15 Awesome Themes to make your Party Grand!

Any social gathering where people enjoy themselves, have fun, food, drinks with lot of entertainment is termed as a party. Party is one such get-together where people come to relax themselves and give some time to their friends and family in spite of their busy and hectic schedule. A party should always be entertaining and interesting. Boring parties leaves guests unsatisfied and unhappy. Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. are not necessary to party around; rather one can party whenever he/she is bored of their daily life and needs an energizing break.

Party themes

Generally, people think that party is only for children and adults are no more kids to party like them. But this thinking is wrong. When you are grown up, you have more responsibilities to perform and once you start getting busy in them then you don’t get time to socialize around. For this purpose, people should party around or go in party for at least once in a month, so that you get a break from your everyday hectic schedule and your mind may feel fresh and relaxed. Just because you are all grown up doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Today, I will showcase you some interesting party ideas which you can consider in your party to make it more fascinating. Nowadays, theme parties aren’t just for kids; even adults enjoy such parties, and they always offer a good time and refreshment.

  • Organize a Dress code party

Dress code party is a party in which any particular dress code or attire can be selected for the guests. Use your imagination to determine the dress code for you party and inform your guests on the invitation with the appropriate dress code. You can choose any specific color for your theme party as a dress code, as this is the most easy and feasible theme for any sort of party. You can also select some specific costumes as a dress code in your themed party. Other dress code options may include Halloween, retro, fashion based etc. These types of parties can be both for family and friends

  • Throw an alphabet party

This is one of the most interesting and crazy party themes likes all over the world. All you have to do is choose any single alphabet from 26 alphabets. For instance if you choose the letter ‘S’ then you have to plan your party keeping this letter in mind. You can ask your guests to wear something which starts with the letter ‘s’ like skirts, shirts, socks, etc., the dishes in your menu can also start with this letter e.g. sushi, spaghetti, soup, sundaes; you may serve drinks starting with ‘s’ like scotch, smoky martini, strawberry shake, spicy rum etc. and you can also include games like snake and ladders, spoon race, etc. You can also ask your guests to bring something of this particular alphabet.

  • Plan a retro party

This is also an amazing party theme which is followed by many people everywhere. You need to organize a party with any retro theme from the past decades. The ideas may include retro attire from 90’s or 70’s that may be of any legendary artists, pop stars, revolutionaries, etc. You can ask your guests to dress according to the theme and you can also decorate your place or venue according to you theme. You can play old music, use vintage and antique objects to create the retro ambiance.

  • Go for Rock and roll party

We all love music and hence it is the most easy yet fascinating theme for any sort of get-together. All you have to do is select your favorite music band or singer and play all the songs. You can invite your guests asking them to get dressed up like the particular band or to get something which is related to it. You can decorate your venue with the posters of the musical band or singer. You can also plan small gifts for the guests which will be related to the pop star or the band. Well this party is good only if all your friends and family members share common music taste.

  • Say yes to jungle party

These types of parties are common amongst kids because they love stuffs related to jungle and animals but adults can give it a new look. This theme requires a little preparation and planning. You can ask people coming to the party to wear jungle costumes of various animals and to dress-up like their favorite ones. You can use green streamers and green balloons to decorate your house or venue. The cake, drinks and snacks can also be designed according to the theme. The games may include catch the tiger by its tail, acting and creating sounds like any animal, etc. These types of parties can be planned on the birthdays of kids or other small get-togethers that will involve the participation of kids more.

  • Murder mystery

Plan a party, which no one else have ever done it before. This type of party requires a lot of efforts and pre-planning. Decorate your house with fancy stuffs related to the theme, which can add to the ambiance. This will not be a simple party as the guests will have a mystery to solve while they will enjoy the party as well. You can put clues and other fancy objects to make your party a non-forgetting experience. These types of parties are generally organized for friends as it involves participation and zeal.

  • Festive party theme

This type of theme is only applicable on parties which can be planned for any specific festivals or occasions. Yet it helps in planning a good family get-together. You can plan such parties on specific occasions like Christmas, thanksgiving, New Year eve, etc. Set the date of the party near or on the day of the festival. The dress code of the party will depend on the festival, so that all the guests will dress-up accordingly. For instance if you are throwing a Christmas party then you can decorate your place from Santa-hat stockings to festive front porch, candles, lights, artificial snowmen, and many more. Create mistletoe and play Christmas hymns and songs to fill the atmosphere with the festive warmth. As you are the host you need to take care of the menu. So make sure you don’t miss on any Christmas pudding or cake. These types of parties can be organized for both family as well as friends as they help in building up the relations and strengthen the bonds with each other.

  • Tea party

This might sound like a party for little girls, but you can easily turn it into an adult worthy theme. All you need to do is make your tea party interesting by adding crazy games and costumes to it. Keep the aura simple and soothing, you can add candles and lanterns though. Do not overdo the decoration part; rather focus on the games and music. You can ask the guests to participate in the games and small events that you can plan. Serve the guests with tea snacks and cup-cakes. You can invite your colleagues, friends and relatives for this type of party and enjoy with them.

  • Photo booth

This is a screwy and very amusing idea when it comes to theme parties. Decorate your place like an old movie theatre, any haunted area, or set any sort of crazy atmosphere. Deck out an entire wall with black paper or sheets. This area will be used by the people to click funny pictures of them. Add lots of props like fancy sunglasses, hats, mustaches, boas, crazy clothes and everything else that can be used. Ask your guests to pose and click pictures of them and you can also plan crazy games that will go with the theme. Serve food and drinks in fancy style. If there are waiters serving the guests, then ask them to dress-up using fancy clothes. Play different types of music so that the people will get the feel of the party. Create a dance zone with colorful halogen lights making your party an exciting one. Photo booth party is the new trend nowadays and the pictures taken are something worth uploading on the social media.

  • Glow/Neon party

A neon party also known as a glow in the dark party is very popular amongst the teens. Highlight the fun by using plenty of highlighters (orange, yellow, green and pink glow best) so that your friends can have fun drawing it on their t-shirts. Use orange, yellow, green and pink streamers and balloons to decorate your room. Turn off the lights so that the colors are visible as they will glow in the dark. Play good trap music and create a good party atmosphere. Serve food and drinks in colorful plastic glasses and plates. Use neon lights to decorate. You can arrange neon party bands for the guests. This is a new trend in the parties nowadays.

  • Roof top party

As per the name roof top party is the party held at the roof of the house. It’s just like a usual party but it places on the roof top. The venue does not spoil the zeal of the party; make sure the guests have unforgettable fun. You can ask the guest to go for costumes. You can create a good ambiance by choosing any theme like halloween, retro or future etc. This type of parties is best suitable in the autumn and spring seasons when the weather is mesmerizing. Use lights and lanterns to decorate the terrace.

  • Tele series party

This might sound too crazy and insane but this is actually interesting theme especially for those who are television series freak. You can pick any of your favorite series like game of thrones, how I met your mother, vampire dairies, etc. and then you can ask your friends to dress-up like one of the characters of that particular TV. series. You can set up the place with fancy objects and posters related to the show. You can even use the famous dialogues from the show in the party. Each member will be called by the respective names of the character that he/she is representing.

  • Pajama party/sleepover party

This type of party is quite common in teens and kids. Though it is a good way of having fun as there isn’t any time restriction because it’s going to be a sleepover anyway. You can make the atmosphere soothing and light by playing good music, and by organizing small games for the guests. Being the host you need to take care of the food as well of the night stay. These types of parties often make the relationship with friends and family members stronger.

I hope the above spectacular ideas may enhance the mood and awe of your party and make it more delightful for you and for your guests.