20 Awesome 21st Birthday Gift ideas For Him

Finding some 21st birthday gift ideas for him could be quite a task for you if you are looking for some memorable gifts. So today i will share some of the best gift options that you would love to try. Please stay with me and explore these gift options.

Age plays a prominent role in defining our personalities. Age plays a more prominent role in shaping up our attitudes and behavior. We respond to situations we age owing to the maturity levels that grow with us. Our perspectives regarding people and things change as we age.

Till the age 8, we experience bliss ignorant of the real vices present around us. As we grow up to become 16+ we get so attracted towards things that are really banned by the earlier generations wondering why it is so. As we cross 20, we get treated as adults. 21 is a crucial age since we are out of college and done with education.

It is at this age that we feel we need to love so our peers respect us. We seek friendships from the other gender. We feel loved and tend to fall in love. Call it infatuation or divine love, it is what it is and you just don’t care. All that is required at this age is to enjoy life to its brim.

The world out there appears to be filled with fun and you want to enjoy every bit of the fun all by yourself with your close one. Particularly if you are a girl, impressing ‘him’ becomes the highest importance than anything else in this world.

You do every bit of everything to make him be by your side. Rather many a times, you do things just to avoid him going towards the ‘other’ girl. ‘His’ birthday is a special occasion you can impress him. Not just girls but boys enjoy receiving gifts from close one too. We present here some ideas and gifts for you to impress your man so he stays by your side for a long time.

21st Birthday gift ideas for him


Some boys may value his looks more than anything else while some like to be funny living life in a happy manner. Some may be flooded with novel perspectives about life and people while some other boys at 21 may value his fitness more than anything else. Whatever type he is, remember, he is just 21. The basic fun loving nature still makes him young enough to enjoy his life. Choose any gift based on one of these ideas ascertaining what type your boy friend yours is.

Fascinating Gifts


Usually girls tend to love fascinating gifts. But there are some boys who love them too. Go in for some gifts which may be really attractive. If in your assessment your boy friend enjoys items that are colourful and attractive, probably check in for something that suits his taste. Get him that gift which is of utility value him and at the same time very attractive. Again, think what attracts him the most and then go in for purchasing fascinating gifts for him

Funny Gifts


Some guys are funny to move with. While at times they are taken for granted or considered buffoons they are your boy friend and you love them for what they are. Respect their nature. Such guys actually enliven any environment they are in. They love to do funny things and they do it consciously in a spirited manner. Funny gifts make them very happy. Right from funny masks to gifts that create fun, anything will attract him easily since they fit in his basic nature. Go in search for funny gifts that would make your boyfriend extremely happy

Unique Gifts


Some guys are unique in every manner. Right from their mannerisms to tastes and behavior, they approach things differently. They add a different view altogether to an existing thing making others awestruck with the new perspective he throws. Such guys are hard to be understood. However, if he has selected for his girlfriend, probably you are unique too. This makes it easy for you to choose a unique gift to ‘him’ since you are the best person to know his tastes and tantrums. Search thoroughly for that unique gift that would astonish your boy friend which will take you further close to him.

Fitness Gift


If you have always been whining about your boyfriend being a fitness freak then the apt gift you can give him on his birthday must be related to the same. Such boys generally prefer his fitness over yourself kindling the green eyes monster in you making you feel you could have born as one of his fitness instruments. Well before his birthday talk to him about his requirement pertaining to any fitness instruments. Understand from him through casual talks the best model, its features etc. so you are ready to gift him what he wanted on his birthday. This would be so gratifying for both of you and for all you know you may get treated at par with his fitness after this birthday

Fashionable Gift


Guys of this age enjoy being looked at by pretty girls. Probably you are one among them. Let him enjoy the looks. As a good girl friend makes him look more attractive so you can kindle the envy of the other girls walking along with him in the new outfit you gifted him. While you take enough care to select a fashionable outfit for him, ensure that it will be liked by him. Go in for brands he usually goes in for. Be perfect with colours that he would like to wear. Use this opportunity to show that you know him well than any other girl looking at him

Suggested 21st Birthday Gifts for Him

These are general ideas to buy gifts for your 21 year old boy friend. These mainly depend on his nature and preferences. While using the above ideas as guidelines, read through further to understand specific gifts that are apt to be gifted to a 21 year old smart guy.

1. Engraved Chrome Lighter


If your boyfriend has honestly accepted his smoking habit to you, this is a perfect gift you can give him. This will enable you express your appreciation for his honesty. Ensure you engrave a touching personalized message on the lighter so every time he sees the message he will not feel like smoking. At least to a great extent you will be able to bring down the number of cigarettes he smokes every day. Show your concern on his health as a typical caring girl friend gifting this chrome lighter which will make him happy for the utility value

2. High quality personalized Wallet


A wallet to your boyfriend may appear to be a normal gift idea. Make it special by engraving words you feel personal on it. Probably something that only the two of you know or some code word both of you used to refer something. Give it that sensuous touch which will make him think of you every time he handles it. We are sure he will admire your creativity and love in making an ordinary wallet a special one for him. This will also ensure he spending habits are controlled every time he uses this wallet to pay for expenses.

3. Finally turned 21 Wine Glass


Make him drink his wine every time in the wine glass you gift him on his 21st birthday. You can buy a nice wine glass in the shape you prefer to gift. Choose the one he will relish to use. Make it personalized engraving words that would add to the taste and effect of the wine every time he reads the words after sipping the wine. Ensure these words bring a smile to his face every time he uses it so you are with him every time he sips his wine. It would add to the creativity if you can emboss a photograph of both of you which is close to his heart.

4. Attractive Sports Watch


If your boyfriend is a sports person or a fashion geek, it would be a better idea to go in for a sports watch that is trendy and high fashion. Ensure the interfaces of the watch are high quality and has integrated features like fitness tracker and other advanced technicalities. Best smart watches are amazing options to gift to your 21 year old man.

5. Automated Tie Rack


Gift your ‘soon to be executive’ boy friend an automated tie rack with a couple of professional looking ties. Being a novel product this will also have utility value in his cup-board. This is one of the professional looking gifts that you can gift your boyfriend.

6. Bluetooth Water Speakers


These novel music speakers will be with him during the odd times and his private moments. The LED light that throws up and dances according to the music the speakers play will bust out is stress relaxing his mind. These speakers are Blue Tooth enabled are also USB powered making it more attractive. The more the volume is increased the higher do these colorful waters jumps.

7. Personalized Shot Glass


A host glass for his drink with your chosen embossed on the same will be a lovely gesture to make your boy friend happy. Every time he uses it, you will speak with him through the embossed words on it

8. Life in Picture Book


Prepare a book sticking photos of your boy friend through all his ages. Ensure you collect important photographs of his from reliable sources and write small anecdotes about all the incidents.

9. Retro Games Controller


If your Boy friend loves to play video games all the time, get him this controller which he will enjoy all through his leisure time.

10. Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Kit


This is a perfect gift you can give your 21 year old boy friend. A just in time kind of a gift, this high utility value gift will certainly be relished by him

11. Tetris Light


One of the best Desktop lamp models available in the market, this is such a colorful decoration that is of high utility value also. Gift him this compact but enjoyable lamp. Let him see you in each color that glows

12. You are invaluable Necklet for Men


This manly necklet comes in a beautiful card that have some beautiful message. I am sure he will be impressed with the message with those loving words and offcourse the Necklet.

13. Chocolate Pizzas


A chocolate Pizza is a good idea gift your 21 year old boy friend who is still a child and is becoming an adult. If like chocolates and pizzas, combine both and gift him this Chocolate Pizzas

14. Smuggle your booze in sunscreen tube


This sunscreen pack will help your boyfriend smuggle 8 ounces of drinks where ever he wants to enjoy whenever he wants to. He will certainly admire you for your creativity

15. Retro Pocket Games


Make him relive his childhood by presenting him this nostalgic video games player. He will certainly enjoy the old memories this device kindles in him

16. Mega Pint Glass for parties


This cup is made up of plastic and is expandable in size. When it expands to the fullest if can hold 1800 Ml of drink that your Boy friend wants to drink

17. Shaving Travel Kit


This shaving Kit will come in handy for your Boyfriend when he travels away from his place. It will also remind him your beautiful face which wants to see him smart

18. Music Record Player


This record player will be the best if your boy friend is a music lover. Gift him this music player and let him enjoy all the music close to his heart

19. Leather wrist band


Gift him this trendy manly leather wrist band. This will add to his manliness and look smart in his hands. He will enjoy wearing this elegant looking trendy wrist band.

20. Sophisticated cuff links


The soon to be executive deserves this pair of Cufflinks. Give him this elegant looking pair of cuff links and make him feel important.

I hope this list of some suggested 21st birthday gifts for him is helpful for you. I also hope you might have found one for him. Cheers!