20 Fun Office Party Games to Make Any Office Party Exciting

Today topic is very interesting that is “office party games”. I am sure soon its going to be a party in your office and thats why you are here to find some of the best games. So for all the people who are finding some fun office games to be played, here you will find the list of some perfect games that you can plan for the party.

A party which is thrown for the staff members of the office is termed as an office party. It can be conducted anywhere either in the office or outside at any community center or hotel. It’s advisable that office parties should be held in offices once in a month so as to relax the staff members and give them a cool energizing break from their hectic schedule.

It helps the staff members to get to know more about each other and makes them socialistic through such events. Generally informal office parties are more relaxing and comfortable for staff members and they also enjoy the most in them as compared to formal office parties where clients are also invited and because of them such evenings mostly turn into official meetings.

office party games

Fun office party games you must plan out

Today, I will acknowledge you with some very fascinating party games that can be played at your office during your informal office party which you all will enjoy and your colleagues will remember the day throughout their life. Playing and having fun at your office where you generally work will be a great idea to give a break to your mind and body and get yourselves refreshed.

Desk Thief

It is a very interesting office party game where one person will have to steal one valuable item from each person’s desk before beginning of the party. That person could be the host or peon of the office who would not be involved in the game.

Then after collecting the items display all of them at a desk and when the party begins ask everyone to guess which item belongs to whom. The actual owner of the belonging would be asked not to tell disclose their item before. They would be supposed to keep quiet and let other’s guess whose item is it.

Belly Balloon Break

This office party game is very much played during such events where everyone is paired up with each other, generally a girl and a boy is paired up. Then a balloon is given to them and they are supposed to keep that balloon in between them, holding tight with their stomach only.

The balloon would be squeezed between both the player’s belly and hands would not be allowed at all. They will have to balance the balloon and make it cross towards the deadline without touching it and one’s whose balloon fall down on ground, they would get disqualified from the task.


Firstly, to play this game make sure your office has plenty of space. Then divide all the staff members into equal teams either 2 or 3 and ask each team to write the name of the ingredients that are used in a burger on sticky notes that can get stick on clothes easily.

After this, the team that has written the ingredients will attach the sticky notes at the back of the members of other team. In this way, each team members will have some label attached at the back of them. Now, members will have to assemble in line in the same manner as in the order the burger is made. The team whose members gather first will be considered the winner.

Guess who am I?

In this game, the person who is hosting the party will write the entire staff member’s favourite dialogue on a piece of paper, which each member of the office speak very commonly and is famous for it. When the party will begin, then that bowl will be kept in centre in which chits of dialogues are there.

Then one by one each person will get up and speak the sentence written on chit in front of everyone loudly. The one who guesses first will be the winner. The person who is famous for that sentence will not speak up before any one guesses and if everyone fails to guess then that person can get up and tell that its his/her dialogue.

Death by Winking

It’s a game where the person who gets ‘M’ symbol on his/her chit will have to wink and kill other members who are then the victims with ‘V’ on their chits. For this make small paper chits and keep it in a big bowl.

In the chits, there will be one murderer which will be mentioned as ‘M’, the other one will be a detective as ‘D’ and rest others will be victims with ‘V’ mentioned on chits.

When the game will start, the chits will be kept in a big bowl and then each member would be asked to go and pick one chit each. Once everyone has acquired their chits, they will be asked to open it.

The chit on which ‘M’ will be mentioned would be the murderer whose job would be to wink other members in the party and kill them, detective with ‘D’ on his/her chit would be supposed to guess who is the murderer.

If the murderer unknowingly winks to the detective then he/she will be caught and the game would end but if the detective is unable to find out the murderer and before that if murderer succeeds in winking and killing the victims then he/she would be the winner.

Laughing Game

It is the best funny game that mostly office parties conduct. All you need to do is to assemble your whole staff and ask them to stand in a circle. Then one by one each player takes a chance to say ‘Ha ha ha’, ‘Ho ho’, or ‘Hee hee’ thereby pretending to laugh and make others laugh.

If someone laughs other than the person whose turn is going on, then he/she will be knocked out from the game. Hence, the game will last until only one person is left in the end and he/she will be the winner.

What a Lie?

Collect your staff members and ask them to sit in circle. Then give them some time to write two personal facts about them in which one should be true and the other one should be a lie.

After this, each person will be given a chance to read out their statements loudly and other members would have to guess which statement is a lie.

If everyone is able to find out the lie statements then no one would be the winner but if a person gets least votes for his/her lie then he/she would considered be the winner.

Name the Song

For this musical game, firstly you should plan what type of songs you can use in the game e.g., by decade or genre. Then compile all the songs in a pen-drive or CD to play it during the game in the music player.

After gathering every staff member in the hall, play only first 5 seconds music and let everyone guess which song is it. The first person who guesses the correct song will be the winner. In overall, the person who will make the maximum right guesses will be the winner of the game and a reward would be given to him/her in the end.

Guess which movie?

In this game, firstly write titles of movies and keep them in a bowl. After that you will have to pair up your staff members so that the game can be played in pairs. Then start with a pair and ask them to pick out a chit from the bowl and whichever film’s name would be there, they will have to enact a scene from that movie.

For this, they would have to act very silently without prompting or using any sound or word. Rest other members job would be to find out which movie is it and whosoever guesses first will then go up with his/her partner and would act accordingly.

In this way, the game will be continued till all the pairs would get a chance to enact. It’s an entertaining party game which can be played anywhere either in office or at home.

The Statue Game

It is yet another interesting game which can be played at any formal or informal parties but before starting it please make sure that your guests have understood the rules of the game very clearly. It’s a fun-filled game where there is no winner and no loser.

All you need to do is to say the word ‘Statue’ to anyone at any time, whenever you feel like saying. The other person who might be eating something, talking, walking or doing whatever will have to stop in middle at then and there only and will have to acquire a statue position at that very moment. It will be a great fun while playing this game and you all will enjoy becoming statues during the glorious party.


It’s a very fascinating game which every aged person loves to play. The main objective of this game is to do opposite of what you have asked them. You can play it individually with your staff or can play by dividing players into teams.

It’s a pleasing game and once you have started playing it, you won’t be able to resist yourself and would want more and more. Once if someone has asked from you to do something like stand up then you would be supposed to do opposite of it i.e., sit down.

Similarly, if someone has asked you to walk, you will be then have to run in that area and if someone does not follow the rules like if someone does directly the thing which is asked from him/her rather doing opposite of it, then he/she will be out from the game.

Office Hunt Game

To play this game, you need to keep several things in mind, i.e., to specify the area up to where the game will be played and you will have to set a time limit in order to decide the winners. In this, firstly collect all your staff members and divide them equally into four or five teams.

Next step would be to provide each team with a list in which some items will be mentioned which the members will have to find out and bring them accordingly in the end.

The fastest team who will complete the task by gathering all the items mentioned in list and will return to the end point will be the winner. This competitive game will energize your colleagues and will strengthen their spirit to win.

What’s the Strange Thing?

It’s a game that usually examines your sense of touch and determines how strong it is. It’s a very simple yet amazing game where one by one each person will come and get blindfolded. Then he/she will have to put his/her hand inside a big box where several items would be kept.

The box can contain unusual quirky objects like rubber snake, spider, lizard, tortoise, or soft balls, slippery toys, and all such strange items which would be difficult to guess. That blindfolded person’s task would be to pick one such item and then guess what it is.

If he/she succeeds in guessing then he/she wins and if he/she fails in determining it, then it would be said that he/she has a weak sense of touch.

Musical chairs

This is the most elegant game that is almost played in all the parties from a kid’s birthday party to a formal office one. But honestly, this classical game can never be called as an old game because no one can get bored of playing it.

Simply just arrange the number of chairs that should be one less than total number of persons participating in it and then start off the music.

Whenever the music will stop, one by one people will get knocked out from the game thereby leaving two persons at last competing for the master chair. Whosoever sits first on that chair will be the winner of the game.

Conclusively, playing the above games in your office party will be a great amusement period and your colleagues would definitely love to be a part of such interesting night.