40th Birthday Celebration Ideas – 15 Different Ways to Celebrate

One of My friend Asked me Yesterday about some good 40th birthday celebration ideas as he is going to be 40 years in coming Sunday. I gave him few good ideas which he liked and planning few of them. I thought i could also share with you so that people who are looking for some good celebration ideas for 40th birthday could also get a help. So stay with me and explore some of the best ideas.

40 is the new 30! So, if you were thinking that the 40th birthday party celebration needed to be a low key affair for the oldies, you need to really start thinking again, and plan a rocking and fun birthday party for celebrating this milestone year in the life of your loved one.

Cake, balloons, fun and naughty surprises, everything that you loved when you were 30 and in the prime of your youth, should be planned for the 40th birthday party as well. The only thing that should restrict you while making these plans for the 40th birthday party, should be your budget.

There are many different themes and ideas which you can explore for the 40th birthday party. Planning and organizing a party around some of these ideas can cost as little as 40 cents, while others can prove to be extremely expensive. Therefore, figure out your budget for the party, and then accordingly pick one of the best ideas in that budget, discussed below.

40th birthday Celebrations Ideas

40th birthday celebration ideas

Irrespective of whether the birthday boy or girl is excited about their 40th birthday or not, you need to try and everything possible to make this day extremely special and memorable for them. Below are some very exciting ideas which you can use for planning the 40th birthday party:

Give Them A Stress Free Day

Throw A House Party With A Rocking Theme

At 40, the birthday boy or girl may still be struggling between their home and office responsibilities and it might have been ages since they had a fully relaxed day, free from all worries, just for themselves. So, why not make their 40th birthday a special day for them by simply freeing them from all their responsibilities for that day. Arrange for a nice and relaxing spa session, request their boss to give them a paid holiday on that day, allow them to party with their close friends and do anything and everything that they want to, without having to worry about the right and the wrong for this one day.

Throw A House Party With A Rocking Theme

Throw A House Party With A Rocking Theme

You can plan a nice surprise party for the person turning 40. Call in all his close friends and family members. Think of a nice theme for the party. Some popular themes for the 40th birthday celebration include old west BBQ, Casino theme, a trip down the memory lane, etc. while planning a theme party, you need to be careful about the smallest of details like the decorations, food, music, costumes, etc. Entering the house to find everyone dressed in a particular theme, would be a thrilling and exciting surprise for the birthday boy or girl, and they are definitely going to love this party. Arrange for a nice theme costume for the birthday boy or girl as well, which they can change into for the party once they have been surprised at the entrance of the party.

Road Trip

road trip

Remember the good old college days, when one would simply take off on the weekends with the friends without any planning or bookings. Those trips used to be the most fun and exciting trips. However, with age and increased responsibilities, our trips became more planned and less adventurous. Yet, there is something inside all of us, irrespective of our age, which longs for those fun college trips. So this 40th birthday, book a nice party bus or van, call in all the close friends of the birthday boy or girl, kidnap the birthday boy or girl and simply take them off to the nearest party destination. This surprise trip would probably be the best trip of their life, which they are surely not going to forget in this lifetime.

Comedy Show For The Comedy Lovers

Audience watching a show in a small theatre

Everyone loves a good laugh, but there are very few people who are able to make others laugh. If the person turning 40 has this knack for comedy, you can actually plan for a comedy night, where he or she can showcase this talent. You can invite a few local standup comedians to start the night and eventually, you can ask the birthday boy or girl, to take the stage and enthrall all the guests with his or her comedy flair. This party can be a sort of an encouragement for the birthday boy or girl to pursue this talent after retirement. After all, now that they have turned 40, they need to start thinking and planning for their retirement as well

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

You must be thinking that there is nothing unique or special about a cocktail party. Most of the parties thrown these days are cocktail parties only. However, what would set this cocktail party apart from all the rest of the parties is the signature cocktails that you can create for this party, in keeping with the theme of the party and the fact that it is a celebration of the 40th birthday of the host. You can create special drinks and name them after the birthday boy or girl. If the host is a fan of fine wine, you can arrange for some good wine selection for the party. To things even more special, the food served at the party should also be selected on the basis of how well they compliment the special cocktails being served at the party.

Gift Them Luck On This Lucky Day

Gift Them Luck On This Lucky Day

A great way to celebrate the 40th birthday is by letting the person know that he or she is extremely special and the fact that they were born on this day, makes the day special as well. To accentuate this fact, take the birthday boy or girl for a ride and buy 40lottery tickets for them on this day. You can actually plant a fake lottery ticket in between these tickets, and make it appear like the birthday boy or girl has actually won a lottery on their 40th birthday. Even if it is a small amount, the thrill of winning a lottery on their 40th birthday would make their really special and exciting.

Plan A Nice Picnic With Family And Friends

Plan A Nice Picnic With Family And Friends

If the 40th birthday is falling on a weekend, then you can always plan a nice picnic or even a BBQ party for the close friends and family members. There is no other feeling which is more special and nice than the feeling of being in the company of your loved ones. Therefore, on this 40th birthday, let the birthday boy or girl feel truly blessed by surrounding them in the company of happy faces of all the people who care about them and love them.

Arrange For A Tribute Band

Arrange For A Tribute Band

Everyone has their favorite. Some people are madly in love with the Beatles, while others like the Rolling Stones or Michael Jackson. The birthday boy or girl may also be in love with some legendary figure. This 40th birthday, arrange for a band to pay tribute to this favorite personality of the birthday boy or girl by playing all the famous songs and a special dedication to them all through the night. You can be pretty sure that this little tribute would make the night really special for the birthday boy or girl.

Staying Young Forever

Staying Young Forever party

I had started this article by saying that 40 is the new 30. However, what I forgot to mention is that 30 is the new 20. So in a way, a person turning 0 is no older than a 20 year old someone, and therefore, any party you plan for him or her, irrespective of the theme of the party selected by you, just make sure that everything at the party is young and fun. The music, the games, the activities, the food, everything should be arranged for like you would plan for a party for the 20 year old boys and girls.

Plan Time Together In The Future

Plan Time Together In The Future

Parties, trips, friends, etc., everything else gives pleasure for only a few moments, but what makes life truly special is the company of your spouse and kids. However, because of our hectic lives these days, families are spending less and less time together. So this 40th birthday, make a pact with the person turning 40 to do 40 things together over the next 1 year. This could include simple daily stuff like going shopping together for Christmas gifts, or it could be doing something special together, like contributing to do work together for some charitable organization. Make sure that you do everything written on this list over the next year.

Make Him Or Her Do Something Which Kids Want Them To Do

adventure sports

There is a generation gap between parents and their kids. This generation gap can cause a strain in the relationship. This 40th birthday, let the kids take the first step towards filling up this generation gap, by making their mom or dad, turning 40, do something together with them. Therefore, the kids can actually take the birthday boy out for a drink at the coolest joint where the youngsters frequent currently, or they can together go and participate in some nice young adventure sport like Paragliding, Bungee jumping, etc. Anything that the youngsters love doing, the person turning 40 should try doing on this birthday.

Charity Event


All through this article, I have been insisting on to plan something for the 40th birthday which is young at heart. However, being young at heart does not mean that the party can only be about individual fun. There are many youngsters who are very aware of their social responsibilities and like to do something for the betterment of the society. If the person turning 40 is also someone who has been wanting to do something for the society, then his or her birthday party can actually be converted into a charity event, and all the collections from the party can be used for helping the needy people.



40 years is a long time and the 40th birthday is a perfect time to reflect on all those special memories from the past and know what a full and happy life has been led. Prepare a nice slide show or a CD with pictures of special moments ad-events from the life of the birthday boy or girl and play that along with some good and emotional music in front of all the guests. All these memories will bring both, smile and tears on the face of the birthday boy or girl. But most importantly, it will let them know how special and perfect a life they have led till date.

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

It’s natural that all the guests at the 40th birthday party would have some good and warm wishes for the birthday boy or girl. However, make these wishes fun and exciting by asking the guests to write down their wishes on a piece of paper, along with one thing that they want the birthday boy or girl to do in their future life. Ask the guest to paste all their wishes and future life suggestion on a wishing board and once all the wishes have been put up, start reading them one by one. The wishes would make the birthday boy or girl feel special, while the suggestion for the future would definitely be funny and make everyone roll with laughter.

Back To The Childhood

Back To The Childhood theme


As kids, each one of us had a superhero who was a role model for us. Just like the kids today, when young, even we were fans of Superman, Batman, etc. So why not revisit that childhood craze of ours by throwing a 40th birthday party with a superhero theme. All the guests can be asked to dress up like their favorite superhero. Or if you know who is the favorite superhero of the birthday boy or girl, the entire party can be themed around that one superhero alone.

The above ideas for the 40th birthday celebration ensure that the celebrations are young and fun. The best part about the above ideas is that they are perfect for both men and women. Hence, simply pick any one of the above ideas, or combine two or more ideas to come up with the perfect plan for the 40th birthday celebrations of your love one.