17 Perfect Family Reunion Themes to Plan

Yesterday i have got a mail from Mr Eric, who asked for some nice family reunion theme options. He is planning a get together for his family members and relatives, this weekend. To answer his query and for many others who are looking for the same, i thought i should write a list of themes that could help out everyone. So here we go, explore some of the best different theme options for the party.

The family reunion is a great approach to reconnect with long distance relatives and an opportunity for different generations to hang out together, share memories and create new for years to come. Planning a reunion with a theme makes it interesting and can build up family core values.

A theme adds a whole lot to the reunion celebration as it is all about organizing amusing family reunion activities and making it memorable for the family. Incorporate a theme that includes almost everything from the family reunion invitations to thank you gifts such as invitations, food, games, activities, decoration, party favors.  You can even have dress codes for family members.

family reunion themes

Family Reunion Themes List

Here are some nice theme options to help you choose the best out of them to make your forthcoming family reunion sutured with love and grounded by memories.

Pirate Themed Family Reunion

Pirate Themed Family Reunion

Throw a swaggering Pirate Themed Family Reunion party and celebrate it with full of pirates, treasure, and excitement. Make theme based invitations that are pretty cool and splendid.

When it comes to decoration explore few of the given ideas like have a treasure chest, crates and fishing nets that can be placed or hanged around at random, have some palm trees around, etc.

Think like a pirate if you are planning pirate themed reunion party. Arrange beverages like a bottle of rum for adults and pirate juice for kids and women, sugar cookies ornamented to look as if sand dollars, main course like hotdogs, burgers, steak, or actual fish.

In addition to this, plan some games or activities to add more fun in the party like pirate swag crafts, pirate contest, etc. In the end, appreciate your family members’ presence by giving them theme based party favors.

We Are Family

we are family

To make it a great hit and memorable one, throw this family reunion with proper planning.

  • Choose a location of significance to your family, family get-together should be exciting and pleasurable for one and all so arrange fun games and activities for all age groups
  • Make available customized family T-shirts for everyone to wear
  • Record memories by planning family photo shoot and video
  • Discuss family history and legacy
  • Share thought & beliefs
  • Plan food keeping in mind taste and likes of each and every family member
  • Finally say goodbye to all by giving them unforgettable party favors.

Family Trivia

Family Trivia

Before the reunion, send a questionnaire to all of your family members and gather information. This will assist you pile up the list of family trivia questions to ask at some point in the reunion.

Examples of family trivia questions are how many generations are in our family?, who is the newest member in our family?, who lives in Canada?, who recently retired?, who recently got a new job?, what is our family’s local language?, who’s the chitchat queen in our family?, who in the family plays the guitar?, who is the best cook in our family?, who is the best dancer in the family?, etc. During the get-together, divide the group into several teams in accordance with size of your family. Some

Family Reunion Splash Party

Family Reunion Splash Party

If entire family is in city or surrounding areas and it is hot and sunny time then plan to throw a family reunion splash party this summertime. On the family reunion invitations, do not forget to mention that each family member brings swimsuit, towels, sunscreen, floats, water toys, and whatsoever they needed for the water.

For decoration you can plan some suitable theme based color schemes. Food for this theme is same as what you would do for a regular party. But, you can include a little of the theme like cupcakes, fish props, water buffet, etc.

If we talk about game then here are lots of water games that can be planned such as water balloons, sprinklers, slip n’ slide, water guns, marco-polo, hot balloon, wet sponge handoff and so on. At the end of this splash party, you can give towels, family reunion t-shirts, etc. to your family members.

 Rock on the Music

Rock on the Music

Bring back the hits of former times and celebrate with the your adorable and caring family members. If you have loads of musically-inclined members in your family, then let them know prior to time what era would be marked such as ‘50’s, ‘60’s, ‘70’s, 80’s, etc. in accordance with performances can be geared up.

Encourage group efforts and healthy competition with surprise gifts as per the era of music you are recalling. Decide outfits, decoration, return gifts, etc. on the basis of decade you have decided for your Rock on the Music family reunion theme.

Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham

This unique family reunion theme can be a pleasurable proposal if your family member loves to play or chase soccer. Even it is a superior idea if your get-together will be held exactly around the World Cup. Family members who are not as interested or conversant in soccer can be introduced to this team game via games and activities.

Winner of the day’s game will be awarded with surprising gift. You can plan on snacks in accordance with the theme or that can be served in a playing field. You can go for this athletic reunion theme and your family reunion overwhelming.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is one of the most entertaining and thrilling family reunion themes, which is part of a picnic in the recreational area which has lots of different hiding spaces. Decide what your treasure is and where you will hide it to a suitable location, which is away from potential hazards for family members.

Amusing treasures might be cupcakes, candy, crafts, stickers, a new game, toy trinkets, etc. Settle on the fundamental layout and rules. For instance, you can plan longer treasure hunts with harder clues for teenagers and adults as they have more stamina. Set up the hints when nobody is noticing.



If you have one or more members from your family who are rejoicing a milestone, for example a 25th anniversary, 50th birthday, etc., then this is a great family reunion theme to tribute numerous family members simultaneously.

Arrange party food with a unique and milestone cake like Happy 25th Anniversary, Happy 50th Birthday.  Request all members of your family to dress in personalized t-shirts for the party. Decorations are to be done in accordance with the milestones. Plan some engaging activities for all ages like family toasts, song tributes, etc.

County Fair

County Fair

County Fair is one of the amazing and engaging theme option for family reunion, which includes holding a pie-eating contest or a pudding contest. This reunion theme is aimed to bring fun among each member of the family by creating different family reunion activities.

The children are allowed to hand out blue ribbons whereas elder members like uncles are asked to be the juries. The complete favorite recipes of the family reunion can be compiled into a family recipe book. Let the children do their best and complete in race, enjoy horse riding and create a petting zoo.

Decades Past

family decades

It would be best if you theme your family reunion around some specific decade. For instance, a decade past reunion is amusing for the individuals who had personally experienced it and those who just have heard about this.

The most general way to plan a fifties or sixties reunion party is to have one and all armed with playoffs, movies and clothing, which used to be popular in that period of time.

To make it more engaging and entertaining plan a few family history games such as discussion about generations, life stories, recollecting memories, etc. It will involve and amuse everyone who will share stories and history of family.


Carnival theme

A family reunion carnival requires a lot of time and thought in planning. So to make it a realistic event gets the help of other family members for this gathering. Invite each family unit to set up, manage and take complete responsibility of one of the booths for your carnival.

For carnival reunion, look at the large venues depending on your family size. Ensure that you are planning carnival family reunion theme-based prizes to give away with the games such as balloon pop, ring toss, target practice, fish bowl ball toss, pyramid knock-down, dunk tank, etc. You can also plan carnival rides if your family have good budget.

Family Olympics

Family Olympics

Family Olympics is meant for those families which are energetic and would like to enjoy a quite healthy competition. This one is one of the best theme, which includes decorating a different color t-shirt for every family member and then wearing them a team sport t-shirt for Family Olympics.

Also, plan your activities, food, and decorations in accordance with the theme. If your get-together truly coincides with the Olympics, then it will be surely exciting. Families can divide into groups, pick a country to stand for, wear accordingly, and take part in athletic competitions that are held at the Olympics. Other family member who can’t play or take part in the Family Olympics can rest as a cheerer. At times, they can empire the game also.

Sports Camp Gathering

Sports Camp Gathering

Through a fantastic sports camp gathering you can combine something of everything to your most awaited event of family reunion. This is best particularly for those reunions which are supposed to last at least for two days. Activities are required to be managed so as to keep everyone engaged for the whole day.

This theme is also best for reunions which are held at encampments or parks where the organizer is responsible for the complete activities. To make it a successful family get-together checks for playing fields and open places for recreational and entertaining sports. For the complete family unit, you can explore football, baseball, volleyball, boat rentals, water sports, etc.

Family History

family history

There is no better theme available for your family reunion other than the history of your family. Also, tracing the family history is a rational theme and is another one of the best way to celebrate the event of family reunion.

This type of reunion also offers different opportunities for learning about the origin of our family, our ancestors, as well as contributions made by them in the history of the country. So plan a family history theme with your loving family members and have some quality time to share some “family tradition and teachings”.

Festive Reunion

Road Trip theme

It makes the environment more beautiful when your dear ones combine you to rejoice the crisp insignia of autumn with a carnival style festive reunion. It includes fun activities like some live country music singing, carnival games, wheelbarrow rides, circus, acting and even line dancing.

In case, the reunion date is nearer to Halloween, members can adorn jack o’ lanterns. It would be more pleasant, pleasurable and burden less if different family traditions can be incorporated to it.

So, warmly invite your loving family members spread-out across the country to celebrate the coming festive holidays at the place (pre-decided) where you can have a good time in style.

Pick any of the above mentioned themes and plan to make the occasion memorable for the family members.  Ahead of settling on a family reunion theme, keep in mind who will be attending your get-together, their ages, common interests, dietary needs, personal beliefs, and comfort-level. In the end, you would like your family reunion to be a blissful occasion that makes every member of your family easy or comfortable. Having decoration, games, snacks, activities, etc. to amuse people of all ages will keep the enjoyment going and make one and all happy.