25 Cheap Gifts for Men that Will Come Under Your Budget

To find a perfect gift for a man is not a very difficult task unlike women who would love to get flowers, chocolates, jewelry or other such things, they prefer to go for something much more practical, something that can be of use to them.

The best way to come up with a gift that they would really appreciate is to figure out their favorite hobbies and past times. Still, if you wish to gift him with anything that has a personal touch in it then go for buy something that encapsulates and reminds him of some of his really precious moments.

One very important advice is to stay clear of the ‘clothes’ section. Men and women have very different choices hence do not take that risk unless and until you are absolutely confident of his likes and dislikes.

Take consideration of his lifestyle whether he is a avid music lover, partier or a sports fan, then consider your budget which is obviously a very important factor to be kept in mind. Also, if the guy is not someone very close to you need not spend a fortune on the gift as it may get weird. For such a situation where you are on a budget here is a list of some great low priced gifts that can be presented on any occasion be it a birthday, promotion etc.

cheap gifts for men

Recommended Cheap gift ideas list for men

Here you will find some of the very not so expensive gifts that you can gift any man.  I have tried to list different options so that it will be helpful to you. So stay tune and explore each gifts from the list one by one.

ChillsnerCorkcicle Chillsner

An extremely useful equipment in keeping the beer chilled from the first to the last sip. All that needs to be done is to keep it in the freezer for a few hours and then insert it in the bottle to enjoy each sip of that beer. This one has two Chllisners to keep your beer from getting warm for a pretty long duration.




PrintBeer glasses

A set of six elegant glasses to serve beer to the guests. These just don’t look good but are also quite durable and with a good capacity. A gift that would definitely be liked by him without burning a hole in your pockets. These are simple yet stylish transparent beer glasses to elevate the level of sophistication of an occasional gathering. So, what are you waiting for? Cheers!




Portable folding hammockPortable folding hammock

Relaxation that you can be carried by one easily in the form of this portable hammock which can be folded to be taken on a camping trip or a holiday. It will make a great gift to someone who loves to go out and explore. Unlike traditional hammock you do not have to roam around searching for a perfect pair of trees. . A very light weight hammock which takes only a few minutes for its complete setting.




Bookends always make a great gifting option and almost for everybody but it is actually much prized obviously by someone who actually loves to read. Gift this pair to someone who has a big collection of books so that ‘so many books so little time’ goes with it aptly enough. It’ll be funny and yet genuinely appreciated.


allen sollyHandkerchiefs

Well, this will be playing your safest bet when you are absolutely confused about what to gift. Handkerchiefs are something that everybody needs and are not so very expensive, even the branded ones. This is a set of three white and blue colored cotton handkerchiefs by Allen Solly and will prove absolutely pro your budget. A good idea for a gift to be gifted to a colleague or someone you just have formal terms with.



Folding chessPortable chess board

If you know the guy loves this game there is nothing else that you need to bother yourself with. This is a fine-looking and portable set of chess board and its pieces carved from beautifully polished wood. The board can easily be folded to half its size and can turn into a box where the chess pieces can be stored. Get this classic set for a very affordable price.




Whisky StonesLiquor stones

A great way to keep the drinks chilled without letting the ice dilute it. Liquor stones prove to be perfect in keeping the drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) chilled without compromising with the intensity of its strength. All that has to be done is wrap them in a velvet piece and leave in the freezer for a few hours and they are good to go.





Very stylish, very elegant- this set of six stainless steel coasters are a definitely going to add to the style quotient of the whichever next party is thrown by its owner. Gift this set to anyone close or just an acquaintance it will be surely appreciated by all. Stainless steel makes it very durable and corrosion free. Also, it is very easy to clean.




Gold Foil Playing Cards PokerGold plated Playing cards

Guys love to play poker and other such card games. This is not like an ordinary card set but one with 24k gold foil plating which gives it a very regal look. It is a set of 52 cards and with it are 2 jokers. It can be gifted to men of any age who love playing cards. It is bound to make a precious collective set for them.




Leather covered journal DiaryLeather covered journal Diary

To men who like antique looking things and also have a passion for writing. To such men it this will make a great gift. It is a diary with handmade leather cover giving a look that says it out loud that it is very unique. It has recycled papers which further adds on to the impression.




Personalized penPersonalized pens

Personalized gifts are always cherished. Here are such pens which can be engraved with the name of the dear one you wish to gift it too with a small message to add to the feel. These are smooth roller ball pens and the engraving is done on the caps, you can choose which ever one makes a perfect gifting option for you.




Personalized photo wooden plaquePersonalized photo wooden plaque

Gifting photo frames is so very common. Here is a new and unique version of the traditional the photo frames. All you have to do is while placing the order you need to attach the picture which you wish to be engraved on the wood. You can also add a message which can also be engraved and that’s it. Your work is done! The rest will be taken care by the makers.




Eye glass holderEye glasses holder

A unique piece of gift for someone who never seems to remember where he has kept his spectacles of sun glasses. Perfect for people of all ages it is a wooden block carved beautifully in the shape of a nose to make a flawless eye glasses holder. A new and creative gifting idea.




Stand for ipodPad foot for I-pad

A pad foot is kind of a clip which when attached to an I-pad keeps it in a standing and comfortable to view position. It makes it very easy to watch movies, videos and so on. A must have for all I-pad users so here again you have an idea which can never fail.






Another very safe bet as every guy needs it and from a brand like Levi’s it is sure to be liked. A stylish tanned brownbelt will add on to the look of and casual outfit. It can be with any jeans and is sure to enhance the appeal in it.





Gaming controllerGaming controller

This will turn out to be a wonderful surprise for a guy who is a gaming freak. From a brand like Logitech this controller has all the features a gamer would require for to be in a game controller. It also comes with warranty at a very affordable value.




Skinny calm tieTie

In the list of always useful gifts also comes a tie just get your choice right. Here is an elegant piece of tie which will go with almost all the formal outfit and will surely be adding to the style quotient. Who says formals have to be boring? Gift this tie to a man who is special to you.




leather walletLeather wallet

What can ever go wrong if you gift a wallet to a guy if only you have the look of it just right? So here we have a great formal, leather, brown colored wallet from Louis Philippe which isn’t so expensive that you cannot afford it. Made of soft leather this one is comfortable to carry. The perfectly sophisticated piece for a stylish man.




ipad caseI-pad case

If the guy owns an I-Pad then gifting him with an I-Pad case will also be a good idea. Here is a case with a very efficient design making all the ports very easily accessible with the case on. It also has other features like screen guards and stylus to keep the screen scratch and finger print free.





multiple purpose pen holderMulti-functional pen holder

A multi-purpose pen holder with a digital clock and temperature display. This will make a very good gift for a co- worker in your office.






Van Heusen Silver CufflinkCufflinks

A pair of elegant silver cufflinks by Van Heusen to add more style to a any sophisticated piece of apparel, gift these to a man who loves to stay well dressed and in vogue.





guitar plectrum machinePick punch

It is something which would be loved by a guitarist. So if your guy is one gift him this pick punch. Picks are very easy to be lost but with this punch machine your guy will never have to face the trauma of constantly trying to remember where last he kept it.





These gifts will make for a perfect gift for him and won’t put any undue pressure on your pocket too! So this party is going to be a rocking party since it’s going to be fun and enjoyment for not only him but for you as well!