15 Birthday Decoration Ideas for Home to Plan a Perfect Party

There are a lot of people out there who prefer celebrating birthday occasion at home and the best way is the celebrate through party. So today i am touching a topic that many of you might be interested into that is “birthday decoration ideas for home”. Isn’t it you are also looking for? It is the most common question that people ask me, so all of you are curious to know these ideas can stay tuned with me and explore these helpful ideas.

When you have an upcoming birthday, then you start planning it well in advance. You will have a lot of shop and make all arrangements for the birthday party. In such situation, do you think you should be spending for a birthday party hall as well? It is not always important that you should be celebrating your birthday party at some hotel or a function hall. Even if it is a special birthday like the 1st birthday, 60th birthday or the 80th birthday, you can do it at home. This is going to help you save a lot.

When you have planned your birthday party at home, then the most important thing that you need to plan well in advance is, how to decorate for the special day. Yes, birthday party is incomplete without the right decoration. When it is kid’s birthday party, then you cannot ignore it at all. So, you should plan how you are going to decorate your house. Here are some amazing birthday decoration ideas at home. You can check them out and try them.


House Birthday party decoration ideas



When you are planning for decoration, then having a theme in your mind can be helpful. Here is an amazing and simple option for decorating your house. You can choose two different colors of balloons and make them into flowers shape. You can choose the color based on the choice of birthday star. Just have a look at the image. It is so simple but is looking so pretty and beautiful. You can try this kind of decoration for kids birthday party.



Another decoration option for a birthday is paper chain decoration. All you will need to do is just collection a few color papera and cut them into long strips. Now keep making rings with those strips and keep connecting them like a chain. You can make long chains and hang them on the wall or stick them. You can use five chains of same color and then use a different color. Keep changing the color after every five chain. Or you can also make use of different color chains to make it more colourful. It is going to look beautiful in either ways. Just simple decoration to one wall in the living room and you are all set for a simple party.



If you are having small ring like things at home, then hang them in the middle of the room in a row or you can hang in random places. Now to those rings, stick the paper ribbons. Use long ribbons and make sure that you are using different colors of paper ribbons. This is also good way to decorate for birthday party. In between the hangings, you can make small color paper flowers and add them to make it look full, with no big gaps in between.



One of the best and cheapest ways to decorate for a birthday party. This is a decoration idea which is suitable for adults than for kids. All you will need is some color papers. You should cut them into small round pieces. Now decide the message that you would like to display on the wall. You can write happy birthday and the persons name with the help of these small round paper pieces. This is an amazing option and will look really colourful. You can choose to add a few balloons to the decoration.



You might have seen that there are many parties where you will have people dressed up like some cartoon characters or the some animals like tiger, lion, elephant etc. When it is a party at home, you can buy such balloons from the market. You will be able to get this kind of cartoon or animal shaped balloons. All you need to do is just blow them and use them as part of simple balloon and ribbons decorations.



If it is your husband or wife’s birthday, then you should be able to show your love as part of your decoration. Get some red color heart shaped balloons and you can blow a few of them and make a bunch out of it. You can place that bunch near to a table and decorate the table with some red and white rose and then place the cake over the table. It is going to be one of the best ways to express your love and simple birthday decoration as well.



You can go for this option when you are choosing the venue as your home for your next birthday. You can plan a dim light party and arrange these LED balloon in the room. You can stick them to the ceiling or you can choose to select gas balloon which will automatically go upwards when you leave them. These balloons will glow for 8 to 10 hours and hence you can finish your party by them.



This is a very simple decoration for a birthday party at home. If you have decided all of a sudden to celebrate the birthday party at home and if you are having very few guests, then you can choose something like this. You can just run to the store nearby and get all these. You will just need one birthday banner and some balloons. You can now arrange the balloons in the desired shapes and place the birthday banner around it.



These are something that all of you might have made in their childhood. You might have made these fans with papers. You are going to do the same again. But this time you are going to using different color charts or papers which are little stiff. Now make the craft fans in different sizes and stick them to the wall, where you are going to place the cake table. It is just that much that you will to click some perfect pictures on your birthday.



You must be having some paper plates and cups in your house everytime. If this is your kids 5th birthday or 10th birthday, when he or she will be able to enjoy things around her, then this theme can be a good option. Yes, you can use their old pictures and stick to the paper plates and decorate the plates accordingly with some other color papers. Now stick to the glasses. Stick them on the side of the glass so that it works as a frame stand. This is going to look good for sure.



Whatever you are making or using on the day of birthday, make it match with the dress color of the birthday baby. That means, everything that is present in that room should be single color or just a combination of two colors. Like the picture you can just see two color Red and white. Likewise you can use any one color and different shades of the same color or you can choose any two colors as well. See if the color of the cake also matches with this shade.



This is something that not many of them try. You can just place the cake table near the window and decorate the table with lots of ribbons and then just use lots of lights to decorate the background of the cake table and in this case it is window. You will just love the decoration in the evening at the time of cake cutting. You should try this for sure as you will already have lights in your house and you need not have to buy anything.



If you think, you hardly have time for your birthday decoraton, then here is an interesting idea for you. You can just blow a lot of balloons and leave them just like that on the floor. That means, you will just need to fill the floor and the room with balloons. You will love this for sure. You can use all multi color balloons for this theme or you can just choose one or two colors for decorating. Either ways it is going to look really cool and the guests will also enjoy for sure. You should try this simple and easy them next time for sure.



You are nowadays able to buy transparent balloons from the market. All you will have to do is just buy those transparent balloons in different sizes and blow them. Now choose a wall, infront which you will place the cake table. You should now add a new color paper in to the balloon or you can add them before blowing itself. The transparent balloon is going to look just beautiful with the color papers inside it and you can stick them to the wall and also stick a few color papers to the wall as well. So that the theme matches. If it is a light colored wall, then it is going to look super cool.



If it is just a four or five friends of yours are coming for the birthday party or you are planning a small party with just your best buddies, then you can try this theme. You just need some birthday caps and a few balloons. Place the caps in the table and hang a small lamp above the table. You can now hang the balloons around the lamp. You can use some ribbons and papers as well. So, this is a good theme for a few members to be part of your party.

Decoration is very important part of the birthday parties, especially if they are being arranged at home. Because you have not selected any grand location for the party, you should make sure that the decoration is really grand and you love it. Your guests should also like the decoration of the birthday party. If it is your kids birthday party, then you need to pay a lot of attention and if it is adults then you should plan it differently. So, depending on the person whose birthday party it is you should plan the decoration.

You are already saving a lot by arranging the party at home and hence you can spend a little to buy things for decoration at home. In stead of just depending on things that are available at home, you can buy a few things and get that perfect look. You can check online as there are many online stores available which sell all the birthday decorative items. You can buy all that you need.

Initially you should plan the theme and the decoration style, so that you will be able to understand what will you need for the decoration. So, this will help you in deciding what to buy and what not to buy. Having good plan will help you in buying only what you need.

Along with this you cannot miss on return gifts idea if it is a kids party. This will make the gift sad if you are missing on it. Always plan some interesting gifts and entertaining games for the kids during the party. They are going to love them for sure.

The above birthday decoration ideas at home are interesting and you will be able to do them with ease. This is the most important thing that they are simple to do it yourself. You can make changes to the above ideas and give your personal touch to look like your own style. Make sure to take some suggestions for the birthday baby as well, if it is not a surprise party. This will help in making it interesting for the birthday baby to enjoy and have lot of fun at the party. So, what are you waiting for, decide the theme and start your online shopping now for the decoration items. You can get started right away.