35 Heart Winning Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Today i am touching a topic which i guess a lot of people are interested into. It is “birthday gift ideas for mom”. I have been asked a lot of times from different people around the world from different places for the same. So to help out all of those who are looking up for some special birthday gifts for mom, i have jotted down a huge list of ideas and gifts. So stay with me and find some of the best gifts for her.

Relationships come and go. Many relationships enter into our life and stay back for some time. As though the purpose is over, these leave our lives one fine day. Such relationships form the most part of pure life. Some of these may even leave footprints in our heart that remain for a long time.

There are few other relationships in our life that come it our life silently only to stay with us throughout our life time. These relationships catch hold of our hands and remain with us throughout our ups and down in life. They give us the consolation we require when we are our lowest. They are the ones to congratulate us feeling happy for us when we succeed. Such relationships are invaluable in life. These are rare kinds of relationships that we need to foster throughout our life.

There is this third kind of relationships out of the earlier one discussed. These relationships bring us into this world. They introduce this world to us and vice versa. There are some relationships in our life which cannot be equalled. These relationships are self less and do everything they can for us even if it means sacrificing their own selves. One such relationship is our Mother.

We know and have felt the innumerable sacrifices she has done for us throughout her life right from giving birth to us. She has many a times sacrificed her own desires to satisfy ours. She has let go off things close to her to accommodate us in her life. She has lost many battles that she could have won just to make us win and see that wonderful smile in our face. Last but not the least she is the human being who has lost her own identity to give us our individuality and unique identity.

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Birthday ideas for mom

However hard we try, we cannot repay her for all the sacrifices she has done for us. The least we can do is to make her happy on her birthday with emotional sentimental gifts that she will relish for her life time. Here are some ideas to make your Mom happy on her special day.

Take her out to her favourite temple


If your Mom is very pious and like to go to temples, take her temple first thing in the morning or in a leisurely manner in the evening. She would not only relish being with you on her special day, but will also remember your gesture for a long time in her life. Particularly if you take her to a temple she has been long waiting to go, be assured that you have made her day up.

Music concert or Fine arts performances


If your mother has high sense of attraction towards any form of fine arts, take her to one of them on her special day. These arts may be anything from performing arts to exhibitions where people display their products. Along with the favourite music and dance you made her experience, she will remember you being with her during the occasion. She would tom-tom it to every acquaintance of hers that you did this for her in a thoughtful manner on her special day

Spend quality time with her the entire day


If you Mom is a home bird and prefers to be at home rather than going out, let her enjoy doing so. Allow her to be at home and spend the whole day with your Mom who has spent her whole life for you. Walk through photo albums making her travel through her nostalgic olden day moments. Listen genuinely to whatever she shares about those moments. You will see her eyes gleam with joy. You will witness the child inside your old mother and wish every day of the year was her birthday so you could spend true moment of life with her. Give her that satisfaction too.

Cook her favourite food


Make the lady who has been cooking throughout her life for her family rest at least for a day. Cook all her favourite dishes adding love and affection instead of sugar and salt. Look at her enjoying each bit of the food you have cooked. You will see a proud mother in front of you who feels happy for her child who has learnt so much. She will thoroughly enjoy your gesture and the food you cooked for her showing out a lot of mixed emotions. Make her experience these splendid moments filled with happiness in every bite.

Surprise party


If your mother is a social bird who has a lot of friends, throw a surprise party for her in her house. Invite all her close ones to the party. Capture her emotions every time she welcomes a surprise guest invited that is very close to her heart. Organise the party in such a manner that she is able to spend time with her close ones without disturbance of any sort. She will have so much to share even after the party is over, in fact a long time after that.

Suggested Birthday gifts for Mom

1. Personalised Wall clock


Gift your Mom with a wall clock that will have both utility as well as gift value. Emboss personal words about your relationship with your mother and give the clock a personal touch. Your mother will feel so sentimental that the clock will get a prominent place in her house

Magic Coffee cup

clip_image014Give this magic coffee cup as your gift to your Mother. This magic cup changes its colour when hot drink is poured into it. Every time your Mother experiences this magic she will feel the magic of your love explicitly

2. Canvas Clock with message mom youre one in a million


This is not an ordinary clock but one made of canvas. Make it more attractive by adding words that is so personal to your relationship with her. The canvas finish enhances the value of the gift reflecting your undaunted love for her.

3. Decorative plate

Create your own designs wither with your real life photos or cartoon characters that your mother loves. Emboss them in a plate and gift it to her. She will preserve this as an invaluable gift in her chest throughout her life time.


4. Personalized Bed sheet

This is a perfect high utility value personal gift that will be close to your Mom in every aspect. Particularly it will make her sleep peacefully whenever she uses it. Give her peace of mind gifting this excellent piece of gift. Make the bed sheet personalized by inserting your photos in huge sizes from occasions that she relishes the most


5. Gift her a cake of choice

Cakes are always wonderful things which make birthdays complete with their presence. Gift your mother a huge cake in the flavour she likes the most. Make her cut the cake amidst the family members. What more. The cake makes your Moms birthday a complete one


6. Romantic couple clock


Gift your Mother a special with photos of your Father and Mother being together. Collect all such photos well in advance. Make a collage of the same in the clock. Gift it to her on her special day and see her emotions flowing out in an emotional manner

7. Flowers


Flowers are those cute little things that convey invaluable love and affection in a colourful manner. Convey your heart felt love for your mother gifting these beautiful flowers packed in a bouquet. Gift her flower that are close to her heart and that which make her feel nice.

8. Photo Mug


Give her a photo mug that has nice photos of you with her. She will display this mug in a prominent place in her house and show it to every other person visiting her with happiness and heights of childishness

9. Sari cover Notebook


Gift her beautiful notebook that she will use carefully only to fill in important details. Alternatively, write many little things that happened in your life with her that made you feel close to her. Pen down many anecdotes that will make her nostalgic filling her with loads and loads of memories

10. Personalised Standing Rock


Show her your respect to your Mother for standing by your side like a rock during all those weaker times you experienced. Emboss her photo or emotional words about her and gift this standing rick piece to her. She will really relish this invaluable gift from you

11. Personalised Apron


A mother always feels happy to cook their favourite food to her children. In fact, she spends most of her time in her life in the kitchen. Make her wear this beautiful Apron

12. Chocolate Hamper


If your mother is absolutely healthy and in the prime of her healthy, and she loves to eat chocolates, gift a huge hamper of chocolates of her choice. Whenever she eats them the sweet taste will remind you and your love to her

13. Personalised Glass coasters


Gift your valuable mother this Glass coaster particularly adding cute memorable photos to the same. The personal touch given will reach her heart directly and remain their till she lives her life

14. Gift card


Gift your mother with a movie or play card. Gift her many cards so she can plan her special ay and go to movies with her close friends. In case you want to gift this to her as a surprise, take her to a movie which almost suits her taste. Probably all your family members can accompany her and make her day special providing that extra joy

15. Handmade Greeting Card


What more will make your mother happy than her child making a greeting card. Design the card is the manner that she will like. For instance, if you want to add many photos, plan where the photos are going to. Think if your Mom will like a single photo greeting card or cluster of memorable photos. Add emotional words to the same and gift her

16. Wooden Photo Coasters


Make wooden tea / coffee coasters. If you plan to buy them in shops, make them personalised by embossing memorable colourful photos on them. You can give them a personal touch by printing emotional words on them. They will remind you to her during her all her tea times

17. Photo collage on a cake


Collect beautiful photos of your mother through her life journey. Make a collage out of them on the cake. This will give her the wonderful feeling and she will melt like cake realising your love for her. She will never want to cut this cake but would prefer to save it for a life time in her fridge if only she is given such an option

18. Engraved Plaque


This beautiful engraved plaque will make her so happy that she will feel gratified as though she has received the highest award of the century. Make the words so personalised to give it a more emotional touch

19. Personalised Cushion covers


You mother has been maintaining your bed room and accessories in a clean manner all throughout her life. Give her a cover that she would use to cover her cushions. Print your childhood photos on one side and your mother’s photos on the other side. She will keep hugging this cushion all the time which will give her a feeling she is hugging you

20. Special Bed sheet


Give your mother a beautiful personalized bed sheet in her favourite colour. Make her feel emotional by printing nice words on it. This will become her bed sheet for the life time. She will relish sleeping on this bed sheet presented to her by her loving child. You can make this bed sheet a colourful one by adding personal photos of yours which will hug her every time she uses it

21. Photo balloon


Personalise this balloon adding a beautiful photo of yours or your mothers. Choose words to be printed on the balloon around the photo. While a balloon looks like a childish gift to a grown up this will bring out the child in your mother. Ensure you get a high quality balloon so it does’nt give off easily

22. Photo collage for photo holder


Make a beautiful photo collage with photos where your Mother and you are together. Probably select photos that are your mother’s favorite and make a collage out of them. Select the photo stand first so you know the size of the collage you want to do.

23. Diamond shaped Photo tile


Gift your mother a tile with her favourite photo embossed on it. Ensure this photo tile gets a neat finish with crafted iron rackets. This will adorn her walls for the rest of her life time. If the frame can be made in such a way to replace photos every now and them, this gift will be a really enjoyable one for your Mom

24.Scintillating Flower Vase


Give your Mom a beautiful flower vase along with beautiful choice of white lilies. Make your Mom smile as bright as the lilies do. Save her beautiful smile for the future. She will preserve the vase so carefully that every time she fills the same with flowers, she will see your smiling face in them

25. Crystal Photo Frame


Gift your Mom this beautiful crystal photo frame and give her the choice to fill her photo of choice. When you visit her the next time you will be so excited to see which photo she has placed in the stand you gifted. This will create the surprise element for both the mother and the daughter. Be rest assured that your Mom’s face will shine more than the crystals in the frame

26.Fruit cake


A very healthy gift, gift your Mom with this delicious fruit cake which is both healthy for her age as well as an excellent high quality birthday gift. She will relish eating the same while it will add value to her health. Adding fruits that your Mom likes will make her enjoy this gift in a comfortable manner

27. Timeline Memory clock


Gift your Mom with this beautiful clock personalising with words. Make it simple by not adding any photos to this simple piece. Every time she sees time in this clock your face will come in front of her eyes. Your face during your younger ages will come to her eyes filling her heart with fullest of love and affection for you. She will see this clock more for reading these words again and again rather than to know the time

28.Haldirams Sweets Hamper


A more traditional and healthy way to make your Mom celebrate her birthday is to gift her with high quality sweets from the established brand Haldirams. She will not only relish the taste but also enjoy the taste of tradition on her special day. Gift to her these sweet hampers and make her enjoy the day in a sweet manner. This established brand will establish your love in her heart more emphatically

29.Personalised Tablet Case


This is one of the best high utility value gifts that you can gift your Mo on her special day. Select a bright colorful personalized case theme that will be apt for your Mom’s tablet case. Print a memorable photo on the same adding touching words to the same. Your Mom will boast of your gift to every onlooker she comes across

30. Personalised Phone cover


Give a personalised phone cover specially created to suit your Mom’s phone model. Ensure it is designed in such a manner that the phone looks pretty with the cover on. Every time she attends to a call or handles her phone, she will feel emotionally moved looking at her phone cover. Ensure the cover is made out of soft material so her tender hands feel your love

31. Family photos collage Lamp



This is again an excellent creative gift that will give your mother huge satisfaction every time she uses this lamp. Personalize the rotatable night lamp adding photos to it so when it gets powered on it will rotate displaying all the photos on it in a bright delightful manner. She will illuminate the lamp every time to see all the photos again and again

32. Stainless Steel Pink Rose Ladies Watch


This is one of those gifts that are liked by women of all ages. Gift this beautiful soft looking watch to your Mom and see her delight in her eyes. It will fit on her skin in such an ideal manner that it will make her feel young and radiant. Make your Mom look younger gifting this wonderful watch to her

33. Personalised Mouse Pad


Gift this creative Mouse Pad to your Mom if she uses computer regularly. Personalize it with either photographs or sentimental words so she feels you every time she operates her mouse on this pad. It will nt be the mouse that rolls over this Mouse Pad but even her fragile fingers more often melting her strong heart with soft feelings for you

34.Heavenly Lordess Lakshmi night Lamp


At your Mom’s age, religion and related faith may their highest pursuit. This wonderful lamp which can be utilized by your Mom during her Pooja and night times is an excellent high utility gift. Every time she uses this lamp she will bestow you with unlimited blessings

35. Coffee / Tea maker


Your Mom deserves a good break from her pressing daily chores. Let her make her coffee or tea easily with the help of this Coffee / Tea maker that you gift to her on her special day. Go in for a high quality brand Coffee / Tea maker so it lasts long and makes her job easy. She will relish every coffee or tea of hers right from the first sip till the last drop. I hope you found the best birthday gift for your mom from the list. Best wishes! 🙂