25 Best Dinosaur Party Ideas that Will Make your Party Plans at Ease

Kids love Dinosaur themed parties, so today for all the kids i am sharing some very helpful dinosaur party ideas. I hope this list of ideas will really help you out in planning a dinosaur themed party for kids.

Since the movie Jurassic Park, dinosaurs have managed to not just capture the attention of the kids, but they have managed to make the kids as well adults fall in love with them. It is no more uncommon for people to actually throw parties on the theme of dinosaurs.

In fact, in the past one week itself, I have attended two parties which had dinosaurs theme, and must I say that both the parties were amazing. Dinosaurs are no longer a scary creature. In fact, there are any cartoons made on dinosaurs, these days as well, which has only contributed to the ever increasing craze for this extinct and mysterious animal.

Keeping in mind this increasing love for the dinosaurs, I have decided to present to my readers some ideas,which should help them in planning and organizing an awesome dinosaur party.

dinosaur party ideas

20 Exciting Dinosaur Party Ideas

If you are planning on keeping the theme of your upcoming party as dinosaurs, then there are some very special arrangements that you would have to make for the same. Below are some ideas that will help you in planning this dinosaur birthday party in a more efficient and special manner.

Collecting Stuff For The Party


In order for a party to be planned well, it is very important that the host of the party makes a list of all the items that they would require during the party, and collect all these items in one place.

When throwing a dinosaur party, you need to try and buy as much stuff as possible, which is related to dinosaurs. Thus, when you are buying basic party necessities like cups, napkins, plates, etc., you should try to find these items with dinosaur print on them.

These items are very easily available these days in dinosaur prints at many shops.

Arranging For Special Stuff


When you are throwing a dinosaur party, you will have to give your venue the feel of a jungle or some wild place where dinosaurs can be found.

For this, you will have to arrange for stuff like sand box, sand bags, fossils, fake dinosaur eggs, etc. All these items when properly arranged and displayed at the venue, will help in giving the guests the of being in a pre-historic jungle, which is inhabited by dinosaurs.

Make sure the overall color scheme of your party is green.

Dinosaurs Pictures And Cut Outs


To complete the look and feel of the jungle you have created using the above accessories, you need to place some dinosaurs in the jungle as well.

You can use dinosaur posters or even life size 3D cut-outs of the dinosaurs, which will make it appear like a real dinosaur is present at your party.

Creative Writing


It would be nice to get creative with your writing skills as well during this dinosaur party.

You can make sinages leading the kids to the games area, bathroom, cake cutting table, and other areas of the party venue. The sinages should have the directions written in a creative manner, for example, for leading the kids towards the eating zone, you can write, Make way towards the Dinosaur Nesting Grounds and watch tiny dinosaurs eat and drink, and similarly other creative lines, containing references of dinosaurs, can be placed all over the party venue.

Dinosaur Invitations


It would be simply wrong to send a normal party invitation, when you are keeping the theme of the party as dinosaurs.

The invitations for the party should be the starting point of the theme of the party and therefore, you can come up with many innovative ideas for the invite like, you can design the envelope in the form of a dinosaur egg and the card inside can be in the shape of a new born dinosaur.

Use Pre-Historic Wordings In The Card


The wordings that you use in the invitation card can also be made interesting by using some special and creative dinosaur words like instead of simply writing “come to our fun-filled party”, you can write, “you are invited to a Dino-mite party.”

However, make sure that you use these special words sparsely, as you not want your invite to become so difficult to read, that no one is able to understand what is written on the card.

Dinosaurs Stickers As Party Entry Cards


I know you are planning on throwing a simple party for your close friends and family members, and it is not going to be a red carpet affair, where the guests have to carry a special entry pass.

However, it can be real fun to enclose a special dinosaur sticker in the invitation card and ask all the guests to carry this sticker with them in order to enter the party.

O make things even more fun, in case someone forgets to bring the stickers with them to the party, you can make the person do something fun as a punishment right at the party entrance.

Arrange For Caveman Clothes For The Guests


You can arrange for caveman clothes for all the guests, in order to give your party a complete rustic feel.

You do not have to do anything fancy, just take a large piece of cloth, which should be either in the jungle print, fur print or animal print, and cut a small round hole right at the center of the piece. The guests have to simply put their heads inside this hole and wear the cloth like a cape during the party.

You can also provide them with ropes in order to secure this cloth around their waist.

Let The Dinosaurs Show The Way To The Party


Right from the main gate of the party venue, till the door where the actual party is, you can paste big footprints of the dinosaurs. These footprints would act like the guide for the guests, letting them know, where all the action is.

These dinosaur footprints can be made out of cardboard paper, or you can simply draw the with chalk or paint.

Dig Bones To Take As Souvenir


If you are throwing a dinosaur party, you would surely have arranged for a lot of sand to be spewed at the venue in order to give it a jungle feel. Now, in addition to this sand, also arrange for some dinosaur bones, fake ones of course.

Hide these bones in the sand and ask your guests to dig out the bones and even allow the guests to take back home the bones dug out by them as souvenirs.

If not the adults, the kids are surely going to love the idea of owning dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Banners


A huge dinosaur banner has to be present at your party. It is this banner that is going to let everyone know from a great distance that an exciting and fun-filled get-together of dinosaurs and the people who love them is happening at this venue.

Toy Dinosaurs


Besides the huge dinosaur posters, banners and cut-outs, it would be nice to have some small, cute, little plastic, toy dinosaurs present at the venue as well.

While the huge dinosaur posters can look menacing and scary to the kids, these little toy dinosaurs are sure to bring a smile to the faces of the kids.

These small toy dinosaurs can also be used as centerpieces for decorating the tables at the party venue.

Volcano Attraction


To give your party an even more adventurous and out of the world look and feel, you can create an artificial volcano right at the center of the venue and place some dry ice in this volcano to make it seem like steam is rising from it.

During the era of the dinosaurs, it is believed that a lot of volcanic eruptions would happen, which in fact led to the creation of many land features which we see and enjoy today.

Make A Creative Zone For The Kids


It would be nice to have a space made especially for those kids who like to do creative things.

Here you can give the kids, cardboards, white sheets, colors and clay to make and color dinosaurs as per their will and then the dinosaurs created by them can be pasted on a special wall for everyone else to see.

Balloon Dinosaurs For Kids


Dinosaurs are not just believed to be lovable creatures, in fact, the first thought about dinosaurs that comes to the minds of the kids is of the even dragon, which spits fire out of its mouth.

You can give the kids balloons in the shape of these evil dragons and they can be made to kill the evil dragon or the dangerous dinosaur by bursting the balloons with their feet.

The bursting of balloons is one of the most fun activities for the kids at all parties.

Special Dinosaur Decorations For The Food Table


The food table is going to be the most used and viewed table at your party and therefore, you need to decorate it in a very special manner.

You can use house plants, dinosaur miniatures, and rocks (big and small) for giving the table a feel of the jungle where the dinosaurs use to eat.

Dinosaur Food Names


When are being so creative with the wording on the invitation card, directions around the venue, then it is only logical that you get creative with the names of the food items as well.

Give each dish a special dinosaur related name like the hot dogs can be named as Dino dogs, the burgers can be called the Tyrannasorous burgers, etc.

Many times, people end up trying out certain food items, not because of their taste, looks or smell, but because of the attractive name.

Dinosaur Shaped Food


It would be a really good idea, to try and give your food the shape of dinosaur wherever possible.

You can cut cheese and cookies in the shape of a dinosaur. The cake at the party should definitely be in the shape of a dinosaur. You can also arrange for chicken nuggets which are in the shape of a dinosaur as well.

Wherever it is not possible to shape the food like a dinosaur, try to at least give it a color or present it in a manner that it looks related to the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Moving Pictures


In olden times there used to be a camera, which when rolled, you could see moving images. You can arrange for this camera to be placed at the venue and the kids can turn by turn peep inside this camera, wind up the camera and see the images of dinosaurs playing, eating, and doing many other fun activities.

For the kids of this generation, this can be a novel thing, which they may have never seen before.

Dinosaur Favors


When it comes to giving away favors after a dinosaur party, you have two options: you can either stick to the routine favors like candies and sweets in the shape of dinosaurs or dinosaur figurines and toys, or you can choose to give something more interesting like a dinosaur finger puppet.

No matter what you choose to give away as favors, just make sure that the favors are also in keeping with the theme of the party.

Many people even choose to make their own dinosaur favors personally at home. Even if you are not that creative, the markets are flooded with dinosaur accessories, just try to pick something nice or team up two or more items to make a special favor for your guests.

Hoping that the above dinosaur party ideas mentioned, are of some help to those readers, who are planning on throwing a Dinosaur party. It is not necessary that you follow all the ideas, you can, in fact, pick and choose those which you like and which fit in with your party budget and other arrangements of the party. Even making small changes in your party using the above ideas can make your dinosaur party truly special.