guests.

You could also employ professional software to create 5*3 grids of these pictures scattered just in the way a real time bingo ticket is. An announcer is then needed to announce these words in a whacky and humorous way.

The presentation of the entire game will matter a lot, so make sure you go in for this game if you are sure of the announcer’s capabilities. Prizes of the game would be the same as those of regular Bingo like top line, bottom line, full house etc.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

One of the most popular games at bridal showers. Get an empty glass bottle and start playing truth or dare. Make sure the truths asked are about weddings, the bride and the groom. Dares can be whacky like asking a person to impersonate the groom and enact a romantic scene with the bride.

It could also be asking someone to propose to the one person amongst the crowd gathered whom she would like to marry and so on.. This game has proved in the very many years of its existence that it is an ever green game, and always a whole lot of fun!

The Lingerie Game

The Lingerie Game

The perfect game for a bridal shower! The only glitch in executing this game is that it is only possible in a small gathering. So, if your bridal shower fits in this criterion, then read on. All the guests at the party will bring with themselves a piece of lingerie for the bride and write a message on it for the new bride.

All of these are then displayed in a room or decorated, and at the end of the event, the bride will read the messages and guess the person who has presented her with that particular piece of lingerie.

This also makes the gifting process simpler, as everyone just gives the bride a lingerie gift. This also serves the purpose of increasing her collection, which will be much in use after her wedding.

Hope this list has got the wires of your brain whirring as you decide which one out of these games suit your event the must. Do not forget to keep in mind the nature and the temperament of the bride before organizing any game. The objective is that she should enjoy each moment of the games that you organize, and therefore first and foremost person to be made happy on that day is the bride!