20 Best Suitable Baby Shower Ideas for A Boy to Plan Out

Recently i have shared a list of baby shower ideas for a boy in a very well known for forum. It was a detailed post so today i will be adding many more ideas to the list and explain it here as well so that it can help you as well to plan a perfect party.

Baby shower is the way to celebrate the occasion of coming baby and to bless the child in the mother’s womb. It is a welcome party for the baby and to give your blessings to the mother to be. Baby shower is something that expecting mother will remember for the rest part of the life.

So make the preparations to celebrate this day and make it very essential for the mother and the guests. Here we are going to discuss the boy. We are going to welcome the baby boy in this baby shower.

baby shower ideas for boys

Baby boy shower ideas

Here are some really helpful ideas to plan a perfect baby shower for your little boy. I have tried to cover almost everything you need to know to plan a perfect party. So stay tuned and explore these ideas.

Baby shower decorations

Baby shower decorations

Celebrate the new arrival of the baby with baby shower decorations items. There are many hanging decoration items through which we can welcome a coming baby. One can throw an unforgettable party to the guests. Here are the ideas which can help one to organize the party and its ideas which would be unforgettable to all the guests. Preparation is the unique key which will help one to prepare for the party. Find decorations in shades of blue color. Boys like this color and this is their favorite color. Create the hangings of bats and balls which is again their favorite game.

Ideas for the party of a Baby Shower

Celebrate the arrival of the baby with the theme of Jungle Animals. Create this theme which is full of natural colors which will bring calm to the expecting mother. By seeing this the mother will feel happy and she will give birth to a healthy baby. Create the cakes which will make the mother happy and the flavors which she likes to eat. Create the invitation cards by keeping in view the type of guests you have called. Make the list of guests whom you want to call so that there are no issues left to be decided later on.

Games for the Baby Shower

Baby shower games

  • Don’t Say Baby

Tell all your guests not to say the word ‘BABY’ at the time of party. From the time the party starts till it ends if someone says the word ‘BABY’ than he will be out from the game.

  • Predict the Baby Name

Keep rule no.1 in mind, do not use word ‘Baby’ while deciding the name of the baby. Start this game as all the guests enter the room. Share all the names which come to mind and give a gift to the person whose name is liked by all.

  • Put the baby’s items in the Bag

Keep the items of the baby scattered in the room. Tell the participants to search all the items and put in the bag collectively. Start this game by holding a stop watch in hand. Start the game and check the person who keeps all items first. Give them a gift whoever comes first in this game.

  • Baby sketch artists

Tell all to draw the sketch of the baby and award the person whose art is liked by all.

  • Guess the baby food

Bring some eatables and then check whether someone is able to predict the right food for the baby. But before doing this, remember to play this game only with the young generations. As, if you are going to play with the experienced ones you will surely lose the game. Then give the prize to the winner.

  • Predict the measurement of the mother

Check the waistline of the mother to see how much she has expanded during pregnancy. Tell all to cut a string according to the waistline as per their estimate, and then measure it with the mother. Check for whose string touches at the end. Give the gift to the winning candidate.

  • Feed the Baby

Give each person the bib and feeding spoon. Divide the party in teams and tell one person to feed another person. Set the clock, and tell them to make the other team eat without food dropping and falling down. Not even a single drop on bib. The party which wins will be able to won a reward.

These are some games which you can play at the time of baby shower, as it will bring good memories to expecting mother and it will bring nice health to the baby.

Here are the gift ideas which can be given to the expecting mother for the baby at the time of baby shower. Here are some ideas which can be given.

Gift ideas to welcome the baby

baby shower gifts

The Baby Bean bag- it is suitable for baby as it gives a supporting hand to the mother as it brings a nice sleep to the baby.

  • A vest with an attachment for a Pacifier or Bottle

it is a comfortable seat for the baby which supports the baby sitting while travelling. A bottle holder is attached to it which is suitable to carry milk bottles with it.

  • Rollable Travel Carrier

    It is used to travel from one place to other. It is more benefited for parents to carry a child easily.

  • Dancing shoes

These shoes are designed in the form to give support to both parents and siblings. By this they can dance and enjoy with their children.

  • Portable Baby Food Mill

It is the best food mill for the parents. It is suitable for the parents to carry it and use it when required. It keeps the food fresh and gives full nutrition to the child.

  • Baby Bullet

It is used to grind the food and mix them as required.

  • The crying baby analyzer

It helps the baby to stop from crying and diverts their mind.

  • Blooming Bather

It helps child to enjoy the bath and it is advantageous to the parents to give them bath. As it is difficult for them to give bath to a small baby.

Some more gift ideas

  • The fun little food gadgets adds wonder to the baby shower. The companies produce so beautiful gifts for the babies that one cannot stop themselves from purchasing them.
  • Baby bowls are the best gift that one can give to the mothers to feed their babies.
  • These days strollers are available with storage ideas. One can store a purse in it.
  • Bibs are the best gift which is most important for our tiny leaders. They cannot eat anything without falling them on their clothes, so it is best for their child.
  • The traveling crib is wonderful gift for parents to carry their child from one place to another.
  • The safety sipper will add quality to the gift. The multi-purpose freezer tray will help to store the food for the baby.
  • The battery nail-trimmer will help parents to trim the nails of the baby so that they cannot harm them.
  • These are some ideal gifts which can be given to mom-to-be for their babies. This will add good memories to them.

Baby Shower cake ideas

Baby shower cakes

  1. Bake a cake for Mamma’s choice.
  2. Catch the idea from a boy’s story book.
  3. Make an Elegant boy baby shower cake.
  4. A proud lady on cake
  5. Balloons made on cake.
  6. Jungle baby shower cake.
  7. Diapers shape cake
  8. Bed themed cake.

These are the some ideas that can be made at the time of baby shower. These are the attractions of baby shower and can add memories in the life of the parents and coming child.

Plan the Menu

plan the menu

Get everything pre planned if you are organizing a party. This will ease your work and will bring positivity in the party. Make the food with full of creations and colors. Food should be attractive so that your guests crave for more.

  • Add the desserts to your menu.

Get creative with Cocktails

It adds color to the party and everyone enjoys it. Be creative and make different color cocktails. Enjoy to your best.

Create the invitation with an innovative card. Create this card with moustache pasted on that card as we are going to welcome the baby boy, so moustaches stickers can be used to welcome the baby boy.

Hire a party planner

Party planner

If you want to keep your budget well, create a budget first then plan for the baby shower.

Create a blue color theme party as it is a boy’s baby shower and they love blue color. Decorate the party with the budget-friendly decoration ideas. Make a cake with written BOY on that so that the feeling of modern parents come from inside. It adds the high touch in the society.

Be creative with props

Baby shower props

Create cards only for boys with the shape of bat, ball, cars, and animals, cartoons which the boys like and prefer to play. Give those props to all till the party ends. With this we can show our love to the child who is ready to come.

Create a party for boys only

We have heard about bachelor’s party but this party may be different. Call only boys with their fathers to celebrate the party and to welcome the coming kid. Make a rule that no mother and no girls are allowed in the party.

Bonus tip

The most important thing is to capture all the memories in the camera and make videos. So that the child who is coming can see the welcome of him. These will add memories and the child feels special in the eyes of his parents and relatives. He can show to his friends and even to his children.

It is very important to capture the memories. Baby shower is an important event for the pregnant lady. It is very essential to take the blessings of others before going to give birth to a new life. Baby shower is the best way to take the blessings.

I hope you also found these baby shower ideas to be helpful to plan a perfect one for your little boy.