15 Recommended Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men

Today I will be sharing with you some of the awesome monthly subscription boxes for men. Whether you are looking up for the subscription boxes for yourself or gifting someone, here you will find some of the best options.

When you talk about subscription boxes for men, then there are probably few options where you would like to dive into. Here are few ideas where you can look up:


Subscription box ideas for men


Apparel – I have found that many man really don’t know what is going to suit their personality and style. I recently went for shopping with my friend Mike. I was so particular about the clothes I wanted to go for but he was so confused about the choices. At the end I had to decide few pieces for him. So if you are one of a kind, then go for an apparel subscription box as they are the perfect to keep you in style and trend.

Men grooming products – There are certain things that are essential to any man. Whether I talk about shaving razors to any skin care product. Many man really don’t have good knowledge of grooming products, so for these kind of men I think a grooming box would be the best choice.

Food Stuff – Some man are foodie and they choose taste over style and grooming, so for them any food subscription box will do the magic. One of my cousin is very foodie and all he thinks about is tasty things. So I am planning to gift him any food subscription box on his birthday.

Reading stuff – Many man loves reading new and trending stuff. For instance some man are more inclined about reading some inspirational content or some like to read about genius’s life books. So for these kind of men, content subscription box will be perfect. I have recommended one in the list, do check out.

Themed Stuff – You can look up for any particular theme, for instance you are a traveller and needs to carry things that are required in the journey. Then you can go for the travel themed box. The same way if you have any personal interest then go for interest themed box.

Experimental Stuff – There are many people who love to get new things which they really don’t know. That means they love to get surprised every month with some thing new that they would like to explore. These kind of stuff keeps them excited all the months and the year for getting something unexpected.

Health and fitness – Many man are hardcore fitness freak they just love to be surrounded by the fitness products and want to be fit and healthier. So these kind of man can go for fitness box. A fitness subscription box can give you all the latest products that are found to be the best asking the reviews from the customer. There are many providers who allow you to tell them their fitness goals and based on their fitness goals they provide them yearly products to achieve their goals.

Recommended subscription boxes for men

Now I would like to share to share some of the subscription boxes that I found to be the best. I have researched over many but found these to be perfect.

Trunk Club

It is one of the awesome subscription that any man could get or to be gifted to a man. It is a clothing subscription boxe for men who don’t know the way to style them. I am shocked with their awesome services, few I would like to mention:


  • They provide free fashion consultancy.
  • The professional fashion stylist will personally pick few items that will match your style and personality.
  • Fashion stylist will give you the of the best products, suitable for your style and preferences.
  • You will get the finalized trunks at your door steps.
  • They don’t charge for shipping. That means you don’t have to pay any extra money for this.
  • They give you a service where you can check the clothes at home and return those who you don’t like.

Curator and Mule

Here is another subscription box for fashion, trend and style. If the man don’t know what is in trend and what he should put on, while moving out of the house then he should keep the responsibility over the curator and mule. They pick and send you the best, which is in trend. Their picked products are fashionable, stylish and as I said they are in trend.


  • Yearly they send you the subscription box four times that means every season of the year you get a new pack of products that are latest to suit the trend.
  • Products you will get – Belt, sunglasses, tie, hats, socks and many more.
  • Products are very expensive in the box but as a subscription you get in very cheap price of yearly 60$.

Classy Man Shave Club


As I said you can go for some shaving subscription boxes as well. So to make your work easy I found this box set to be the winning one. Shaving is a need of every grown up man and with time man started loving the way to shave his beard in different styles. “Classy man shave club” understand this better than any one else. So they came up with a subscription box that perfectly suits any man shaving requirement and with a classy shade.

  • Their products are not only perfect in giving results but also they maintain a great level of class to their products.
  • Whether you are a beginner or a pro, their products are handy to all.
  • It is a monthly subscription box that means you will get a new product each month.
  • Products they provide: Soap, shaving creams, gel, razors, aftershaves, blades, brush, bowl and any other essential things required for shave.

GQ Quarterly Box

Source: NICEE

GQ is in existence from last 50 years. It is a brand which is very famous in men, I am sure you are also in the list. As the name suggest quarterly repeat the box after every 3 months. Now you will be surprised by what they are providing because I have hardly found this concept anywhere. They are providing a platform where you get a chance to connect with the people you follow. So it provides a bridge between the influential curators and the subscribers.

  • You can subscribe to any influential curator from the list you want.
  • Rather than getting any piece of content to read here you will get like actual products.
  • If you are U.S residential then good news for your, shipping is FREE.

Hall & Madden


For a man who is working professional or owns a business, this subscription box suits him perfectly. Hall & Madden subscription box provides you formal shirts that suits your working requirement.


  • They provide you set of three shirts quarterly. That means you you will get 6 to 12 shirts in a year.
  • A set of three t-shirt consist of two classy where as one which is trendy.
  • They give you the option to get your shirts every 3 to 6 months.
  • Shipping is free.

Klutch Club


If you are looking for subscription box related to products that makes your life more healthier then go for this one. Klutch club gives you subscription box that contain products that makes your life healthier.

  • Nutritionist select the best products from the best renowned brands.
  • This is a monthly subscription box that means you will get different products every month.



Mantry is for all foodie man. People who are mad for taste and experimenting with different food items. As the name suggest, it is the modern’s man pantry. Every month you will get new premium foods. One bad news for you is that it only ships in US only, so if you are from other country then there is a NO for you.

Me undies


Me undies subscription box comes with stylish undergarments and t-shirts. Today in this modern world of fashion, its not always about what you where outside, it is about what you where inside as well. Wearing any high fashion brand outside and inside something that is not good will not give you a feeling of satisfaction of completeness.

So I believe what you wear inside also matters a lot, not for other but for just for yourself. Me undies understand this very well and provide you with some of the awesome products.

Nicholas Black Box


It is a grooming subscription box that you would like to see on your door steps every month. They will cater your daily lifestyle and grooming requirements. Men these days are more are found to be equally conscious about their grooming as women. When it comes to grooming, you need right products for it. “Nicholas black box” serves the purpose very well.


  • You will get 3 products a month on different section of grooming.
  • Products will be based on personal care, skin care, fitness, etc..

Jacked Pack


For all those man who are possessive about their health and fitness, can go for this amazing box. Jacked pack are totally customizable where their primary goal is to help you achieve your own fitness goals of the year. By customizable I mean that you need to tell what are your fitness goals and tell what are your favorite flavors. Based on your preferences and other things they will provide you with the best products that will help you achieve your goals.



There are many man who love to be inspired all the time whether for their work, working out in gym or generally in life. People generally search for some good quotes on internet to keep them going and be inspired. “Faithbox” does this the same in a better way for you. They provide you the best inspirational products that will make you inspired all the time. Every month you will get something that will give you a faith in yourself.

Trust Fall by BookPeople


For the man who love to read new stuff and don’t want to miss all worthy latest books, this one perfect. We are so busy in life and hardly get time to know what is best and latest in the market. It goes for reading material and content as well.

Choosing the one out of many published books is like fining a small pebble in a dessert. So to make your work easy and to provide you the best reading materials, “Trust fall” came to existence. They pick the best books out of many and provide you at your doorsteps.

  • They reach to your doorsteps quarterly that means you will get 4 books a year.
  • With every book you will also get surprise goodies.
  • Let suppose you don’t like the book any month you can get the refund of the book and goodies will be with you for free.

The Gentleman’s Box


This is for all the gentlemen, the man of modern world. They understands the requirements of today’s men. They know how to keep a man trendy, fashionable and stylish.  For this to happen they provide different kind of products monthly. Not only they provide you different stuff  but also with the latest GQ Magazine issue, every month.

The Original Grab Bag


Do you have any preferences when you are looking for monthly subscription? If you want your subscription box to be themed particular for your choice, then go for the “original grab bag”. They will provide you the best products based on your theme. Not only this, their aim is to provide you best stuff from around the world so that it makes a difference to your favorite list.

There are many subscription boxes for men that you can go for with your own preferences. But I did my research to give you only those that I found to be the best. Let me know which one you liked the most. If you know any other option that you think would be perfect for the list, then please let me know.