31 Quirky Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

Are you in a way looking out for some birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend, ideas that are unique and interesting? You basically want to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday in any way that will make his day memorable. So for you i have a list of some of the best ideas to plan that will really make his day special and unforgettable too. 

Whenever girlfriends plan a birthday party for their boyfriends, most of the time, they spend most of the time in trying to figure out what gift to give, where to throw the party, who all to invite and other aspects of party planning. But the most important part about this birthday gets forgotten and that is to make the boyfriend feel special and loved.

One of the best ways to express your deep love for your boyfriend and make his birthday really special for him is by planning a special surprise for him on his birthday. Planning a surprise birthday requires a lot more effort than throwing simply organizing a birthday party for him, but the look on the face of your boyfriend and the admiration that you would get from him, will make all these efforts totally worth it.

I am sure you must have planned one or more surprises form someone close in your life like your father, mother or someone else in the family, but when planning a surprise for your boyfriend, you need to come up with some unique and special ideas.


Ideas For Planning Great Birthday Surprises For Your Boyfriend

Below, I have compiled a list of some great and unique ideas for planning a totally awesome surprise birthday for your boyfriend.

Surprise Love Notes

Surprise Love Notes

It often happens that after being in a relationship for some time, couples tend to stop expressing their feelings for each other. It does not mean that they stop loving each other, it’s just that they no longer feel the need to tell the other person how special they are. However, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, it is always good to hear your partner telling you how much they love you.

So, on this upcoming birthday of your boyfriend, let him know exactly how much he means to you in a special way. You can prepare small love notes for him, and not just one or two notes, make ten or even more notes. You can express your feelings for him in these notes, remember your special moments together and anything special that you may want to say to your boyfriend. Now carefully hide these notes in different items and places which your boyfriend uses and visits on a daily basis. For example, you can hide one note in his shaving kit, one note can be hidden in his office bag, one can be placed on the mirror in the bedroom and similarly you should find places where these notes would surely be discovered by him all through the day.

These love notes are surely going to surprise him and at the same time feel extremely loved and special on his birthday. You can even request other close friends and family members to also write similar notes for him for his birthday and hide them as well.

A Day Of Presents


Surprise your boyfriend with as many gifts as the age he hit that day. The gifts are not necessary to be expensive but thoughtful. Like on his 26th Birthday, present him 26 different things at particular interval of time keeping in mind his likings for the same. The idea seems to be a little childlike, but trust me they will love it.

Relive Your First Meeting

Relive Your First Meeting

In your relationship you might have travelled to a number of places and spend some really good times at various spots within the city and outside the city as well. However, all the special moments shared between the two of you, the moment when you first met each other would remain the most special memory for the both of you.

Therefore, on your boyfriends birthday, you can plan a nice, quiet and romantic dinner at the same spot for just the two of you. You can actually blindfold your boyfriend and take him to this place and surprise him.

Even if your boyfriend is not a very romantic and expressive person, having dinner at this spot on his birthday is surely going to bring out the romantic in him as well.

Plan Something Naughty

Plan Something Naughty surprise


With time, all the couples settle into a normal routine where they stop doing anything naughty and exciting for each other. If your relationship has also become boring, your boyfriend’s birthday may be the perfect excuse, to spice things up and give him, probably the best surprise of his life.

You can plan on doing anything naughty which you know your boyfriend had wanted for a long time, like wearing a special dress, buying some special adult toys for the night or anything else which would help in spicing up the evening and making the night extremely special for your boyfriend.

Birth Day = Pampering Day

pamper boyfriend

Who doesn’t like being given extra importance especially on their special day? Though men always show their strong side but secretly they also love to be pampered and there is nothing more than spending your precious time with them. Plan the whole day as a celebration. Shower your love on him and show him how important he is in your life. Together, both of you can go to his favorite place, eat his favorite food, watch his favorite movie, play his favorite game and experience the flow of true love between you.

Give Him A Special Massage

Give Him A Special Massage

Booking a special spa session at one of the best spa joint in your city is pretty boring and would probably be a great gift idea for your parents and friends, but when it comes to planning something special for your boyfriend, you need to think out of the box and something a lot more personal.

Instead of sending off your boyfriend to enjoy a soothing massage from some professional, you can actually plan to give him a very hot and scintillating massage in your own bedroom.

You can buy some special oils and fragrant candles to create the perfect mood for this birthday special massage of your boyfriend.

Surprise Him At The Door

surprise him at the door

If you are not too adventurous and are not up for planning something exotic and grand for your boyfriend for his birthday, and yet want to let him know that he is special for you, you can plan for a simple early morning surprise for him right at his door.

All you need to do is buy a nice gift for him, attach a small tag on it which expresses your feelings for him and first thing in the morning, even before he wakes up, stand ready with this gift right at his door, so that as soon as he opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is you, standing with his birthday gift and a loving smile.

Naughty Gift

Naughty surprise gift

Girls generally are very practical when it comes to selecting gifts. However, for once in life, you can throw your practicality out of the window and get all naughty and creative when finding a birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Imagine your boyfriend opening your gift box in front of his family or friends, only to find a very naughty gift hidden beneath the normal gifts and a personal note attached to the same, telling him why you chose that naughty gift for him and what exactly you plan on doing with the same.

This gift would surely embarrass him a little, but would also bring a smile to his face as well.

Surprise Birthday Party

birthday party surprise

This is a fairly simple and most commonly used idea for making the birthday of your boyfriend special.

However, when planning this special surprise birthday party for your boyfriend, make sure that everything you plan for the party is done in accordance with the likes and dislikes of boyfriend. Also remember, although you would be the one organizing the party, but the party is for him and hence, it is more important that the people close to him and special in his life are present at the party, rather than those people whom you think or want to be present at the party.

Men are Gadgets Lovers

men gadgets

Almost all the males are fond of gadgets. Some love mobiles, cameras, other are fond of laptops. Like I gifted a handy telescope to my boyfriend and he has so much of interest in knowing about the universe, you also search for what interest your boyfriend and select the gadget accordingly.

Treasure Hunt

gift treasure hunt surprise

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I have gone crazy for suggesting that you make your boyfriend play a game which small kids play at their birthday party. But trust me, the treasure hunt is one game which is fun for all age groups and even your boyfriend would enjoy the same, especially when at the end of the treasure hunt he knows he will find a very special gift for himself.

To make this game even more interesting, surprising and rewarding for your boyfriends, instead of some materialistic gift, you can actually call over his parents or old friends and through the treasure hunt lead your boyfriend directly towards them.

Trust me, when at the end of the hunt, he sees his parents or old friends, he would not just be shocked, but would love you a lot more for this special surprise.

Get Him A Dream Gift

Get Him A Dream Gift

There is always something that we all dream about, but never really get a chance to take a break from our routine life and do it. Surely your boyfriend may also have one such dream, like, he may a be big musical buff and likes to play guitar, or he may be adventurous in nature and want to go for a mountaineering trip to the Himalayas.

You can help your boyfriend in fulfilling this dream of his on his birthday by buying him a guitar or enrolling him with some camp which is soon to start climbing the Himalayas.

This gift would not only show that you him very well, but will also show how much you care for his dreams and desired.

Pretend To Forget

Pretend To Forget

Every boyfriend has certain expectations from his girlfriend. He wants his girlfriend to do something special for him on his birthday. Therefore, with so much expectation already riding on your shoulder, making his birthday special can prove to be extremely difficult.

Hence, to change this equation, you can actually pretend to forget his birthday by not calling him up at midnight to wish him and then his disappointment is at its peak, surprise hi with gifts and love and make his worst birthday suddenly turn into the best birthday ever.

Love Scrapbook

Love Scrapbook surprise

Your boyfriends birthday may be the best time to remember all the great times the two of you have shared and also remember the future plans and expectation that both of you have from your relationship.

You can actually prepare a scrapbook to gift to your boyfriend which would contain picture memories and your love notes on all the times that you two have shared since the very start of your relationship and the scrapbook can end with your wishes for him and how you see yourself spending the rest of your life with him, together as the best couple ever.

Tieing The Love Knot

Tieing The Love Knot

For this surprise you would need to find a corner of the house where you know your boyfriend would not come on a regular basis. Hoping that he would stay clear of this spot till his birthday, you need to arrange for a small birthday party for your boyfriend in this corner of the house. You need to decorate this place, keep your gifts ready here and make other preparations. Remember only you and your boyfriend are going to be a part of this party and hence no grand arrangements have to be made.

Now in the morning, before your boyfriend wakes up, tie one end of a roll of thread to the little finger of your boyfriend, and tie the other end of the thread to the your little finger. Now quietly go to the corner where all the party arrangements have been made by you, and wait for your boyfriend to wake up, follow the thread and come for his surprise birthday party.

Be His Favorite Chef For The Night

chef surprise

If your boyfriend is fond of eating, then one of the best surprises you can give him on his birthday is to cook all his favorite dishes for him.

You can actually plan a great dinner for him at home, with the table set in the most romantic manner and all his favorite food, personally cooked by you, laid out in the most elegant manner.

Spending quality time with your boyfriend on his birthday, sipping wine and enjoying romantic conversations with him, you would actually give him a very special birthday surprise.

Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon

If your boyfriend is a movie buff, or is particularly fond of some special Hollywood series like the Star Wars, etc., then you can actually plan a comfortable movie marathon for him, by arranging for the DVDs of these films and setting up the viewing of the same in the bedroom or the living room, tucked under a blanket, munching on popcorns and other special food items you might have prepared for him.

If your boyfriend is a reserved person, who does not like partying a lot, this quiet movie night may be the perfect surprise birthday plan for him.

Bring A Change In Yourself

Bring A Change In Yourself

No one is perfect and when two people are in a relationship, then they need to accept not just the good qualities of each other but also the flaws in others personality. Surely, there would be certain things about your personality which your boyfriend may not be a very big fan of, and you yourself feel that by changing those things, you can become a better person, then his birthday may be the best time to promise to make that change in yourself.

Therefore, think about what is it about you that your boyfriend does not like and which you too want to change in yourself, first talk to yourself and be sure that you are ready for this change, and when certain, make this special promise to your boyfriend on his birthday that you would change yourself in order to become a better person just for him.

Musical Birthday Wishes

Musical Birthday Wishes

If you are musical in nature, i.e. you are able to sing pretty well, or are able to write a nice poetry or song, then you can convey your feelings and birthday wishes for your boyfriends by paying a musical tribute to him over dinner.

While singing a nice romantic track would also leave a big smile on the face of your boyfriend, but if you are able to write a personal song for him and sing that special song made just for him, then this birthday surprise of yours would never be forgotten by him.

In fact, even if you are not a very good singer, still if you try to sing for him in front of other people, your boyfriend is surely going to love you for this effort that you would be putting in for making his birthday extremely special for him.

A Sporty Surprise

A Sporty Surprise

Boys and passion for sports go hand in hand, and therefore, it can safely be assumed that your boyfriend too would be crazy about some sport. All through the year, this craze of your boyfriend may irritate you and may actually be one of the biggest and most frequent cause of fights between the two of you, but on his birthday, you can actually put aside your hatred for this game and plan something around it in order to surprise him.

You can buy jerseys of his favorite sports team and make all his friends, family members and yourself wear the same and surprise him with a birthday party with a sports theme.

Seeing you wearing the jersey of his favorite team is surely going to make his heart melt, after all, two of his most favorite things in the world, sports and you would be wrapped in one package only for him.what more can a guy ask for!.

Secret Midnight Meet

Secret Midnight Meet surprise

If you and your boyfriend are still not on a live in relationship, then you can plan on secretly meeting him at midnight and wishing him birthday personally. Of course, if both your families know about the two of you, then you can always inform them and meet him at midnight, but it is a lot more fun to quietly sneak out of the house and meet each other secretly.

The thrill of meeting each other in secret, stepping out of the house without letting anyone know and making him enter your house secretly, all is very exciting and can add a lot of spice and romance to your relationship.

Get his favorite Headphones

 gift him headphones as surprise

Almost all the boys are music, movie or game lovers. The headphone is something which every one of them will like. Get the best quality headphone their way and you will actually be able to see the happiness on their face like a two years old kid gets his favorite toy.

Moreover, if you are musical in nature, i.e. you are able to sing pretty well, or are able to write a nice poetry or song, then you can convey your feelings and birthday wishes for your boyfriends by paying a musical tribute to him over dinner.

While singing a nice romantic track would also leave a big smile on the face of your boyfriend, but if you are able to write a personal song for him and sing that special song made just for him, then this birthday surprise of yours would never be forgotten by him.

In fact, even if you are not a very good singer, still if you try to sing for him in front of other people, your boyfriend is surely going to love you for this effort that you would be putting in for making his birthday extremely special for him.

Share Candid Photos

Share Candid Photos surprise

Couples tend to click photos a almost all their special moments and many of those moments can be extremely private and cannot be shared with anyone else. If you too have some such special and personal photographs of the two of you, you can always make a nice collage of the same and gift the same to your boyfriend.

These photos may not be something that you would want to share with the world, but these moments belong to the both of you and hence sharing them with your boyfriend makes a lot of sense. Besides, you can be sure that your boyfriend would be just as discreet about these photos as you are and keep them with him as a special and personal memory of the most special times shared by the two of you.

Besides these personal moments, you can also collect some really funny pictures of him from his friends and family and make a collage of those and even present that o him. This collection of his embarrassing moments would surely bring a big smile on his face.

Personalised Gift Items

Personalised Gift Items

Spending quality time with your boyfriend on his birthday, sipping wine and enjoying romantic conversations with him, will actually give him a very special birthday surprise. The icing on the cake will happen when you will surprise him with a t-shirt having his favorite snap of both of you printed on it or a Coffee mug having a lovely message and his picture on it. Basically, you can choose any personalized item for his birthday, I m sure it is good enough to surprise him.

Silver Rings Can Be A Good Surprise

silver ring

Gone are the days when girls use to wait for years for a boy to propose them. As the western culture got acceptance in our society, girls have become more advance and now, according to the statistics Girls take the equal initiative in proposing their boyfriends. Well, what occasion will be more appropriate than his birthday? Buy a ring and present it on his birthday proposing for the lifetime.

Proclaim Your Love For Him To The World

Proclaim Your Love For Him To The World

When someone tells you that he or she is in love with you, it is one of the most special feelings, however, when someone you love proclaims to the world that they are in love with you, that feeling is even more special.

Hence, while you may have told your boyfriend a million times that you love him, this birthday make him feel even more special by reading out a list of reasons for loving him to the world.

You can plan a small get together at his place or take him out for dinner and then find a special moment during the dinner, get up and take the center stage and start reading out the list prepared by you, detailing the reasons because of which you are madly in love with him.

This birthday make sure that your boyfriend comes to know that he has the best girlfriend in the whole world, by using any of the above ideas for giving him the best birthday surprise ever. If you also have unique birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend that i can add in the list, then feel free to share.