15 Perfect 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Women

40th birthday party ideas for women, is that what you are in search for? I m sure you are. Quite often i get mails from people asking the same. So i think its time to share with you some of the best ideas to plan a perfect memorable party. I request you to get along with me and explore some of the perfect ideas you are waiting for.

Age is just a number. This plain statement may be acceptable to many. Some may feel that age cannot just remain a number and people have to mature alongside aging. For some other age may relate just to the physical aspect of human life. Many others may see age as the basis of everything in their life right from the physical looks to mental capabilities to emotional maturities. Whichever way age is approached, it still remains a number that plays a crucial role in human life.

Age, in the context of women, gets a heavier value than normal numbers. While women takes tremendous efforts in all possible manner to defy age, age never gets defies so easily. Happiness and pains of different magnitude prevail in a woman’s life at each and every age she passes by. While some ages make her life very interesting some may be threatening. The situation of every woman varies across ages depending upon their background, family support systems, ethnicity, culture, education levels and the societal practice around her. All these put together grooms a woman in to what she becomes in her middle age.

One particular age that is highly rewarding and equally dangerous is 40. This contradiction age 40 brings with it makes women’s position highly vulnerable during many situations.

It is at 40 that a woman matures emotionally understanding the ups and down of life accepting the sometimes harsh realities.

It is at 40 that a woman remains confident about her present having crossed the hurdles throughout her past.

It is at 40 that a woman is at the verge of completing her basic responsibilities pertaining to her earlier generation, her peers and next generation.

It is at 40 that a woman is considered a human being who deserves some care and rest.

40 is also the age when a woman realizes that she has not taken enough care of herself through all these years while she was running marathons for her near and dear ones.

The requirements of women at 40 years of age vary from what it was earlier. Physically while she may feel less inclined to an active sexual life, mentally her expectations from others start increasing. She tends to feels emotionally high expecting higher levels of reciprocation from every relationship of hers.

Her health starts taking a toll on her when she enters 40. She starts getting newer insights in to the various aspects of life which defines her new way of thinking impacting her behaviour.

All these things that she has experienced in the past and the newer avenues opened in front of her makes her almost a new birth. It is at this time that she requires additional emotional support from all quarters.

It is high time that she herself realizes that she needs to be more kind to herself. She has to start focussing on her well being and good health. She must start taking efforts to present herself in a more adorable way welcoming new associations that may value add to her life.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for women


Her 40th birthday can be an occasion where all these things can get initiated. Here are some 40th birthday Party ideas for women that can help bring her out of her cocoon in which she has been residing for decades now.

Be absolutely crazy

Be absolutely crazy

The best way to celebrate your 40th birthday is to spend time in the craziest manner. Venture out to do all that makes you happy. Be funny. Don’t hesitate to do whatever you want to do. Let people think you are crazy. That is what is exactly wanted. Enjoy all the sweet little things you had missed all along either sacrificing the same for other or because you didn’t get a chance. Become a child if that is what you had desired for. Just forget that there are others around you. Be yourself and experience the real you. While this may appear queer initially, you will realize how gratifying the day was to celebrate with yourself.

Women only Glamour Party

Women only Glamour Party

Call in for a glamour party. Invite only women of your age. Probably the invitees can be your early day school mates and college mates with whom you share so many pleasant memories. This reunion might be such a wonderful gathering that you will live in an environment that creates nostalgic feelings in you. Meet with all your friends who have shared the maximum happiness with you. Relive all those wonderful moments you have cherished all through your life till date. Share every bit of your lives that have passed by in between and get emotionally attached. Enjoy learning all those moments you have missed out in the in between years. A glamour party at forty is the apt way to show the world that age has not taken over you.

Gift Book

Who said biographies or diaries are for the biggies. The real time biggies in each one’s life are a woman in any capacity at home. Make a collage of everything you could collect about her right from an anecdote to her childhood photo which is her favourite. Collect photos of people who are close to her. Align all the information in a logical order that would express your love for her in front of the gathering that has arrived to wish her a happy birthday. Right from the food that cooks the best to the dress she looks best in stuff everything into this gift book. We are sure you will witness tears of happiness from this birthday woman’s eyes.

40 memories from 40 friends

Plan well. Establish contact with at least 40 of her friends. These friends may be from all aspects of her life, right from her childhood till she turned 40. Take a piece of writing from them about the special woman is turning 40. Collate them in to a small hand diary. Gift it to the woman on her birthday in front of all her friends assembled there and see the real emotions galore in her. This is one of the best gifts that can be given to a woman who is celebrating her 40th birthday at the cost of missing many favourite things in life

Burst 40 – Balloons Games

This is an interesting game that is played during the 40th Birthday party. Divide the invitees in to two groups. Provide each group with 40 different coloured balloons. Ask them to blow the balloons. The team that blows and breaks all the balloons in the least time will be the winner. This game will bring out the child in you. Balloons have always been associated with children and fun. Make use of this wonderful stress reliever to inject fun element in to your party. We are sure, at the end of the game you and your friends who are 40 will feel like you have lost at least 30 years of your age.

The 40 Theme

Make the woman who is celebrating her 40th birthday by making 40 as the theme. Invite 40 guests. Buy 40 return gifts. Get her 40 gifts. Display the number 40 all around the venue. Make 40 glasses of wine. Gift her 40 chocolates. Make them play a game with 40 balloons. Let everything about the party be the number 40. This 40 theme will look novel as well as get engraved in her mind so deeply that she will relish her 40th birthday throughout her life time.

Pink is always pretty

Another theme that will be highly appealing in a woman’s 40th birthday party is the Pink theme. Pink in general is the usual favorite colour of many women. Make pink as the 40th Birthday party theme. Right from the birthday baby’s dress to the gifts to the decorations to the chair, make everything out of pink. Make her feel as much beautiful as the colour pin may be. Pink theme is such a pretty theme that it will change the complete atmosphere in to a pleasant ambience making her feel like a butterfly.

Forty and Flora

Forty is the age when a woman blooms for herself. She blooms mentally, emotionally and physically has crossed all the tornados in the past. Let her bloom in a garden set up party. The natural environment will make the party a vivid one. It will give so much of comfort to the Birthday woman as well as the guests that the peace that permeates will last long in the hearts of all who are present in the party. The moon and stars will join hands to wish the woman making the 40th birthday a special and memorable one.

Birthday Baby Photo Theme

birthday theme is a highly emotional one. Arrange for hundreds of photographs of the birthday woman who is turning 40. Stick her photos all over the venue and in all possible items it can be stuck on. This will show the existence of love around her. This theme will make her feel so loved that she will express her happiness in an explicit manner. This is the love that she wants all through her life and this one party will satisfy her thirst for the same.

Floral Party Theme

Women love flowers. Flowers have attracted them all through their ages. Make her birthday special by decorating the venue with flowers. Or make a garden full of flowers as her birthday venue. Give her a bouquet of 40 different kinds of flowers. Gift her dress that has floral attachments to it. Flowers make her moods bloom. If it is an internal party, decorate the venue completely with colourful flowers whose fragrance would permeate through the rest of life.

Favourite Food Party

Every woman has her preference of food. Probably she has been sacrificing her choices all these years for her near and dear ones. Make her favourite food as the 40th birthday Party theme and make her understand she means a lot to you. This will also tell her that you know her like and dislikes. Make her eat in abundance all her favourite foods. Immerse her in the taste of the food items that are close to her heart. Relish each and every moment of her enjoying the food, clicking photographs of her happy emotions.

Underwater Birthday Party


This is an extravagant birth party idea that is totally unexpected by a woman at 40. Particularly if she enjoys water, this will make her spellbound. The amusement this kind of a party would give her will make feel complete understanding how much she is loved. After all what can be a better birthday gift to a woman starting her forties than the love of her close ones. This extravagance party will remain in her memories in a vivid and colourful manner as long as she lives.

A private party

All that a woman wants at 40 is some private moments with her family in a different atmosphere. The peace she experiences during those moments she is with her family is immeasurable. She feels safe and secured when with her family. Arrange for a private party where she spends quality time to her heart’s desire with the family. Ensure there are no disturbances to her moments from the modern gadgets like the mobile phones and social networks.

Birthdays are memorable occasions in everyone’s life. They become special when a woman at forty realizes the love of people around her. It is so gratifying to the woman who has passed through many paths to take care of people around performing the different cores all through the years. Make her special day more special by adding spice and surprises. Let her know that she is being loved and cared for. Let he know she has to live her life in a non-compromising manner.

Celebrate a woman’s 40th birthday in a more emotional manner since at that age and stage of life this is the only requirement for a woman that is highly gratifying. At the end i hope these 40th birthday party ideas for women are turned out to be helpful for you. Best Wishes!