Top 24 Confirmation Gifts For Boys

We come across many religions and their practices in our day to day life. We get to understand the different practices and rituals that belong to each religion. The richness of culture is something one needs to understand with an open mind. Every religion has its own rituals which convey very high meaning disciplining people who belong to the religion every time they are performed.

Every religion has its own sacred places to visit, sacred books to read, sacred verses to pray and many similar things. Matured living makes one understand that there are many similarities in the basics that all religions teach us. It is only when the meanings are deciphered in each and everyone’s own ways that problems start occuring. Mutual respect for religions will pave way to understand the sanctity as well as the in depth meaning in the practices of all religions. One such practice in Christianity is called the Confirmation ceremony.

Catholic Christians conduct a ceremony at the church for boys around 12 to 14 years of age celebrating their entering in to adulthood. This is conducted in the Catholic Church they belong to. A person who is termed as the sponsor stands behind the child who is awarded the confirmation.

While the ceremony happens in the church, the celebrations happen in a party where the confirmed children are blessed with many gifts from their friends and family members. Gifts for children who get confirmed are usually unique in nature. There are not the usual gifts given for other occasions. We provide here some ideas to gift those boys who get confirmed into adulthood by the church.


Confirmation gift ideas for Boys

1. Confirmation Picture Frames


These frames which will contain the certificate kind of confirmation information after the Confirmation ceremony gets over is one to be preserved for a life time. Add photographs from the ceremony and hang it in a prominent space in the walls of your home

2. Sacrament Wooden Cross


This sacrament wooden cross when gifted makes an apt gift for such a religious ceremony. The wooden cross symbolizing Jesus Christ the Lord who approved the adulthood of the young boy will remain with them throughout their life blessing them through this wonderful gift

3. Czech Glass Holy Rosary


The Czech glass Holy Rosary is a perfect gift that the children who have been approved of entering into adult hood is gifted with. These can be carried anywhere and used when ever required. This rosary will help the children who just got confirmed to perform the prayers adults do guiding them towards more discipline

4. Leather wallet


This is a beautiful leather wallet where boys can keep their money, and also flaunt their style. This is a great gift and boys love such gifts, as this is a useful one and such a beautiful leather wallet with stainless steel clip is surely a Wow gift.

5.‘The year you were born’ Trivia print


This wall mount print out must carry all about the boy getting confirmed in the ceremony at church. If you plan to gift such a trivia to the child, ensure you have all the right facts about them in your finger tips. Start the process of collating the information required to fill in this early so that your lovely personalised gift is ready to be given on the day of confirmation without any delay

6. Guardian Angel Tree


This pine tree like miniature is one of the best gifts that can be given to the newly confirmed boy. It will make them remember their confirmation as well as create eagerness to celebrate Christmas every time they see the same. Gift this small little angel tree to the small ones who have just entered into their adulthood and make them relish every moment with the guiding angel

7. Locking Confirmation Keepsake Box


This keepsake box with many sacramental figures and can hold little gifts that are of high value pertaining to conformation. Give this Keepsake box as your gift to the boy who has entered into adulthood through an official confirmation ceremony. We are sure they will not keep this box for the sake of keeping

8. Confirmation Photo Glass Frame


Confirmation is such a significant ceremony. Entering adulthood being officially announced by the church is a special occasion to celebrate. Capture as many photos as possible and frame it in this Confirmation photo frame. Gift this wonderful frame to the boy being confirmed into adulthood and make them relish the moment again and again throughout their life

9. Gadget keychain


A perfect gift for boys this gadget tool comes with multiple features like led light, bottle opener, foil cutter, screw driver and knife, also you can get the name of the boy engraved on keychain. This will help the boy do all the small works at home easily.

10. Godparent Cross Tile


Gift this wonderful God parent tile where you can add bible verses all around the cross. You can also personalize it with your own wording congratulating the boy who is officially entering into adulthood through the church. This tile that stands on an iron holder that comes with it makes it a perfect confirmation gift

11. Guardian Angel Visor Clip


This beautiful piece of visor clip is cleverly designed add sentimental words on one side and any name on the other side. This guardian angel can travel with you anywhere you go offering protection all the way through. Gift this guardian angel visor clip to the child who has got confirmed of his adulthood so he or she can travel safe every time, with this guardian angel guiding them during every travel of theirs.

12. Mini wood speaker


Gift the confirmed boy this wooden speaker as it is a great gift for music lovers especially. This mini wooden speaker works with any device that plays music so is a quite useful one, boys can attach this to their Pc, mobile, Ipod, laptop etc and enjoy the loud music.

13. Confirmation wooden Album


This wooden album can be effectively used to safe interesting tit bits that happened in the confirmation ceremony. It can be used to store he list of names of people who attended the ceremony, who gave what gift details etc. which will make a good read when browsed through after many years after the ceremony. Gift this Confirmation wooden album to the children who entered into their adulthood through official confirmation ceremony conducted by the church

14. Confirmation Autograph Frames


This is one of the best gifts to be given to the child who gets confirmed by the church that he is eligible to enter into childhood. You can give this as a surprise gift getting the autographs of all those who were present during the ceremony. It will make this gift a priceless one to be preserved for a whole life time of the concerned child

15. God Mother God Father Glass Frame


Gift this beautiful photo frame engraving on them words like God Mother and God Father. You can also print on them your message to the child who got confirmed of their adulthood in the church, which will make it more personalised and emotional

16. Confirmation Book Marks


Books marks are useful gifts not only for reading Bible but also for reading any other books. Give them this high utility value simple gifts and enable them sue the same till they have the habit of reading books. Print Bible verses on the same to make them more religious and meaningful. This will be an apt gift for children who gets announced about their adulthood by the church

17. Pewter Cross and Ichthys Bracelet


These bracelets with the cross on them will be another thoughtful gift you can give to the child who is officially announced to be entering adulthood. This adjustable bracelet can fit in any child’s hands and will protect them from all evils at all points of time. Children will also like them for their utility value giving a stylish look to their hands

18. Confirmation Rosary Box


We are sure someone has gifted the child who got confirmed with a beautiful Rosary. How about giving a Rosary box to safeguard the lovely Rosary? Gift the child who got confirmed with this Rosary Box where they will safely protect their Rosary. This is one of the high utility value meaningful gifts you can give to children who gets confirmed of their adulthood

19. Basket ball laundry shot


This gift every boy would love as they by default love sports related things and this super stylish basket ball laundry shots is amazing, where the boy can dump all the dirty clothes. Furthermore you can personalise with the boys name whom you want to gift this.

20. The year you were born mug


Print on this mug crucial information about the child who is getting confirmed on their status of adulthood by the child. Print as many information as possible about the child if you are planning to gift this during the ceremony. If you intend to gift this after the ceremony is over, you can even print a photograph of the child concerned during the confirmation ceremony giving it a surprising twist

21. Birthstone Rosary


This will be a very novel gift one can think of. You can understand the birthstone of the child getting confirmed on his or her adulthood. Order for a personalised Rosary with the specific birthstone of the child which, we are sure will communicate the genuinity of your intentions in gifting the same.

21 Basket ball bat with name engraved


This is yet again another thoughtful gift that can be given to the child getting confirmed in the church on their adulthood. Plan well in advance not only to ascertain the basket ball bat, but also to get the name engraved on the bat . This will give a personal touch to the gift making it more precious. This high bat will be liked by the young child without any doubt as mostly boys love basket ball and something like this one is a gift worth flaunting.

22. Confirmation Faith Canvas


This confirmation faith canvas is one of the highly relevant meaningful gifts that can be given to the child getting confirmed of his or her entering into adulthood by the church. The words engraved in the canvas will again and again instill the child’s faith in the Lord. You can give it a personal touch by deciding the colour, size and words. We are sure this canvas will find a prominent place in the child’s home who will relish reading the words again and again all through the life

23. Sacrament Blessing Puzzle of Life


This is yet again a novel gift that has utility as well as decoration value at home. The words in the puzzle will also keep teaching about life to the child every time he or she looks at it. Gift this puzzle to the child getting confirmed by the church that he or she has become matured enough in life to get into adulthood. This puzzle will continue to keep them matured in the days to come in their life.

24. ‘Thank you for creating me’ Cross Canvas


This is a wonderful gift to the boy who gets confirmed into their adulthood. It praises Lord Jesus Christ for having created the children saving them all through their growth into adulthood. These verses from Bible re-assure the faith of the children in Lord Jesus Christ. You can personalize the canvas by deciding on the verses to be print on them, size and color.