Helpful 60th Birthday Party Ideas to Plan A Memorable Party

This is in response to Mrs. Patrick and to many others who are looking up for some helpful 60th birthday party ideas to plan party for themselves or to their dear ones.

As we grow old, the idea of celebrating birthdays starts to sound childish. However, when it is your 60th birthday, it is a perfect excuse to throw a party and kick those celebrations into mark a huge milestone in your life. The age of 60 is a huge achievement in any person’s life and therefore, it is only right that he or she should be gathered around by everyone who loves them or is special in their life in any which way.

While planning a 60th birthday party, it is important to remember that the focus should be on the birthday boy or girl alone. When planning any other birthday party, we generally like to do things in a way which would appeal to the guests and keep them entertained, but the 60th birthday party is all about the person whose birthday it is and therefore, every bit of planning for this party should center around the likes, dislikes, and desires of the birthday boy or girl.

Throwing a 60th birthday party means that you need to combine two very different emotions; those of nostalgia and fun. This can be a pretty difficult task to accomplish and therefore, like always, I have decided to help you out in this regard by sharing with you some very cool, simple and yet amazing ideas for planning and organizing a perfect party for the 60th birthday of someone special in your life.

60th birthday party ideas


60th Birthday party ideas to Plan a Perfect one

Planning a memorable birthday for someone turning 60 is no joke, and you can do with all the help possible in this regard. I am presenting some ideas, which should help in making this planning of a memorable 60th birthday party a little easier for you.

Relive Old Memories

Relive Old Memories

60 years is a very long time and by the time one reaches this age, they would have collected a lot of sweet and sour memories along the way. In fact, their collection of memories would be enough to make a full-fledged movie out of the same.

Therefore, why not do exactly that, compile all the memories of the person right from the time of their birth till date, make a nice movie out of the same and present it as a birthday gift to them on their 60th birthday party.

You can arrange for a big screen and a projector at the party venue for playing this movie, and this would be all the entertainment that you would have to arrange for the party.

Pick A Relevant Theme For The Party

Pick A Relevant Theme For The Party

When we think about throwing a 60th birthday party for someone, we generally get restricted in our creativity to using signs for 60 and photographs of the birthday boy or girl. There is a lot more fun that can be had at this party.

Even at the ripe age of 60, the person might have certain special interests like have a favorite movie star, whom given an opportunity they would still love to date, play at a casino like a king, play the role of a detective, enjoy golfing with friends,etc. You can use the 60th birthday of the person as an excuse to fulfill these dreams of the individual by planning a party based on one of the above themes.

Invite All Old Friends For The Party

Invite All Old Friends For The Party

60th birthday is an important landmark in the life of an individual, and the celebrations for the same would be incomplete if all the people who were a part of this journey are not present for the party.

Thus, get hold of the old diary of the birthday boy or girl and contact all their old acquaintances, from college and school and invite them to the party.

This reunion with old friends will make the birthday celebrations extremely special.

Do Not Plan Too Many Activities


A person of 60 may still be young at heart, but the body does crumble under all the toil of so many years and hence, to expect the 60 year birthday boy or girl and their friends to participate in lots of games and activities would not be right.

Instead, you need to plan for something where everyone can sit down together, enjoy conversations with each other and play something without exerting themselves too much, like card games, etc.

Let everyone sit, relax and enjoy, rather than make them run around, get tired and exit the party early.

Strike The Right Balance Between Loud And Dull


Elders do not enjoy loud music and hence, planning on calling a DJ or arranging for blasting music for this party may be a bad idea.

However, at the same time, if there is absolutely no music at the party, the party may appear to be dull and boring.

Hence, you need to find the right balance by arranging for some soft music for the party. You can arrange for old songs from the younger days of the birthday boy or girl and play them to create a retro feel for the party.

Ample Of Seating Arrangements


This is an extremely important part of planning a 60th birthday party. Most of the guests at this party would be elderly and hence you cannot expect them to stand for a long time, nor can you expect them to sit anywhere in the room.

You will have to arrange for proper and comfortable seats for all these people. The layout of these seats should also be carefully planned so that no one feels left out of the party and the birthday boy or girl is also able to see and interact with all of them without having to move around too much.

Choose A Ground Floor Venue For The Party

Burst balloons and party streamers on wooden floor

It is always better to throw a 60th birthday party at a ground floor venue since many of the guests might have problems climbing stairs or even using elevators or lifts.

You do not want your guests to simply back out from coming to the party simply because they could not access the party venue.

Choose A Menu Palatable To The Sensitive Stomachs


By the age of 60, the internal system of our body tends to become weak and sensitive, and, therefore, someone who would have enjoyed hot and spicy food in his or her younger days, may now not be able to digest this sort of food.

Thus, the menu selected by you for the party should be decided to keep in mind this weak constitution of most of the guests. There might be youngsters present at the party as well, and therefore, you would have to order food, keeping in mind the tastes ad requirements of all the guests.

Nice Ballroom Dance Party

Nice Ballroom Dance Party

Throwing a dance party may seem like an idea for the youngsters, but when throwing a 60th birthday party, you can arrange for a dance floor and ask all the couples to participate and enjoy some nice dancing.

Of course, you cannot expect these elderly people to perform a disco number for you, therefore, you will have to arrange for nice ballroom music, to which all the couples can slowly and elegantly groove and share nice romantic moments with each other.

Open Up An Old Vintage Wine

Open Up An Old Vintage Wine

Wine is something that grows better with age and this is precisely the message that you would want to send out to the birthday boy or girl for their 60th birthday party.

Therefore, find a nice vintage bottle of wine, and raise a nice toast to the birthday boy or girl with it.

Avoid Serving Hard Liquor

Avoid Serving Hard Liquor

There is pretty good chance that just like in the case of food, the stomach of these elder is not able to handle too much spice and oil, same may be the case with liquor as well.

Hence, instead of arranging for hard liquor, it would be a better idea to arrange for nice, classy and beautiful cocktails to be served during the party, which is diluted in nature and hence, easier to handle.

You definitely do not want the elders to drink too much and then ruin your party.

Keep Everything Moderate And Sophisticated

Keep Everything Moderate And Sophisticated

As we grow in age, we stop enjoying the noise and loud and bold colors and actions, therefore, it would not be wrong to assume that a person who has just turned 60 would like his or her birthday party to be sophisticated and somber rather than loud and hectic.

From the decorations to the games you plan on making the guests play, make sure that everything is toned down a little bit and the entire party has a relaxed and classy feel to it.

Dress Code

Dress Code

You can always keep a dress code for a party, but then again, you need to understand that not all the elders would be willing to experiment too much with their dressing style.

Hence, instead of defining the style of the dress, you can decide the color of the dresses that everyone would wear to the party. You can ask everyone to come dressed in black formals, or males black and females red or any other similar combination, which would be easy for everyone coming for the party to follow.

You cannot keep a dress code like a 70s college theme where everyone is required to dress like a college student from the 70s since there may be certain elderly people coming for the party, who may not be every comfortable wearing those clothes. Hence, you need to be careful about the dress code you select for the party.

Involve Everyone In Conversations


The 60th birthday party of an individual is all about meeting old friends and family members and reliving the many years gone by.

Therefore, it is important that during the party, you host a segment where everyone is encouraged to come to the forefront and talk about the birthday boy or girl and share any special memory they may have.

While some of these memories may bring tears to the eyes, you would also find out some very naughty and hilarious secrets about your old man or lady, which would certainly be the highlight of the party.

Let There Be Color In The Party

Let There Be Color In The Party

We have been insisting that a 60th birthday party needs to be sophisticated and classy. Many people misunderstand these words to mean that everything at the party needs to be in shades of black and gray.

The class is not restricted to boring and dark colors, even some of the most vibrant colors can be extremely classy and sophisticated. Therefore, no need to stick to blues, blacks, and other dark shades, bring color to the party by using a good combination of different colors for the party decorations.

However, do not go over the top and turn your venue into a circus house, keep restraint and smartly use nice bright colors to make the venue sparkle with class and vibrancy.

Allow The Birthday Boy Or Girl To Share Their Feelings

Allow The Birthday Boy Or Girl To Share Their Feelings

Seeing all their near and dear ones taking time out from their busy schedules and coming together to celebrate their 60th birthday can be quite emotional and overwhelming for the birthday boy or girl.

You need to ask the birthday person to share their feelings and thoughts with everyone at the party. You can ask him or her to make the speech either just before the cake cutting ceremony or right after it. The important thing is to pick a moment when he or she has the attention of everyone at the party and is a special moment.

Try to plan the speech somewhere in the middle of the party, since if you reserve it for the end, some of the guests may leave by that time and if the speech is too early, the heavy emotions of the speech can create a dull atmosphere in the party.

Do Not Plan A Long Party

Do Not Plan A Long Party

This is not a party for the youngsters. There are going to be some old men and women present at the party, for who staying very long at the party may not be possible.

Therefore, plan to start the party early and end the party early as well. Make sure everything that you want to do at the party gets completed within a couple of hours since to expect old people to stay at parties for late nights is pretty unreasonable.

Plan A Nice Bonfire Towards The End Of The Party


While most of the guests would leave after a couple of hours of the party, there may be a few close friends and family members who would like to spend more time and celebrate a little more the birthday and life of the birthday boy or girl.

Some of these guests might have even travelled from other cities just to be with their old friend on his or her milestone day. It would nice if you would arrange for a small bonfire party, some tea or coffee for these close friends and family members so that they can continue to party for as long as they want and feel up to it.

In fact, after the formal party with all known acquaintances, this nice cozy party with only dear ones may be something that the birthday girl or boy may actually enjoy and appreciate more than the actual party.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

By the time you reach the age of 60, there is hardly anything materialistic that you crave for. And even if there is anything, you would not want your kids and grandkids to spend their hard earned money on it to buy it for you.

Therefore, the best idea for the 60th birthday would be to make something yourself for the birthday boy or girl. Something that is personal and you know would be appreciated by them. For example, you can make a nice collage hanging, with all the special family memories included in it, or you present photo frame which has pictures of all the achievements that the birthday boy or girl has earned in the past 60 years of their life. If the birthday boy or girl like paintings, you can draw a nice portrait of them and gift it to them. Similarly, there are many other ideas that you can pursue when trying to find the perfect gift for the 60th birthday of someone.

Remember, when choosing this gift, its monetary value does not count, however, it needs to be loaded with emotions.

Remember To Send Thank You Notes

Remember To Send Thank You Notes

The 60th birthday of a person may not be as special as their wedding day, but it is quite close and therefore, while at other birthday parties you can avoid sending thank you notes to the guests after the party, it is important, though not compulsory, to send thank you notes to all guests.

You can actually ask the birthday boy or girl to write a small personal message on these noted for the guests, or maybe he or she can simply sign them while you arrange for a beautiful thank you note.

Since, this a party of mature people, therefore, favors are not required to be distributed, hence, sending out thank you notes after the party becomes even more important. But, if you are not really keen on spending more time on writing and sending these notes, you can avoid them as well.

Plan The Future

Plan The Future

The 60th birthday is a milestone year in the life of an individual, but it is not the end of his or her life, that you simply recount the old days, without talking about the future.

60th birthday is the time to remind the person that he is now free from all his responsibilities and can now actually devote all his or her time and effort towards doing what they want to do. You can place a wishing tree or put up a wall, where all the guests can write what they want to see the birthday boy or girl doing in the next 5 or 10 years.

After the party, you can give all these wishes to the birthday boy or girl, so that they can it as a reminder with themselves, that there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done by them and hence, they cannot just retire from life already.

Announce A Donation Or Charity In The Name Of The Birthday Boy or Girl

Announce A Donation Or Charity In The Name Of The Birthday Boy or Girl

A very great way to make the birthday person feel blessed is by making a donation or doing some charity work on their behalf.

You can announce about this donation or charity during the party and even ask the other guests to join you in this cause. This donation can be a one-time thing, and yet it would be very special and give the birthday boy or girl a warm feeling which no other gift can give them.

We all do good for ourselves, but to see someone else doing good in our name, really make us know that we are loved and cherished and that is exactly the message that you would want to send put to that amazing person in your life who is celebrating his or her 60th birthday.

I have recently had the opportunity to attend a few birthday parties for old people, and one thing that I noticed was common at these parties was that almost all the guests invited had taken the time and effort to come to the party. Everyone understood how important and special a 60th birthday is for an individual and hence they went to all the trouble to make it more special for them. When the guests so much love, then it becomes even more important that you plan a perfect 60th birthday party, and I really hope that at least some of my above party ideas would be able to make this task, of throwing a memorable 60th birthday party, a little easier for you.