31 Quick ideas For 11 Year old Birthday Party

What to plan for a 11 year old kid for his/her birthday? Parents keep asking me very frequently. So today i will be giving you some good 11 year old birthday party ideas, ideas that are quick to read and easy to plan.

For kids, every birthday is extremely special. However, by the time your kid turns 11, he or she would have made some nice friends and have also developed certain very specific choices and preferences. Therefore, when planning birthday party for an 11 year old kid, you need to make sure that everything is planned as per the choices of your of your kid, otherwise, forget the guests, your kid himself or herself would reject your party.

Did I scare you too much. Don’t worry, planning a party for an 11 year old is not an impossible task. You just need to understand the current favorites of the kids that age and work around this information when planning the time.

If you are still scared and confused, then the list of ideas, compiled below by me, would definitely help you easily plan a great birthday party for your 11 year old child.

Group of adorable kids having fun at birthday party

21 Ideas For Throwing A Successful Birthday Party For An 11 Year Old kid

Times have changed drastically and therefore the likes and dislikes of kids these days have also changed from what our likes and dislikes were when we were 11 years old. Based on the current trends, I present below a list of some amazingly simply ideas which will ensure that your party is a big hit.


superhero party theme

I know what you must be thinking, there is nothing new about the fact that kids love superheroes. However, the superheroes of today are very different from the superheroes of the past. There are many new characters like Captain America, etc., which have made their way into the hearts of the kids these days, and although Batman and Superman have managed to hold on to their superhero status, they may not be the first choice of the kids these days.

Therefore, when planning a superhero party, the first thing you need to do is find out who is the favorite superhero of your child and accordingly plan the party that superhero theme.

You can even choose to have a superheroes congregation and ask all the kids to come dressed as their favorite superhero character and this way you can avoid the party being specifically about any one particular superhero.

Fun In The Pool

Fun In The Pool

If you give the kids a pool to play in, they would not need anything else. They would happily spend hours in the pool playing various games.

If you do not have a pool in your house or at the venue where you are throwing the party, you can take a pool on rent, which would be able to accommodate around 20 kids and which would not be very deep as well, thus, eliminating the risk of the kids getting hurt while playing in the pool.

The Candy Coupons

The Candy Coupons

The kids love having candies, but parents have to place restrictions on the amount consumed by them in order to protect them from the ill health effects of having too much candy. As a result of this, parents generally keep the candies locked in their cupboards. You can actually turn this fact into a game at the party.

As a welcome gift, every kid can be given one booklet right the entrance of the party. The kids have to use this booklet to buy candies all through the party.

This way you would be able to control the candy consumption, and at the same time, also make the task of procuring candy fun and exciting for the kids.

Chocolate Hunt

Chocolate Hunt

Everyone must be aware of the game treasure hunt, where the players have to follow a certain set of clues, which leads them to a hidden treasure.

You can make the kids play this game and instead of the treasure at the end of the game, you can keep chocolates, which the winner gets to take home with him or her.

For 11 year old kids, there can be no greater treasure than a bag full of some of the tastiest chocolates available in the market.

Musical Chair

Musical Chair

11 year old kids are full of energy and the games you make them play at the party need to be such, that their energy gets utilized and at the same time, they do not run off to all different corners of the party venue making it very difficult for you to manage them.

The game of musical chairs is a very old and classic game, which has been a part of kid’s birthday parties for a very long time. Even in the case of the birthday party for 11 year old kids, musical chair proves to be a great game option. All the kids run around in a limited circle, you have music, competition and gifts., everything that will ensure that the kids enjoy this game thoroughly.

Make sure the music you pick for the game is as per the liking of the kids present at the party.

Play A Nice Movie

Play A Nice Movie

Once all the games are over and the kids are exhausted and hungry, you can serve the food and to keep the kids still engaged in the party, you can actually hire a projector and rent a nice kid’s film.

All the kids can be made to sit in front of the projector, watch the film, while the food is being served to them right there.

This also helps in making serving the food to the kids a lot more organized and the mess created by the kids while eating this food also gets restricted to a limited area thus reducing your after party cleaning up work.

You an serve food items like popcorn and pizza, which will help in giving the kids a complete feel of watching the movie in a theatre.

A Theme For The Party Is A Must

party themes


When throwing a party for the kids of the age group 11 and 12, you need to have a theme for the party.

Having a theme for the party, not only opens up many different options for you while planning the party, but for the kids these themes are like a screenplay, where they get the opportunity to act out their fantasies and explore a world which they adore, but cannot visit in real life.

For smaller kids, these themes may not mean much as their understanding of them is not much and for the bigger teenage kids, participating in these themes may make the look childish and therefore, they might not want to be a part of it. However, for the 11 year old kids, these theme parties are like their dream come true and they enjoy these parties like no other kid, of any other age group, can. So make sure that you think and plan a lovely theme for your 11 year old kid’s birthday party.

Minute to win it games they will love


Kids love minute to win it games as these games are so exciting. If you have never tried these games for your kids birthday party then you should definitely try it. Here are some awesome minute to win it games for kids that you will love to plan for the party.

Special Birthday Cake

11th birthday cake

If it’s a birthday party, there has to be a birthday cake as well. In the past you must have ordered many cakes for your child, but the cake for the 11 birthday, needs to be extremely special.

Your child is now just two years away from becoming a teenager, and he or she may already have some very fixed likes and dislikes. Just as important it is that you know the list of things that he or she would like, it is equally important that you are aware of the list of things that they do not like.

From choosing the flavor of the cake, to its shape and design, it would actually be a good idea to allow your kid to choose his or her own birthday cake.

Selfies And Photos

party selfies and photos

With the teen years just upon them, these 11 year old kids must have already be following all the latest trends and fashion, and one of the biggest trend, which has become an obsession, is that of clicking selfies.

The kids may no longer appreciate the photos taken by you in the traditional style and while you do need to click party photos with a normal camera, you also need to arrange for a selfie stick, which the kids can use to click their own pictures in their favorite poses.

You would have to allocate at least half an hour to one hour of the total party time for allowing the kids to click selfies to their hearts’ content.

Special Birthday Gift

Special Birthday Gift

Gifts are a must at any kid’s party, and while you cannot know and control what the guests would bring as gifts for your child, you need to make sure that the gift that you select for the kid is something amazing and totally cool.

If you are not sure about what to buy, then it is always better to drop the surprise gift plan and actually ask the kid what they want. As mentioned before, kids are pretty specific about their needs, and in case they do not like your gift, they can be brutally honest about the fact and reject your gift completely.

Besides a bad gift would spoil their mood as well, and you would not want to upset them on their birthday, now would you?

Plan A Pleasant Party Surprise

Plan A Pleasant Party Surprise

A good surprise is always welcomed and the excitement of the party gets doubled when this surprise happens.

You can also plan something surprising for the birthday boy or girl during the party, like, if the kid is fond of his or her grandparents, you can call them over for the party and just when the cake is about to get cut, you can make them enter the party and surprise your kid. He or she would be thrilled to see the grandparents and no matter how much fun they were already having, now the fun of the party will just double for them.

Similarly, there are numerous other ideas that you can think of to surprise your kid during his or her 11 birthday party.

Let’s Rock And Roll

Let’s Rock And Roll

Kids love to dance, and therefore, it is a simple, and an extremely effective party activity.

All you need to do is arrange for some of the latest music, which the kids these days are listening to enjoying, and allocate a decent amount of space where the kids can dance freely without hurting each other. Remember these kids have tons of energy and their movements would be loud and wild. Once they get in the grove of dancing, they would remember who is standing next to them.

Therefore, you have to arrange for ample of space for all the kids to have enough space to stretch, jump and do their moves, and still not hurt anyone else.

Bonfire Party

Bonfire Party

11 year old kids do like to be considered small kids who cannot take care of themselves. They like to be considered old enough to do their stuff, and therefore, when made to party in a style that imitates the elders, they would simply love it.

You can arrange for a small bonfire outside the house and all the kids can sit around this fire and eat their food. Surely the kids think they are big enough to manage themselves, but we know that when around the fire, they will have to be properly supervised and therefore, you cannot plan your entire party around this bonfire, but like I said, you can serve them food around it and the end the party on a high note.

Party Decorations

Party Decorations

If you have a theme for your party, then obviously all the decorations at the party would be in accordance with this party theme.

However, the important thing to remember is to try to avoid any stuff that can look very childish like stuff toys or ribbons. You should use life size cutout, balloons arranged in a very creative manner and other latest party decoration supplies which are available in the market.

This is a kid’s party and therefore, the decorations need to be colorful and cheerful.

Watch Out For The Trouble Makers

Watch Out For The Trouble Makers

Every group of kids has one or two kids who are know for getting into trouble or causing trouble for other kids. When you invite all the friends of your 11 year old kid for his or her birthday party, you can be sure that at least one or two kids in this group too would fall in the category of troublemaker kids.

If you want your party to finish smoothly and without any trouble, then you will have to keep a sharp eye on these kids and make sure that before they start any confusion or problem in the party, you jump in set everything right.

Since you are going to be busy managing other stuff at the party, you can always request someone to help you in keeping a close watch on these kids.

Use Sturdy Utensils

Use Sturdy Utensils

11 year old kids may consider themselves mature, but the fact is that they are just kids and do not understand the value of bone china dishes. Therefore, there is absolutely no point in serving them food in these expensive and delicate dishes, and risk their breakage.

You do not have to use fancy utensils, instead you should use utensils which are sturdy in nature and would not break even if the kids throw them around, drop them or misuse them in every way possible.

This also does not mean that you use steel utensils which look ugly. Instead, you can procure some nice thick plastic utensils, which are quite sturdy and at the same time come in many attractive designs. In fact, if you search the markets carefully, you would be able to find utensils having prints which are in accordance with the theme of your party, thus making them a perfect choice for your party.

Keeping The Menu Simple

Keeping The Menu Simple

The taste of 11 year old kids is pretty simple actually, they like all the unhealthy fast food available in the market. Therefore, if you want to please them, there is no point in stressing yourself in trying to cook some fancy delicacies.

In fact, a great food idea for these 11 year old birthday parties is to simply pick up food from the takeouts and food trucks and heat and serve them over the grill.

By trying to make all the food at home, you would be taking unnecessary pressure on yourself, which would not even be appreciated by the guests at this party.

Hand Out Winning Momentos

Hand Out Winning Momentos

You must have planned many games for this party and each game would have a winner too.

However, simply handing out candy bags to the winners is not good enough. You will have to give the winner something more which is sort of a declaration to the world that he or she won a game. You can click a picture of their winning moment and print the same on your computer instantly and give that as a memory of their victory.

Or you can create certificates for the winner, like the ones that are received when participating in some real competition.

Party Timmings

party timings


The basic underlying theme of these birthday parties for 11 year old kids to make them feel like you have understood the fact that they are now big kids. A great way of making them feel this change in your attitude is by altering the normal party timings.

Till now every party you threw for your kid must have started early in the day and ended way before sunset. However, this time around, you can actually keep the party timings such, that the kids get to stay at the party, even after sunset.

Of course I am not suggesting that you let the party continue late into the night, but you can extend the same for an hour or so, so that by the time kids get out of the party, it is dark outside and this would make them feel like they are going back from a big boy or girl’s party.

Sleepover Party

sleepover party

In case you are not in the mood to throw a grand party for the 11th birthday of your kid, and save these celebrations for their 13th birthday, when they would enter their teen years, then you plan for a more intimate party.

You can call over some of the really close friends of your kid for a sleepover. Managing 11 year old kid during a sleepover is pretty simple, as they matured enough to take care of themselves.

Series Gift

gift series


The 11th and the 12th year of a kid’s life are pretty much similar. They are no longer small babies, but at the same time they still have to wait for their teen years to arrive when finally they would be considered old enough to take up responsibilities and make decisions for themselves.

You can buy a gift for the 11th birthday of your child, which can be in the form of a series, where the first part of the series is this 11th birthday gift, the next part would be received by them on their 12th birthday and then finally on their 13th birthday, they would receive the main gift.

The kids will have to preserve their 11th and 12th birthday gifts in order to understand and enjoy their 13th birthday gift, thus, developing a sense of taking care of their things and patience.

Every parent wants to ensure that each birthday party of their child, brings lots of happiness for their baby, and therefore, when planning these birthday parties, parents need to develop an understanding on the changing and growing nature of their child and accordingly plan the party.

The above 11 year old birthday party ideas should help you in understanding what your child wants for his or her 11th birthday party and accordingly plan the most perfect and fun birthday party for him or her. However, while implementing any of the above ideas, you need to keep in mind your budget for the party and also the amount of time and resources you would be able to put in.