20 Sentiment Gifts For Men You Can’t Skip

Gone are the days when terms like ’emotional’ and ‘sentimental’ were only used for women. The men of today’s times are becoming open about their emotional side, and have no qualms in accepting and acknowledging this emotion that always existed within them, but was never Sentiment Gifts For Men given too much importance by them.

From making their loved one feeling special to being doting fathers to their children to being the best brother to his sister, the man of today is treading on unchartered territory than never before, and he is quite enjoying the whole experience. This whole new revelation about men has also led to various changes in the lifestyle industry about men and the products that are available for them.

As the ideologies are changing, so are the gifting patterns. The same old traditional gifts have made way to more thoughtful gifts that hold a special sentimental value for the man who is receiving it.

Whether a father, a boyfriend, a husband, a brother, a son or a friend, whoever is at the receiving end of your gift will not fail to appreciate the thought and effort behind you gift, if you have really taken the pains to find the perfect gift. Such gifts then become priceless and timeless, and will be one of those things that your loved one will always remember and associate you with. Here is an assortment of 20 such sentimental gift ideas for men that are surely going to get noticed.

sentimental gifts for men

Sentimental gift ideas for men

As you already know that sentimental gifts are gifts that have something special meaning behind them. So here i will give you some options in which you can find your perfect gift. I will give you few suggestions on what kind of sentimental gifts you can consider.

Personalized gift 

Personalized gift

Personalized gifts are the best options when you are looking up for some sentimental gifts as they are best to express the meaning you want to convey. When it comes to personalized gift, then you have endless options. You can make anything personalized these days, like Wallclock, wallet, coffee mug, Bag, etc.. You just have to take the gift to a gift shop where you can make gift personalized by engraving, printing, or using other stuff.

Interest stuff

Interest based gifts

It is not at all always necessary to gift a personalized stuff. You can gift something to him that could co-relate with his feelings and interest. For example if loves to play guitar, then you can gift him a guitar or plectrum. If he is fitness freak, then you can gift him fitness related book. So likewise you can consider many options.

Poem Frames

Poem frames

Poem frames are best to express out some meaning in right words. This kind of gift is perfect when you want to express something which you can’t express in words or expression, so you can gift a matching poem frames. There are many options available online, few of them i have shortlisted and shared in the below list.


Diy gifts

If you have time and you want to gift him something special, then go for DIY that means Do It Yourself. There are many things you can make for him and they will be best giving out some meaning as its made by you. So you can definitely give it some meaning.

Recommended Sentimental gift ideas for men

Tuesdays With Morrie By Mitch AlbomTuesdays With Morrie

The perfect sentimental book that takes us through the journey of a man who reunited with his professor who is in the final stages of ALS – a motor neuron disease, and the life’s lessons that he learns from the dying old man. A masterpiece for all ages, especially those who really cherish good books.




I love you poem frame‘The One I Love’ Poem Frame

The words of the poem will speak the unspoken for you. This is what makes it the best gift for the person who wants to make the important man in his life feel special. The words of the poem are not specific to a particular relationship, and hence can be used for gifting to both husband and boyfriend.




Photo cubePhoto Cube

This photo cube will convey your feelings in the best possible manner. Choose your photos for your loved one that has a special importance for him. It could be photos of his big day at work, some of his achievements, or the time that you have spent together. The photo cube is sure to bring back all those memories just at a single glance and leave him teary-eyed.




Custom CaricaturesCustom Caricature

Put a smile on his face by gifting him his own caricature. Remember to create the surroundings of the caricature with all things that are relevant to him. The thought and the effort behind the gift will surely do not go unnoticed, and your loved one will be beaming from ear to ear.





Moscow copper coasterCopper Mug

Copper is known for many health benefits. Gift this copper mug to your loved one to show him that you really care for him and his health. The size and the dimensions of the cup are perfect for his steaming hot cup of daily dose of coffee. It comes in a classy wooden gift box which adds to the charm of the gift.



keepsake coinA Keepsake Coin

This keepsake coin will hold a special place for the person it is gifted to. One side of the coin has a heart logo on it, and the back side of the coin has a message that reads ‘Keep this heart with you always as a reminder that I will always love you.’ A truly sentimental gift for that important man in your life, and a true reminder of your love and faith in him.




gift basketArt Of Appreciation Gift Basket

Take him on an indulgence trip with this beautiful gift basket. The basket contains cookies and chocolates, wrapped up decoratively and created in a manner that it looks truly special, and will become a much appreciated gift.





wine decanterWine Decanter

This personalized wine decanter comes with his initial embossed on it. Gift this wine decanter to the wine lover, and connoisseur of good alcohol, and he will surely appreciate it. The ergonomic design of the decanter just not only make it look attractive, but is equally practical too as pouring wine through it is easier, and will not include any spillage.




Giving treeThe Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

This book scores high on the emotional quotient as it deals with the interactions of a child with a tree, and how the ‘give and take’ relationships work. Although, one of the main characters is the tree, the book is extremely realistic in its lessons of life.




Personalized Golf BallsPersonalized Golf Balls

This gift is for the golf enthusiasts. Gift him a set of personalized golf balls, and he is sure to fall in love with you all over again with this thoughtful gift. The message can be printed in two lines on the ball, up to 12 characters per line.





Nuts about you jarNuts About You Jar

The print on the jar says ‘I am Nuts About You.’ It has a cute squirrel graphic, and you can personalize it with the name of your loved one. This gift is a simple yet timeless gift, sure to be appreciated by one and all.





Junier bonsaiJuniper Bonsai

The days when men did not even know the basics of gardening are gone. The ‘care and nurture’ of your man gets the perfect outlet with this bonsai plant. Gifting a plant is like gifting an asset, one that can be nurtured and grown, and grows with you. This gift is sure to win you oodles of appreciation from your loved one.




kinder beltKinder Belt

Gift him this kinder belt to him. Made of genuine leather, and available in brown colour, the style quotient of your loved one will go up several notches when he spots this belt.




i_love_being_well_thought_of_tieA Personalized Tie

Let him flaunt your love for him with this tie. Choose a message for him, or involve him in the process of choosing the pattern and message of the tie from the very many options available. The thought behind the tie, and the feeling of being fussed over, will make him love you even more than before.




HandkerchiefA Set of Handkerchiefs

Safe and a timeless gift, is a set of handkerchiefs. Modernize it with his name/initials and a personalized message for him. A perfect gift that blends style and utility in the best possible manner.




Gourmet basket broadwayAssorted Nuts Basket

This gift basket contains premium quality assorted nuts packed in a stylish basket. A preferred gift across all age groups of men, the contents of the basket are sure to be liked by everyone, and hence makes this as a safe gifting option.




“What I Love About You from A to Z” Mini-Book GiftA-Z Mini Book

This is the A-Z of your feelings for him. Think of a message beginning from each alphabet from A to Z, and write it down on the book. This can be simply created by you also at home, and each and every word of the book will express more than what you have ever expressed to him.




Best ever day keychain‘Best Day Ever’ Keychain

Get embossed the important date of his life on this keychain, and gift it to him. The thought behind this gift will stir up the emotions inside him, as he will remember how special that particular day of his life was!





openwhenenvelopes‘Open When’ Envelope Ideas

Think of situations that he must be dealing with, in his life, and make envelopes for each of those. For e.g. ‘Open when you are Sad’ or ‘Open when you miss me’ and so on. Each envelope should contain a message, and some photos to immediately make him think of you as soon as he opens any of these. A relatively cheap gift, you can actually do it at home, all by yourself.




Action Figures, Toys, Bobble Heads And CollectiblesAction Figures, Toys, Bobble Heads And Collectibles

A man is never too old for action figures and toys. If your guy loves a particular show or is a collector of such items, then choose from the range of products available on this site, and gift him the one that he had always wanted to own!





A gift given with the best of intentions, wrapped in love and concern will surely touch the right chord in your man’s heart. However, remember to not digress completely from his area of interest, and make the gift enjoyable for him too!