13 Awesome, Interesting & Fun Party Games for Kids

Today i will give all parents some of the  fun party games for kids.  I know parents are more curious about planning their kid’s party, so for all of them i have listed down some fun, interesting and awesome games for kids.

So your little one’s birthday is here or any other party occasion and there is no way you can let it go uneventful. An exciting birthday bash is something that your child awaits for a whole year. Your child is never going to be of the same age twice hence the birthday party too has to be as unique and special as they are.

A birthday party is more of a way to boost up the kid’s energy levels as well as to instill a sense of self esteem by making the entire day all about them and only them. It need not be a lavish one, if they are made to feel like a prince or a princess, even a small party would be more than sufficient.

Now definitely, planning a party is not an easy task but it need not be a stressful one either. You do not have to freak out worried about how it will go, you should be able to enjoy the whole process.

By deciding a theme for the party you can make your work easier because it simplifies the process of organizing the food and the decorations. But keep in mind that the chosen theme is of the birthday boy/girl’s interest in fact it would be better if you discuss it with them first. Involve the child in the planning and preparations by allowing him/her in choosing the theme, the guest list, the food, the games and the return gifts. You can go according to the theme of the party with most of the things for the party but games.

Fun birthday games for kids

Fun party game ideas for kids

An exciting birthday party for a kid has to have exciting games for the children. Traditional games are not so interesting any more. Hence, here we bring to you a list of creative and fun games to play that all the kids in the party are going to love. The following twelve ideas can make your kid’s birthday party a talk of the town.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunt game

An all time favorite for everyone, this game needs you to hide a treasure (prize) somewhere and the participants need to find it with the help of clues provided by you. You can divide the group in two or three and let them work together as a team to conquer the quest. Keep in mind to decide on a prize such which is easily divisible.

You can also plan it as a quest involving a few levels and on clearing the level, participants get certain points. By the end of the game the one with the maximum number of points wins it.


Quidditch game

Name a kid who has not loved Harry Potter, I can think of none. Hence, Quidditch would be a fantastic way to bring magic to the party. Ofcourse some rules will have to be bent but the basics can remain the same. There will bludgers, quaffles, snitch and obviously brooms. You can make your own rules keeping the essence of the game in mind. For example, always keeping the brooms between the legs, limiting the number of turns a kid can have with the quaffles etc.

Boat races

boat races

By this I definitely do not mean actual boat races obviously but the origami ones. Now you can make this a bit more interesting by first allowing the kids to make their own origami boats. You can add a small but fun origami session for the children and then let them compete the boats against each others

Pin the tail


Pin the tail to the donkey may be an old one but you can always make it fun by bringing in new creatures to be pinned. For example, Pin the horn to the unicorn or pinning the eye to the frog.

Be Crafty

crafty games

A craft session is great for 6 to 10 year old kids. Decorating some photo frames, mugs, boxes etc are enjoyable activities for the kids and to add to the fun, let them take these items back home with themselves as a memory.


Lego game

A great idea for young ones of age 3 to 4 is Lego. Let them enjoy the food and the cake before and then allow them to build new ideas and create new things. Their excitement upon the marvel they fashion would be worth watching.

Sleepover games

Kids loves sleepover parties. I am sure you also enjoyed sleepover parties when you were kid, isn’t it so? So if by any chance you are planning sleepover party then must also plans some games for it.


Trivia for kids

An extremely easy game yet the kids will be most entertained by this one. You can prepare a series of simple questions on superheroes for boys or princesses for girls and ask them in a group. For example, which superhero turns to have a green monster like appearance when angry? Or which princess went to a deep sleep after pricking her finger on a spindle? Whenever a child gives the correct answer they get a prize. Just make sure that each child gets a prize by the end of the game.

Flamingo challenge

As the name can tell it is a contest for those who can stand on one leg the longest? But again there is a twist. Divide the kids in two groups and ask them to choose one from their team to be the flamingo. The other kids of each team have to try and the opposite teams flamingo lose balance. This can be done by teasing, making faces, by making him laugh, by gentle touching or tickling etc. the team whose flamingo remains standing on one foot for the longest wins and the entire team gets a prize.


Commercial uses game

A fun and creative way to engage the kids. All you have to do is pair up the kids in twos or threes and ask them to come up with new uses for everyday regular products. Give them 15-20 minutes to plan up and then ask them to come up with a presentation of their ideas. Of course all of them win.

The Bag of Mystery

The Bag of Mystery

Get some brown paper lunch bags and put some extremely common things in an unusual way in it. For example, halved soap bar, peeled grapes, a folded handkerchief or tie, a balled up sock and so on. The participant has to put his hand inside the bag and without looking at all has to make the guess about what is in it. The one who gives the maximum correct answers wins.

Race of the cotton balls

Race of the cotton balls

For this game all you need is colored cotton balls and spoons. The participating kids have to be blindfolded and all they have to do is scoop the cotton balls with the help of the spoon from one bowl and drop it into the other one but the catch here is that the participant has to be blindfolded. The one who transfers the maximum number of cotton balls from one bowl to the other is the winner of the game.

Ping pong toss

Ping pong toss

A classic game that has never lost the fun element. Simple to set and simple to play. With no complicated rules, all you have to do is place a few glasses and from a certain distance ask the kids to aim so as to make the ball fall into the glass. The one who makes the maximum number of shots into the glasses wins.

Now this game can also be played in a slightly different manner. Create a figure of a cartoon character or for that matter any character that will go along the theme of your party and make a hole (large enough for a ball to pass through) in its mouth appearing to be as if it will swallow whatever comes his way. Now ask the kids to aim at the hole and who so ever is able to make the maximum number of right shots wins.

There are many more of such fun party games for kids that you can plan and play in your kid’s party. All you need is a bit of creativity, few things that can help you plan the game in a proper way, a bag full of gifts, and loads of love. So for the next birthday bash, plan for any of these games and turn your kid’s party into a glamorous event, something that all his/ her friends will remember till the next birthday. And it’s our promise to you that in return you are going to get a few tight hugs and lovely kisses from your kids for making their bash a memorable one!