10 Drinking Games with Cards You Must Plan for the Party

Are you interested in planning some drinking games with cards? Is for any occasion or any party? Don’t worry, what so ever the occasion is, here you will find some of the awesome and interesting games that you can plan out.

Drinking and cards is a combination that is loved by almost everyone. As the festivities begin and people make plans of partying together or just coming together to spend time with each other, a card party at this time features high on the list. Card parties when played by adults can be fun and you mix drinking with it, and it will surely turn out to be an absolute blast. One that your friends are going to remember for a long long time.

Choose a group of people who enjoy both drinking and cards, so that no one feels really left out in the party. All you need to organize these kind of parties are lots of drinks, specific to the choices of your friends, one or two deck of cards and lots of food. These parties will be so much fun that they will run into a long duration of time, so be prepared that your food and drinks are never over. Get yourself a nice big table and nice comfortable chairs.

Unbundle and loosen everyone with easy games to begin with which are simple to play and high on the ‘drinks’ part. Once everyone comes in the mood of playing these games, you can go for longer games with fewer drinks so that the game becomes as much fun as drinking.

drinking games with cards

Card drinking Games

Here are some of ideas for drinking games that can be played with cards. Take a look:


This is a complex but fun drinking game and you will need a minimum of 5 people to play this game.

How To Play : The participants first need to be segregated into the President, Vice-President, Normal People and Asshole and this is done by dealing a hand. Each one gets 6-7 cards. Out of the cards, aces are high, threes are low and twos are wild.

Where the deal ends, the next person will put his cards down of the same value like one four or three 6s. The next person has to then create a higher value out of his cards. To extend the example, he must put down three 7s. At this time, putting four 7s is not allowed. If the person is unable to do this, he must pass and this will result in that person taking a drink. The same rules continue for the next hand also.

A new hand starts when everyone passes or a person plays a 2. The last person who plays the card will lead in the next hand and this continued until all the cards are gone. The one who does this successfully is the President in the next round, the one who comes second is the Vice President, others are normal people until only two players are left who will be Vice-Asshole and Asshole for the next round respectively. The rules that come with these privileges are:

1) President

  • He will always start the round.
  • He can make any one drink at any time.
  • He will never refill his own drink, someone else will do it for him.

2) Vice President

  • He goes second in each round.
  • He can also make anyone drink anytime except the President.

3) Normal People

  • Normal people play their turn in the same order as they finished the last round.
  • They can make each other drink and the Vice-Asshole and the Asshole.

4) Vice Asshole

  • He plays after the last normal person.
  • He can make himself and the Asshole drink.

5) Asshole

  • He is always the last one to play.
  • He will then need to fill glasses of everyone, whoever asks for it and the President.
  • He is not allowed to make anyone else drink.

In this game, the asshole will deal and sweep the cards and whoever helps him, will become the Asshole. You can also include as many fun points for the Asshole as you want and depending on the group that you are playing with.

Circle Of Death

It is a complex drinking game to get everyone drunk before you even realize it.

How To Play : All players sot on the table and place a pint of beer at the center of the table. Now put the whole deck of cards face down around the pint to forma ring.

Now, one by one each person will pull out a card which will have a specific meaning. Black cards stand for ‘take’ and red stand for ‘give’. 2,3,5,7,8, and 10 of black color means that the person will have to take those many sips from the drink and if they are of red color then these sips can be split amongst the group and everyone drinks.

When a 4 comes, everyone says that ‘4 is for whores’ and all women in the group drink.  Similarly, when a 6 comes, everyone says that ‘6 is for dicks’ and all the men in the group drink.

9 means that ‘9 is for rhyme’ and the person who pulls out the card starts a rhyme and it is  continued by rest of the people on the table until someone messes and has to drink.

Jack means that the person who has taken out the card will start a sentence and the following people will continue the sentence and keep repeating all that has been said earlier until someone slips up and has to drink.

Queen means waterfall time and everyone drinks together. King is ‘never have I ever’ time and the one who pulls this out has to reveal a truth about himself. The game continues until all the cards have been pulled out.


This is quite a popular and favorite drinking games of all time. Any number of players can play this game.

How To Play : The purpose of this game is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. All the players sit in a circle and the deck of cards is evenly distributed amongst them. You can also use  multiple decks if the number of people playing are more. The person sitting on the left to the dealer gets to play first.

This player puts an Ace on the table, facing down and declares how many of these has he put down. The next player has to play 2’s, then 3’s and so on until Kings come  out. After this the game starts again.

Now, the thing is that if the player does not have the required denomination or the number of cards, he puts any card and plays bluff. Any other player suspicious of this can shout ‘Bullshit’ and check the card being put.

If the bluff is caught, then the person bluffing will have to drink proportional to the number of cards on the table. However, if he was honest, the other person ends up drinking that same amount. Playing in this manner continues until all of someone’s cards are over.

31 (Thirty One)

This is a variation of Blackjack, however has some slight modifications.

How to Play : All the cards with numbers will carry their face values, face cards carry 10 points and aces carry 11 points. All players in the game will try to get 31 points as early as possible. When dealing is done, each one gets three cards, 1 face up and 2 face down.

The play then rotates and players keep picking cards until any one is about to reach the number ’31’ and he says ‘Knock’. Everyone then gets just one chance to draw the cards.

All the cards are then added up individually and the one with the lowest points has to drink a pint of beer. You can other rules like penalty beer for not finishing your beer before the next round and so on for fun.

King’s Blood

This is an extremely simple game but can really be fun and get people high quickly.

How to Play : Put all the cards of the deck face down on the table and keep a cup or jar in the middle of the table. Players will take turns to pick the cards and do the following:

Black Card – nothing to drink

Red Card – drink two times

King (any color) – refill the beer into the container

4th King – drink the entire container

Indian Poker

The game is fun to play and fun for passer bys to look at.

How to Play : The dealer gives one card to each of the player and he/she has to place the card face out on their foreheads so that everyone but that person can see the card.

After this, the dealer bets a certain number of drinks that he they have the highest card. Everyone then takes turns at betting, predicting the value of their own card. The one that has the lowest value will lose the game and drinks as much as the total number of the bets.

 Up And Down The River

Three people are needed to play this game. One deck of cards is needed for 6 people and if more people join in, then you need more decks.

How to Play : 4 cards are dealt for each of the players and kept face up. Once the hand begins, the dealer will flip one card at a time from the remaining deck and put it face up. The player who has the card of the same denomination will take one drink.

If they have more than one card, then they have to take the same number of drinks as the number of cards matching. For the next card, the same is done except that the number of drinks per card keep going up in subsequent rounds like 2 drinks per card, 3 drinks per card and so on.

After the 4th card, the dealer returns ‘down the river’ be putting the next card on top of the 4th card dealt. Now, if the cards match, 4 drinks are given away in any combination like 1 drink to 4 player or 4 drinks to 1 player or any other. The same goes on in reverse order like for 3 drinks, 2 drinks and so on. Once the deck finishes, the game starts again with the new dealer.

 Bet Your Liver

This is a simple game and all you need is a deck of cards, at least 3 people and of course beer.

How to Play : The game starts when a person pours beer into the glass and calls out black or red. The dealer then turns over a card from the deck and if the bet is correct, the glass passes on to the next person. If he goes wrong, then needless to say, he ends up drinking the whole of that beer and the turn passed on to the next player.

Bus Driver

This game can be played by two persons.

How To Play: Out of the two players playing, one is the bus driver and the other is the rider. The bus driver shuffles the cards and deals five cards face down on the table. The Rider then has to guess that the last card was black or red. If the guess is incorrect, then he has to take one sip or drink one glass of beer. This card then is discarded.

If the guess is correct, the bus driver asks whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card. For this also, the incorrect guess costs a beer and the correct guess takes the game forward. You can keep adding variations and keep switching roles and playing.

So, this party season, have more fun with cards that what you could have ever expected! Before you know, drinking games with cards will become a permanent fixture in your circle of friends and you will need no festival or occasion to celebrate, they themselves will be merriment whenever you meet.