30 Ideal 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Today i am touching a much awaited topic, 60th birthday gift ideas for dad. Actually from past many months i am getting a lot of mail where people are asking me about some good options for gift for dads turning sixty. So finally here i am, i have prepared a list of gift ideas as well as some recommended birthday gifts.

Your dad, I am pretty just like mine, is my first hero ever. As a kid, I thought my dad could do almost anything and everything in this world. If there was a problem, I knew my dad would solve it easily. Well, my dad is almost 60 now, and I myself have grown up and know that superheroes do not exist, yet, in spite of knowing that no man is perfect, my dad continues to be my hero, someone, who can just about do anything and everything for me.

When this man, who is so special in your life, achieves some landmark in his life, it becomes your duty to celebrate this great achievement of his. The 60th birthday of your dad is a great day for him and you as his son or daughter need to ensure that you make this day extremely memorable for him. Besides planning a wonderful party for him, you need to give him something that will keep reminding him of this day for the rest of his life.

This is where the need to find that perfect gift comes in. You need to find a gift that celebrates 60 wonderful years lived by him, and one which also lets him know how grateful you are for having him as a dad in your life. Your gift should be filled with your love for him. Wondering where and how you would such a perfect gift for your father? Well, below are some great ideas you can use for selecting a nice 60th birthday gift for your dad.

Closeup portrait of a happy mature man on white background

60th birthday gift ideas for dad

Your dad has made sure that at every birthday, you get your favorite stuff as a gift and fell blessed and protected always. Now it’s time for you to thank him for all those gifts and amazing times you have lived thanks to him. Use the below ideas for finding that one perfect gift for his 60th birthday, which will communicate all your feelings for your dad and let him know that he is extremely loved and cherished by you and his entire family.

Health Gifts

health related gifts

Your dad took care of you all through your life. he made sure that you stayed healthy, and if in case you did fall sick, he made sure you got the best treatment for the same. Now that you dad is finally getting old, it’s your turn to make sure that your dad starts taking his health more seriously and you can start off by giving him certain health-related gifts like exercising machines and tools which are perfect for men that age, health monitoring tools like Fitbit bands to ensure that in case of any problem, the same gets detected and corrected immediately, etc. 60 may not be that old age, but with the kind of lifestyle we all are leading these days, becoming health conscious has become necessary from a very early age these days.

Gifts For Leisure Time

Gifts For Leisure Time

Your dad may have already retired from his job, or now that he has reached the milestone age of 60, he may be planning to retire soon. This only means that he has a lot of spare time for himself, and many times it has been seen that men do not know how to keep themselves busy in this free time and hence slowly start getting frustrated. You do not want that to happen to your dad, so gift him something nice that will keep him stay occupied during his leisure time and also have a lot of fun doing it. You can gift him books, in case he likes reading, you can make him join guitar classes, if he had always wanted to learn to play the guitar, or you can gift him gardening tools, etc.

Celebratory Gifts

Celebratory Gifts


The 60th birthday is the perfect occasion to share and celebrate all the wondrous achievement of your dad with all other friends and relatives. In the 60 years of his life, your dad must have achieved a lot of things, big and small, which you must be proud of. You can make a collage of all these achievements in the form of a video, or a photo album and present that to your dad and let him know how extremely proud you are to have him as a role model in your life.

Loving Personalized Gifts

personalized gifts


For some weird reason, saying I love You Mom is a lot easier than getting emotional with dad and telling him how much you love him. So this 60th birthday, change this and declare openly and publicly your love for your dad to the whole world. Give him personalized gifts, which display your feelings appropriately. From personalized coffee mugs to handmade trophies, you can pick from a wide array of personalized gift items for dad available in the market.

Suggested 60th birthday gifts for dad

If the above idea are not able to help enough, and you are still not sure what would be a good gift idea for your dad’s 60th birthday, then below is a list some great gifts that you can pick from the market and present them to your dad and make him really happy.

clip_image010BBQ Tool Set

As your dad hits the age of 60, now with reduced work pressure and professional commitments, he would be spending more time socializing with his friends and family members. There would probably be parties thrown b him on a regular basis, and if your dad loves to grill food, then he would love to own this amazing BBQ tools set, which would help him throw some amazing barbecue parties.



Thank You For Helping Me Build My Life Engraved HammerThank You For Helping Me Build My Life Engraved Hammer

This hammer is a perfect personalized gift which you can be sure your dad is going to be using very often around the house, and every time he does use it, he would know how much you love him and appreciate all that he has done for you.



clip_image01260th Birthday Vintage Dude Coffee Mug

In case your dad is feeling down about the fact that he is turning 60 and thus becoming old, you can gift him this amazing black coffee mug which describes him as the ultimate man, and a legend. This mug is sure to lift up his spirits and bring a smile to his face.




The Very Embarrassing Book Of Dad JokesThe Very Embarrassing Book Of Dad Jokes

Simply because it is your dad’s 60th birthday does not mean that your gift has to be emotional and sentimental. If your dad has a good sense of humor, then you can actually consider gifting his this extremely funny book with some really cool and wacky jokes on fathers. Your dad may actually end up using a lot of jokes at his after retirement parties and become the heart of all the parties.



Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod ComboShakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod Combo

Git your dad this new age fishing rod, which is user-friendly and is very light in its weight. You can actually accompany him on his fishing trips, or he can simply enjoy nature and his hobby of fishing alone with this new age fishing rod.




Silver Black CufflinksSilver Black Cufflinks

If your dad likes to dress up well for all occasions, then you can gift him these very sophisticated and classy looking silver cufflinks, which are sure to add to his personality and make him appear like a true gentleman at all events and parties that he attends wearing these cufflinks.




clip_image016Fitbit One Wireless Tracker

You cannot allow your father to use his age as an excuse for not staying fit and active, and therefore, you should seriously consider gifting him this latest and very smart Fitbit band. If tracks all the daily activities, like the number of steps taken, distance covered, etc., and it also tracks the number of hours spent resting and sleeping, which would make it easy for you to check your father and push him towards a more healthy and active lifestyle even after 60.


Batman Logo MirrorBatman Logo Mirror

Boys and their love for the superheroes is something that cannot be explained to or understood by females. If you are aware of the fact that your dad uses to love Batman, then you can be sure of one thing, that even at the age of 60, this love must exist in his heart. Therefore, when you gift him this cool batman logo mirror, you might actually be able to see the excitement of a young child in your father, which you may have never ever before witnessed.



NYPD Series Seasons 1-4 on DVDNYPD Series Seasons 1-4 on DVD

There are very few shows on television, which your dad might enjoy watching and most of the times, due to his busy office schedules, he might not be able to catch up all the episodes of these shows as well. Now that he has the time, you can gift him an entire collection of the complete series of his favorite show, which he can watch at his leisure.




clip_image020Dunkin Monkey Tea Infuser

If the long office hours have made your dad addicted to drinking tea, then this 60th birthday, you can gift him this amazing Dunkin Monkey Tea Infuser, so that now that he no more has the pressure of office work, he can actually enjoy a good and tasty cup of tea, and not stay content with the crappy office machine tea.




clip_image021Ascot Eco Gardening Tote Tool Set

Bring your dad closer to nature and present him something that will allow him to stay busy and active in his free time with this amazing gardening tote tool set. This set consists of all the basic gardening tools that your dad may require and the compact bag allows him to store these tools properly as well.




clip_image022Coin Sorting Jar

For all the dads who have extensively traveled the world, and like to collect coins from different places as souvenirs, this coin sorting jar would make a great gift. It would not only help your dad store his cherished coin collection in a more organized manner, but also encourage him to travel more and collect more coins to fill this jar completely.




clip_image023Crave Travel Pro 1300mAh Dual USB Ultra High-Density Power Bank

Is it difficult to reach your dad, since he constantly forgets to charge his mobile phone and hence, misses calls from you on a regular basis? Well, gift him his high-tech power bank and ensure that his mobile phone stays charged at all times, and you stay connected to him 24*7.



Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReclinerZero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

Gift your dad comfort and luxury with this amazing massage chair which can be reclined to offer maximum comfort and relaxation to every bone in the human body. This massage chair is made with the latest technology and therefore, reaches every nook and corner of the body and eases pain out of every aching bone in the body.




clip_image025Breakfast Maker

Your dad may no longer adhere to a fixed schedule and therefore, he may get up late, stay back chatting with friends after his morning walk and hence be late for breakfast. If you do not want your mother to get troubled with this erratic schedule of your dad, and at the same time, also want to ensure that your dad enjoys a healthy breakfast, gift him this easy to use breakfast maker, so that whenever he feels like it, he can prepare his own breakfast, without bothering your mom.

clip_image026Trophy Cam HD Aggressor No Glow Trail Camera

This is a perfect gift for that dad who love hunting and have some pretty serious plans for pursuing this hunting hobby of their’s seriously after 60. This camera will not only give them an edge during any hunting spree, but it long lasting battery and ability to save and stamp all important information like date, time, GPS, etc., make this camera very useful for the hunting trips.


clip_image028BUCKLE Hugo Brown Wallet

The 60th birthday of your dad does not mean that he is an old man. Your dad can still be the most handsome man in any gathering. And a handsome man would need good accessories to complement his good looks and charm. Therefore, you need to gift him this stylish and classy BUCKLE Hugo brown wallet, which he can carry around with him, and impress other whenever he uses it in front of them.



clip_image030Dimmable LED Desk lamp

One big reason for fights between husbands and wives is because of shutting out of lights in the night. If your dad loves to read late into the night, you can gift him this amazing dimmable LED desk lamp, which would allow him to continue enjoying his books late into the nights, without having to bother your mom.




clip_image031Remote Control Tarantula

If your dad likes to play pranks on his friends and family members, then he would love this remote controlled tarantula. Gift his this mischievous gift and enjoy watching him make his grown friends scream like little girls with this gift of yours.


NFL Wrap Style SunglassesNFL Wrap Style Sunglasses

If your dad is an NFL fan, then gifting him with these sunglasses, will not only help in increasing his style quotient, but they will also help him in showing his loyalty to his favorite NFL team.





clip_image033BUCKLE Purple Pinstripe Bow Tie

Not many boys today are able to carry off a bow tie with a lot of grace and dignity, but your dad belongs to the old school and he will surely know how to make this already pretty and classy bow tie look even better and attractive.





clip_image035Family Tree Picture Frame

Your dad has worked really hard to ensure the happiness and security of your family at all times. Your family is his biggest accomplishment and there is nothing in this whole world which can make him happier than his family. Therefore, this 60th birthday, make a nice family tree using a picture frame and gift him all the loving and happy memories of the past that he has made possible for his family.



clip_image036Diamond Glasses

These special glasses can be used by your dad for sharing a nice drink with some of his closest friends. These glasses whether used for serving drinks to the guests or simply resting on a rack, look very attractive and nice.




clip_image037Guy On Fire: 130 Recipes For Adventures In Outdoor Cooking

If your dad likes to experiment with his cooking, then this book would make a perfect gift for him. He can throw nice picnic parties for his friends and family members and try out different recipes from this book. This book would be great for your dad, for others, well, only time will tell.




clip_image038Proraso Beard Oil

Men who grow beards tend to quite possessive about the same, just like girls are about their hair. Therefore, if your dad also dawns a nice beard, then you can always gift him this amazing Proraso beard oil which will help him in keeping his beard shining and manageable at all times.




clip_image039KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

It takes only 20 minutes to install this touchless toilet flush kit, and once installed, your dad will not have to use his hand for flushing purposes. With a simple wave of his hand, the job would be done.

Withings Home Wi-Fi Security Camera With Quality SensorsWithings Home Wi-Fi Security Camera With Quality Sensors

At 60, you would have to concede that your dad is not as fit to fight off intruders as he was before, and therefore, this security camera, which can be monitored on the mobile phone would make a great gift for his 60th birthday.




clip_image041Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System

Let your dad make and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every time, with this single serve brewer, instead of making a whole pot of coffee at one go and then drinking stale coffee all through the say.





clip_image043BBQ Branding Iron

This is also a perfect gift idea for the 60th birthday of your dad. You can best BBQ branding iron to spell out your dad’s name or a message like the ‘best cook’ or ‘best dad’ to personalize the gift and make it special for your dad.





clip_image044URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter

For all the dads who are young at heart, even at the age of 60, this electric scooter is the best gift for them. This scooter offers a range of 20 miles and a speed limit of 15miles per hour.



Pick any of the above gift items and make the special day of your dad even more special and memorable for him.