15 Fun Party Games for Adults that Makes a Party Awesome

Interested in knowing some of the awesome, interesting and fun party games for adults? I am sure if you are planing a party for whatsoever occasion, you must be planning some games for the party to make it amazing. So to help you know some awesome games here is the best games you can explore.

Party! Yay! Who doesn’t love partying? Come on! We all do. After all, what makes your life better other than all the shizz if not partying? And when it comes to partying, especially in the case of adults, we all need FUN and lots of it. Good friends, good food, drinks, dance, singing and what else?

GAMES! Adults and Games- a combination of maturity and fun. We all need it. Who said maturity means no games? As we grow and learn to party, we love to dwell into several new games that can be played at a party with friends, colleagues or family. And why shy away when we have good games for you that you can play with comfort and ease?

The party floor is not only for gossiping and dancing. No fun without games after all. So, call all your guests and get ready to have rounds of fun as we bring you a list of fun party games for adults. So, the next time you plan for a party, do not miss out these fun games that you can really enjoy and have great time with your company of guests. Wear your shoes, tie your laces, brace yourself up and get ready!

fun party games for adults

Party games for adults

Here are the combinations of different shades of games that you would love to have in your party. I have tried to include different types of games so that each one you get at least few of options to consider.

Melt the Cube

Melt the Cube

This is real fun. What you have to do is, divide everyone into two teams. Give each team an ice tray. Ask them to melt all the cubes one by one as quickly as they can. But put some conditions to make it more interesting. Like- you can ask them to melt the cubes only either by rubbing or holding between hands.

Do not permit them to break it or put it into their mouth. It is cool. It is fun. Try it. It is good for adults as everyone can play it without any hindrance.

The Mummy

mummy party game

Yes, you read it right. Divide everyone in pairs. Get toilet paper rolls. Ask one person from each pair to wrap the toilet paper on the other partner’s body. Whoever does it first, wins the game.

You have to make sure that each and every part of the body is covered in the toilet paper. Wohoo! It is going to be a lot of fun. Be ready to see alive and funny mummys giggling around.

Two Truths and a Lie


This game can be played individually. Each participant has to speak up or pen down two truths and one lie. Other people have to guess which ones are truths and which one is a lie.

The person, who guesses the maximum number of truths and lies, wins the game. Easy and simple. Make sure to say out worthy truths. Lots of secrets to be spilled out. Oops. 😉

Charades relay

Charades relay

This is will be very well enjoyed by those who are drama kings and queens. All you have to do is divide the guests into two teams A and B. Now ask one of the team members from Team A to come and act one of the daily life scenarios. For example, a day in an office, a scene at a bar, a day at home, etc.

Now the participants from Team B have to guess and speak out the scenario within you set time limit. You can make the chits beforehand for the participants to guess.

Drinking games with cards

Drinking games

I know you must be looking for this particular kind of games in the list. I am sure you must be planning drinks for the party, if so then you can definitely go for some drinking games.

Silent Charades

silent charades

Here we bring for you a cool and fun game if you have larger number of guests at your party. You will need double charades card, a hat, and large number of players.

The players will have to act out whatever will be given on the card. You will have to print out double charades card, two of each. Mix up the cards in a hat. And then ask each guest to pick up a card. Make sure no one utters and hint during the game. Start the game and ask everyone to act as per the card they have got.

Now find the player who does the similar acting as yours. Sit down with the person once you have found them. To make it even more fun, decide a punishment for the loser and a gift for the winner.

Pass the Orange

This is a very interesting game to play. Divide the guests in two teams and ask them to stand in a straight line as per their height. Get two oranges each for both the teams. Now to the person of both teams standing in front, ask them to hold the orange in between their neck and chin and pass on to the next person.

There is a rule, that they cannot touch the orange by their hands. This way, the orange has to be passed to the person standing at the last.

In order to finish the game, the last person has to pass the orange in the similar way to the person standing in front. The team who does it first, clearly wins the game. To end the game quick, you can have more than two teams.

Dress Up!

Funny dressup

All you will need is old clothes, different types of dress materials, shoes, glasses, etc. What you have to do is assign one guest as a dummy who will dress into these clothes and accessories.

Ask each person to come up in front and make the dummy dress up as funny as possible. They can make him/her dress up in any way they want. The person who will do it in the funniest way and whose get up will appear to be very funny, will win the game. This game requires lot of creativity and fun.

React and Act

React and act game

This one is for all the dramatic guests you have. What you have to do is pen down few funny or out of the blue events on a sheet of paper and fold it and keep it away. Now divide the guests in teams and then ask few participants from each team to select any event from the sheet.

Now ask them to react to the event. Make sure they do not give any verbal hint to the other members. Give them a particular time limit to be as dramatic as they can get. The other members will have to guess as to what event they are reacting to. Few examples of the event to be enacted are- earning a lottery, getting lost in a crowd, encountering a tiger, etc.

Balloon Volleyball

Balloon Volleyball

We all know how volleyball is played. Well, this one is quite different and creative and fun from what we know. It is played just like volleyball but with balloons. You can easily play it indoors.

Divide the guests in two teams and start playing! Each team will have to hit the balloon so that it passes on to the other teams and will have to try to drop it down on their side.

The members playing will have to make sure that it does not fall in their court as they will lose the game. For more fun, you can fill the balloon with creams or foaming gels.

Blind Man Walking

blind man walking

This game is fun and easy to play. Assign one person to get blindfolded. Give him a pin. Make sure the room is filled with several balloons. Spin the blind folded guest.

Now ask that guest to burst as many balloons as you can with the pin. Set a specific time limit, for example two minutes is a good enough time. The person will have to burst the maximum number of balloons within two minutes. This way, give everyone a chance one by one.

The person who will burst the maximum number of balloons will win the game. Make sure that the place is free of any obstacle that might hurt the blind folded person.

Murder Mystery Game

murder-mystery game

This game will be loved and enjoyed by everyone. All you have to do is, in your invitation, you’ll have to detail each guest about the character they will be playing. They will have to get dressed up according to that particular character.

As the party will go on, an announcement regarding the murder will take place. As the time will pass by, clues according to the murder will be revealed. The information cards will help them know as to which information the guests have to reveal or not.

The game will be fun if each guest actually dwells into the character they have to play. You have got to talk and walk the way character you will be assigned to. By the end of the party, the murderer will be revealed as per the clues given to the guests.

Off Limits

Off Limits game

In this game, everyone has to make sure that they do not say any such word which is forbidden. As a host, you will decide as to what the forbidden word will be. Make sure that the word chosen is the one which people will speak out the most.

For example- Suppose, it is a birthday party, so set the ground rules as no one will be allowed to say the word ‘birthday’, or may be ‘cake’. In the beginning. You will give each guest a necklace to wear.

The person who will be heard saying the forbidden word will pass on the necklace to the one who heard the guest saying it. This way, the person with the maximum number of necklaces will win the game.

The Continuing Novel

The Continuing Novel

Make every guest to sit in a circle. Take a pen and a paper and begin with the first guest. Ask the guest to pen down any story they want. Then ask him to fold the paper in such a manner that only the last line is visible. There on, he will pass on the paper to the next guest who will continue the story with the last line of the first guess.

This will be continued. To make it even more fun, you can begin a storyline like- ‘I broke into a house one day and found a unicorn sleeping on my bed’ or ‘I checked into a hotel one day and later realized it got shut down 100 years back.’

Blowing the Ball

Blowing the Ball

This will be very well played with a ping pong ball. Mark the starting line and a finish line. One the game starts, ask the players to get on all their fours and blow the ball to the finish line.

The guest with the quick pace will win the game. Make sure that the ball is not touched by hand. The place has to be wide so that the player does not get hit by any obstacle.

I hope these 15 party games are proved to be really fun for the adults and i hope you liked it as well. For any more specific ideas or help in planning the games, then let me know.